Is sex really that important for a good relationship?

Have you ever wondered how important sex is when it comes to relationships? Can sex directly affect the quality of the relationship? Can it ruin or keep one relationship?

People are always commenting about the reasons why some couple broke up. In some cases you can hear that they broke up because she was really cold or maybe he didn’t satisfy her needs. In these cases many people think that these couples were crazy because they were probably obsessed with sex. Breaking up because of sex looks abnormal at first glance. However, when you continue to hear similar stories you start to ask yourself different questions. For example, is sexual discrepancy or lack of sex a justifiable reason for terminating a long relationship? It looks that this is very realistic and objective reason for that.

Many people are unaware that a lot of couples are ready to stay in bad relationships because of good sex. On the other hand, if the sex is really bad the relationship will usually break after a while although other aspects of that relationship might be good. Sex can be actually viewed as a tool to measure the quality of one relationship. Respect, support when it comes to life goals, sharing same life values are things that all make sense if the sex is right. Sex is a point where all other things connect. In some cases it looks like people either lose the ability or will to talk about their problems when they feel unsatisfied. But how can we talk seriously when there is no relaxed atmosphere and finally how to have sex when there is no meaningful communication? This is a very serious question that bothers a lot of couples who are unfortunately unable to solve it.

So, is it possible to ruin your relationship because of bad sex? In many cases lack of sex is not the only problem in one relationship. Many couples are disappointed with the fact that they don’t have sex in amounts that they consider to be normal. Many relationship break up because partners don’t get what they expected when it comes to sex. Very often these expectations are based on the things we hear and witness from our friends and colleagues. The media and the ads they show, in other words the dreams they are selling are not bad for everything bad that happens in our world. We must understand that modern people are slowly losing their ability to make rational decisions because of the modern lifestyle.

In the past, parents had only few expectations for their children’s partners. Women were satisfied if they were able to find a man that is not violent and likes to work while men were satisfied with women that are good mothers and good housewives. However these expectations are not very good. It is not reasonable to focus on only one or two attributes that a person has. That is not healthy for any relationship, because relationships are much more complicated. You must focus on all aspects of the personality of your partner. Of course, sex is one of the most important aspects of one relationship.

We don’t have the final answer is sex the most important thing in one relationship but lack of sexual desire, cheating, unsatisfied partners are all common reasons for break ups.