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A Few Ways To Keep Yourself Safe From Infertility

Modern technology is developing fast, but even the most sophisticated device cannot be compared to the human body. There is no doubt that our body is a fascinating “device”. However, in order to have full control of your body and use it to the maximum, you must take proper care of it. If you have a healthy body you can overcome many problems and achieve many goals. Pregnancy is one of the most important and beautiful experiences that every woman can have. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who find conception and pregnancy difficult no matter how hard they are trying. It looks like that modern lifestyle has made conception more difficult than ever. The improper diet, lack of physical activity and few other practices have significantly affected fertility in both men and women. In case you want to stay safe from infertility and enjoy one of the greatest gifts of life, you should keep reading this article because we will share a few recommendations.

Quit smoking – In case you didn’t know, there is more than one scientific study that has shown that smoking is bad for the human body and that it can reduce the ability to conceive a baby in both women and men. According to the same studies, in case a woman smokes about 20 cigarettes on a daily basis, she can lower her natural fertility for up to 25%. In addition, smoking tobacco also boosts the chances of miscarriage at any phase of pregnancy. When it comes to men, smoking slows down the movement of sperm and reduces sperm count.

Regular physical activity – While it is true that lack of physical activity is bad for fertility, it is also true that getting involved in extreme physical activity can also have negative impact. There are many women who are dealing with menstrual disorders as a result of over-exercising. On the other hand, men can notice problems too because too much physical activity can increase the temperature in the testicles and ruin the sperm count and properties.

Reduce alcohol intake – Excessive drinking of any type of alcohol is bad for fertility both in men and women. Sperm can’t stand alcohol and if this practice continues for a long time, sperm count will be reduced. In women, alcohol affects hormonal balance and boosts the chances of experiencing miscarriage.

Take care of your weight – In case you are overweight, you will significantly reduce the chances of conceiving a baby. That’s why it is crucial to lose weight right away. Remember that the main objective is to follow a healthy, balanced diet.

Stay away from polluted areas – Any area where you may get exposed to heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals should be avoided. In addition, check whether some of the pills you are taking affect your fertility.

Use folic acid – Even a relatively small amount of folic acid can improve your chances of getting pregnant. Additionally, folic acid supports the proper development of fetuses.

Increase your Fertility in a Natural Way

Unfortunately there are many couples that have trouble conceiving a child. Couples who for some period of time fail to conceive a baby are very often depressive and frustrated because no matter how hard they try and whatever advice they try that doesn’t seem to help them.

However, there are plenty of natural things that can help the process of conception. It is good to mention, that some of these advice are not medically proven, but since they don’t bring any side effects they are definitely worth trying.

First and foremost, you and your partner should stop smoking immediately. Many studies have confirmed that male smokers have 20% lower sperm levels compared to non-smokers. In addition, smoking doesn’t only reduce the amount of sperms, but it also affects their quality. Smoking is bad for women too because it prolongs the time of conception and increases the chances of complete infertility. It has also been proven that smokers need to take higher doses of drugs compared to non-smokers in the process of treating infertility. Even passive smoking is harmful for women trying to get pregnant. The good news is that it is never too late to stop smoking. Even if you have been smoking for years, your health will be significantly improved if you stop smoking.

Another important factor that has negative impact on fertility is stress. Many researchers have shown that methods used for stress relief can increase fertility. Many women conceived babies more easily just because they have found a way to relax properly. Although infertility is very stressful, try to look at this time spend on conceiving a baby as a joyful experience which takes some time. Learn how to cope with everyday stress and practice some relaxation techniques for better sexual performance (yoga or pilates for example).

Proper nutrition is equally important. Many couples have trouble conceiving because they are not following healthy diets. It is good to know that although you are feeling healthy you are actually not that healthy. According to the latest studies around 80% of infertile couples don’t have enough antioxidants in their body. Consume more fresh vegetables and fruits because this can lead to the moment you were waiting for. Men should pay special attention to food that contains large amounts of vitamin E and C because these vitamins can help increase the number of sperms and their mobility. On the other hand, it has been proven that mercury has a very negative effect of sperm quality; that’s why you should lower the intake of seafood. Obesity is a great obstacle when it comes to conception. This is one of the most common causes of infertility in women. By losing only few pounds you will increase your fertility.

Finally, there are few more tips that can help your chances of conception. Having sex at least three times a week, avoiding caffeine, changing medications, improvement of quality of sexual relationship are some of the things that you can do in order to achieve that.

Improve your fertility in a natural way

A lot of couples today have problems conceiving a child. Couples who try to conceive for a longer period, become depressed and frustrated because no matter how hard they try that can’t succeed. This situation can even lead to problems in the relationship.

Luckily there are some things that can help every person when it comes to conceiving. The good news is that all these things are natural and easy to perform.

First of all, your partner and you should quit smoking. There are numerous studies that have proven that smokers have lower sperm quality and less sperm in general. Smoking affects women too. Women smokers have bigger chances to become infertile. When it comes to fertility therapies, smokers have to follow therapies with more medications than non-smokers. Even passive smoking can be very bad for your health and that’s why both partners must stay away from tobacco. No matter when you have started smoking, you should know that once you quit smoking your health will start to improve. So, stay away from cigarettes and you will conceive much faster.

Many people don’t see the connection between their diet and conceiving. The truth is that food is really important in this process. It is a known fact that many couples who don’t eat properly have troubles conceiving a baby. Many people are not aware that their diet is wrong because they don’t feel bad. However you should be sure that there are plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. These products act as antioxidants which are especially important in our body’s fight against free radicals. Besides that, men should consume more vitamin E and C, vitamins that increase the number of sperm cells and their flexibility. When we talk about women, those women who are overweight should consider losing some pounds because obesity could be a serious problem in this process. Every few pounds that you lose will increase the chance of conceiving.

Don’t forget to relax. Stress is becoming number one factor for appearance of all kind of diseases and it also affects fertility in a negative way. Find a way to relieve stress. Learn how to cope with stress and use some relaxation methods.

According to some experts having sex at least three times a week is the perfect routine if you want to get pregnant. Ovulation can vary and that’s why It is sometimes hard to tell when is the best time for conceiving. If you practice sex at least three times a week you will be sure that you won’t miss that period.

If you are taking some medications make sure that they don’t affect your fertility. The only logical thing to do in such cases is to replace one medication with another and see the results. Try to see if there are some alternatives that include zinc and folic acid in them.

Having a good night sleep is another proven way to increase chances of pregnancy. So make sure you get enough sleep during the night and occasionally take a nap during the day.