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The Power of Sexual Fantasies

According to many sexual health experts, sexual fantasies are completely natural, universal psychological phenomenon which is similar to daydreaming. Just like dreaming, some sexual fantasies are fun and satisfying while others can cause unpleasant feelings.

This kind of daydreaming comes quite naturally in both men and women, regardless of the motives and drives. Sexual fantasies that enhance self-esteem and intimacy with our partner are the ones that we crave for the most. Each of us should deepen our knowledge and understanding of our own intimate thoughts, because the more we know about sexual fantasies the more firmer stance we will built on our sexual desires in reality.

The range of sexual fantasies is really great. Nothing can set limitations besides the imagination and fear and fear should definitely be out of the picture. No matter how dangerous and odd some of your sexual fantasies looks never take them literally and seriously. Sometimes,  if you imagine having sex with your neighbor or even your boss this doesn’t mean that you really want to have sex with them or seduce them.

Women are more inclined to sexual fantasies because they make them feel sexy. They can also help them reach orgasm easier and satisfy their curiosity and relax. Sexual fantasies are something really intimate and it can definitely make anyone feel relaxed. It is good to point out that men don’t have an exclusive right to sexual fantasies. Numerous studies have shown that men fantasize about sex two times more than women, but this doesn’t mean that women don’t use their imagination. It is also interesting that male fantasies usually include raw physical action, while women’s fantasies are more romantic and emotional. Erotic daydreaming can encourage passion in both women and men. Women who often fantasize about sex are more likely to have sex. They also seem to enjoy more while having sex.

If your long-term relationship or marriage have fallen into a well known routine and the sexual tension is lost somewhere between your duties on work and concerns about the future of your household, it might be a good idea to try to use your imagination. This doesn’t mean that you are getting away from your partner or that you are creating your own fantasy world. This situation is exactly the opposite because sexual fantasies help you understand what you are looking for and what you are missing. If you trust your partner, feel free to share your thoughts without any fear because there is a good chance that he is fantasizing too. As we have mentioned before this is a natural phenomenon.

As many experts claim, women who have found the right way to fantasize have boost the libido and they have also increased their self-confidence even after performing mastectomy or similar surgical intervention.

Bu accepting sexual fantasies and other roles that we assign in our thoughts, we become freer and we accept these thoughts that accelerate our heart rate without any shame. Sexual fantasies can be very beneficial if we accept them with an open mind.