Sex and pregnancy

A lot of couples think that they will be deprived of having sexual intercourse during pregnancy. But the truth is that if a woman is pregnant there is absolutely no reason not to enjoy in a complete sexual intercourse until she gives birth. In fact many couples find sex during that period to be even more exciting and interesting.

During pregnancy a lot of couples reduce the number of sexual intercourses that they usually have but some of them practice sex even more than before. The main reason for this increased sexual activity is the fact that the woman’s body during pregnancy is experiencing some changes that make women more sensitive and easily aroused. All these changes including increased level of senses are direct result of the higher levels of sex hormones. As we have mentioned before people can enjoy sex normally until the woman gives birth but even shortly after childbirth sexual intercourse is possible if the woman doesn’t feel pain and if she feels ready to do it.

If the pregnancy is progressing normally there is no reason to be sexually inactive and restrain. According to some researches a lot of women were able to experience stronger orgasms while some of the women felt their first real orgasms during pregnancy. Since there is an increased level of sex hormones in the blood, the desire for sex is growing, reproductive organs are more sensitive and sexual arousal can be achieved much faster and it is usually much stronger. Of course, the partner should be careful especially when it comes to breasts because they are very sensitive during this period. This means that the partner should be gentle and considerate and the best option is to avoid this area. As the child grows and develops it takes up more space in the pelvis and the abdomen, so the partners will have to find different positions and styles of making love.

A lot of couples are concerned that sexual intercourses can cause infections that can be transferred to the child, but it is good to know that the cervix is completely occluded by mucus and sexual intercourse is safe. Just like any other period, hygiene is very important during this period too.

Another irrational fear is that the baby could be crushed during these intercourses. That is impossible because the child floats in amniotic fluid which serves as a protective layer from all possible bumps and crushes. However you should not practice rough sexual intercourse and if bleeding occurs visit the doctor immediately. This bleeding doesn’t necessarily mean that something serious is going on but the doctor must determine if there is a risk of miscarriage.

As the pregnancy develops you might find that it is necessary to change your sex routine but this change might bring you more excitement. Explore new positions and other types of sexual activity with your partner in order to improve your sex life.

If you don’t have the same sexual desire, don’t be disappointed and focus on communication and hanging out with your partner.