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Premature Ejaculation the Monster Issue

In all honesty, a majority of men, actually out of ten six of us deal with the ill-fated matter of premature ejaculation. For a majority of us, our sexual sureness not forgetting the aptitude to last long in bed are a birds of a same feather.

Our prowess in bed determines the ability of pleasuring and pleasing our women, and if we are suffering from premature ejaculation, this ability becomes questionable and it leads to our egos getting bruised. To make it worse, plenty of us men shy away from making love to our women owing to the embarrassing epidemic that is premature ejaculation…

That said however; as much as it causes us embarrassment, premature ejaculation is a problem that many men can overcome easily without too much hassle! How you ask? Well, let’s find out…

The Magic Figure Illusion

Unfortunately, most men emphasis too much of their love making session on the length (period in time) they ought to last. Let’s say it truthfully, it’s very impossible for normal men to last the length porn actor do.

But did you know that penetration that lasts long is very uncomfortable and causes your lovely lady to feel pain in the region? Yes this is true. Vaginal lubrication at often time dries up due to pro-longed thrusting.

So this brings us to the elephant in the room… What is the magic figure? Well, many experts and many men that have heeded advice all confess that when it comes to penetration and thrusting, intercourse needs to stay the length of your favourite clip on YouTube (Music Video) to be recorded as satisfying.

Excluding foreplay, sexual intercourse that lasts between three to five minutes is good. However, you need to master the art of intensifying female stimulation and you will definitely find the entry to your lady’s sexual fulfilment…

Sadly though; a majority of men tend to overlook this very easy strategy as a means of stop premature ejaculation. Focusing on your lady’s heightening and accelerating her arousal is one of the finest ways to beat premature ejaculation.

You need to master the art of sufficient foreplay and let it work its magic and effectively improve your lady’s ability of achieving an orgasm, extremely fast!

The Mystery about Women

Unlike us men, women do have various erogenous areas that are situated at various points in their bodies. These are all hotspots which when realized and worked correctly will make your lady get aroused quickest.

If you master the craft of performing foreplay and giving your lady multiple orgasms before intercourse, you find a natural confidence that will increase your strength and get over your performance anxiety and ride her like a stallion….

Kegel Exercises For A Better Orgasm

There are many exercises that can enhance your sexual enjoyment, Kegel exercises are one of the most famous and most efficient. Kegel exercises can be practiced no matter how old or sexually active women are. These exercises can help you both with experiencing better orgasm and improve your sexual health. Basically, these exercises are focused on the pelvic muscles, located near the urinary tract.

Since they are muscles, they can be strengthened or they can lose their power if they are not used. They can also be much tensed due to stress. To check the shape of the muscles, stick a finger in the vagina. If the finger enters the vagina easily than there is no tension; if the finger can be pressed by the vaginal walls it means that the muscles are in good shape.

Like other exercises, overdoing them can cause trouble and you will probably lose interest after few sessions. These exercises should be regular and not intense. Remember that the goal is to improve the state of the muscles.

After a short period of exercising, women can notice how they have increased the blood flow in that area, which is the key to better sexual health. Kegel exercises can also help women suffering from incontinence, no matter if the reason for that is aging or childbirth. Some women who suffer from pain during sexual intercourse can also find these exercises helpful.

Although these exercises are primarily designed for women, men can benefit from them too. Men should also train their muscles in the intimate area, to help their blood flow in the pelvis resulting in better and longer orgasms. These exercises are especially useful for men who are suffering from premature ejaculation because they can help with regulation and delaying of ejaculation.

But how to perform Kegel exercises properly?

–      It is important to locate the muscles that are part of these exercises. The easiest way to locate them is to remember which muscles you use when you want to stop the urge for urinating. So forget the anal muscles, abdominal muscles etc. you are aiming for the pubococcygeus muscles. These muscles are found in both men and women. Once you find out which muscles are part of the exercises it will be easy to perform the exercises since they can be performed everywhere. No matter if you are sitting or standing and no matter where you are (at home or at work), you can perform Kegel exercises and no one around can notice you.

–      Kegel exercises are basically series of contraction and relaxation of muscles. Make three series of 5 contractions and have a one minute break between them. Do this twice a day. After a while you can increase the number of contractions but don’t push too far.

–      It takes time to notice the first results from these easy exercises. So be patient and the results will come. The best way is to do it at home while you are in bed because Kegel exercises can cause sexual arousal in some people.