Causes And Treatment Of Candidosis

Candidosis is the most common type of fungal infection of the genital organs which is actually caused by the fungus called Candida albicans. These infections appear frequently in women. The reason why this happens is because this fungus is naturally found in the intestines of every person and even on the skin. The problem is when the amount of this fungus increases which is usually a result of misbalance in the immune system and some external factors too.

What makes this infection different from most other infections is that Candidosis is an autoinfection. It is fungal infection caused by abnormal proliferation of fungus. There are many causes for the appearance of this infection and the most common are – use of birth control pills, overuse of alkaline soaps on the genitalia, menstruation and pregnancy, use of antibiotics and few others like diabetes. Inadequate treatment of diabetes can cause Candidosis mostly because the blood and body fluids contain more sugar which makes them perfect for growth of fungal microorganisms.

The symptoms of candidosis are visible and clear. Women can easily spot it if they suddenly start to feel itching in the genital area and burning sensation. Another symptom is increased discharge which is most often whitish. Inflammation is also visible because there are signs of redness on the external part of the genitalia, while inside white fungi are also visible. Unlike women, men can hardly notice any symptoms because they are only carriers. In rare cases, some men experience increased sensitivity and irritation on the penis. These signs are most evident after a sexual intercourse because the itching increases. Some women can hardly feel comfortable while having sex if they are suffering from candidosis.

In order to make sure that someone is suffering from candidosis a detailed microscopic examination is performed. Samples from the affected areas like prepuce, glans penis and vagina are taken. Women are usually examined by a gynecologist while the men can be examined by dermatologist, especially the ones that deal with venereal diseases. In most cases doctor can tell if it is a case of fungal infection even before the results from the microscopic examination are finished.

When it comes to treatment of this infection, antibiotics are a bad choice, because as we have mentioned before they stimulate the growth of fungi in the intestines which eventually leads to infection in the first place. Antimycotic therapy is the best treatment for these types of infections. This therapy includes applying vaginal suppositories in the vagina for women and creams that should be put on the glans and foreskin of men. Pills can also be part of the therapy. The good thing is that patients usually react very quickly on this therapy and the infections are gone quickly.

If Candidosis returns even if the therapy is implemented consistently, checking the blood sugar is the first thing to do. Just in case, the patient should lower the intake of food that contains sugar in excessive amounts.