Nocturnal Ejaculation

Orgasm during sleep is often linked with teenagers but the truth is that this happens in older men too. There are few reasons for this interesting phenomenon.

When a child becomes a sexually mature person, he often begins to dream about so-called sexual fantasies/dreams. These fantasies are also called wet dreams and they are usually caused by daily experiences. The reasons can be various – a short erotic scene from a movie, a beautiful classmate, some attractive celebrity and even erotic literature. These things usually happen to teenagers that haven’t experienced sexual intercourse yet or teenagers who haven’t masturbated yet. This is a completely natural teenage phenomenon that can occur in some teenagers and it is not a reason for being worried. Nocturnal ejaculations usually start around the age of 14. In rare cases, children that are twelve or thirteen years old can experience these nocturnal ejaculations too. Of course many male teenagers never experience this phenomenon. It’s good to know that this is happening randomly and there are no rules about it. Parents should remember that there is nothing wrong about nocturnal ejaculation.

So, how exactly these wet dreams that cause nocturnal ejaculation look like? These are dreams in which men dream about certain sights, events and happenings that they link with their sexual desires. While they are awake all these desires are pushed into the subconscious. Some experts say that men push these desires because they are afraid or ashamed of them and that’s the reason why they are so realistic in the dreams. It looks like a good psychiatrist like Freud could explain all these things. This legendary scientist linked all dreams with sexuality, especially when it came to the so-called hidden sexual dreams that contain various sexual symbols. According to him, female genitals often occur in the shape of vase, box, room or gardens while male genitals in the form of dagger, snake, stick while the sexual act can appear as a ride with a car or something similar. All these hidden sexual symbols can tell a lot about the person that is dreaming but that’s another topic.

What is interesting about nocturnal ejaculation is that this phenomenon can happen in older men too. It is usually happening in men that irregularly satisfy their sexual needs or this may be a reflection of their inability to satisfy some strong sexual desire because they are afraid or unable to do it. In many cases we are talking about certain sexual deviation that is not acceptable for the society but the individual still fantasizes about it. These dreams that cause nocturnal ejaculation can be about sexual deviance, perversion and about satisfying sexual desire in an strange, unusual and unacceptable way. Of course these are only some of the cases. The reason might be a simple erotic fantasy that can cause arousal even when we are awake.

Nocturnal ejaculation can be described as a subconscious sexual self-satisfaction that doesn’t affect the male sexual power in the waking state.