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How To Increase Sexual Excitement

People that are in a relationship for a short time are usually crazy about each other; all the time spent together is fun, intense and beautiful. But after a while the excitement is gone although it looks like the couple is in love even more than before.

Excitement that we feel at the beginning of the relationship is caused by the exciting feeling of unknown and unexpected because the person that we don’t know that well, but looks beautiful to us, can easily surprise us. Of course the routine that comes after awhile has its benefits; because we must admit that the excitement and stress that we feel at the beginning can be devastating for our health if it lasts for years. This doesn’t mean that people should not do something different occasionally in order to rise the levels of adrenaline in their systems. These are some of the things that you can do to increase the sexual excitement in your relationship

  • Fear can be helpful

When we experience fear the levels of adrenaline raise and this state can be compared to sexual arousal. The symptoms are the same – the heart is beating faster, we sweat and almost all our senses are activated. It is no wonder why people practice extreme sports in order to feel alive. Controlled fear is excellent for good sex, so if you don’t like extreme sports try something other that can boost your adrenaline – visit some theme park or something else but most importantly do that with your partner.

  • Be bold

Younger people enjoy swimming naked during night time when there are no people around but there is a possibility that someone might see that. The excitement that anticipation brings is amazing.

So use your imagination and try something similar even if you are older, take nude photos of your partner while you are in an elevator, begin the foreplay at the cinema etc. People often forget how this kind of “fooling around” can give the mind a sexual stimulation.

  • Reveal all the secrets

People become closer when they talk about the most intimate things about them and even if you are with the same partner for a long time there are always things that you forgot to tell or maybe you were to scared to tell. This could be an excellent game of revealing secrets; you should start first by revealing one secret then it would be your partner’s turn. Those secrets don’t have to be something important; a simple small lie can do the job.

  • Recreate your first date

You probably remember many details of the day when you first met your partner. These memories alone bring pleasant feeling every time. So maybe it’s time to recreate that first date. Try going to the same place where you first met each other and start acting like you don’t know each other. Introduce yourself and start flirting. This role paying is very interesting and can lead to real eruption in your bed!

How To Reach A Perfect Orgasm

According to some researches women need no longer than 20 minutes of manual or oral stimulation until they reach an orgasm.

The secret of orgasm most often lays in finding the right trigger. The muscle contractions that give the well known pleasant feeling can sometime happen spontaneously during the sexual intercourse but in most cases in order to reach the climax women need special atmosphere (ambience light, pleasant music), special body position or some specific technique (like oral stimulation of the clitoris). But even if all these factors are in the game it doesn’t necessarily mean that a perfect orgasm will be achieved.

First of all you have to pay attention to the foreplay. All that kissing, cuddling and exchange of touches activates our nervous system that sends messages about the feeling of pleasure throughout the body. At this point you should feel completely relaxed and devoted to the act without thinking about anything else. The best thing to do is to focus on a certain sense like smell or taste and think only about that.

When you are aroused your nerves carry a message to your brain that says that it is time to increase the blood flow in the erogenous zones and as a result of that the genital area is getting a little bit swollen and moisturized. The more blood in that area the more sensitive you become which results in a real circle of pleasure. Some researchers claim that women need around 10 to 20 minutes of manual or oral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Most of the women try to shorten that period because they think that their partner might not be interested after that. The truth is that men enjoy when their partner is aroused and reaches orgasm.

As we have mentioned before in order to achieve a perfect orgasm the position of the body is very important. Once you feel very aroused it is time for a penetration. While he is on top of you, find a position where the basis of his penis is in the same line with your clitoris and wrap your legs around him. The intercourse is now ready to proceed. Occasional finger stimulation on the clitoris performed by your partner is also an option.

In the moment you reach orgasm your brain releases a wave of oxytocin. This is a neurohormone that passes through the muscles of the pelvis and causes a series of rhythmic contractions that last for few seconds. If you practice Kegel exercises you can make those contractions last longer.

While you are having sex, don’t forget that proper breathing can be very helpful too. Never hold your breath and breathe freely – shallow and rapid breathing will produce more powerful vaginal contractions.

Faking orgasms is not an option. Although it might work sometimes it is better to say that you want some changes instead of faking orgasms. You will make your partner feel like he has found the perfect way to please you and he will try to repeat that procedure every time. The best way is to talk with your partner and find a way to have better sex.

How To Make Your Erection Last Longer?

Erection is one of those things that we find very odd to explain. When you are able to have erection for a longer period then you feel happy and satisfied. But if there is a problem and you can’t make it last long or you even can’t get one, no matter how hard you try, that can be cause for some broader and more serious psychological issues.

In almost all cases, erection problems are started in our mind. The fastest way to if there is a serious problem in your mind is to self you can get erection while you are alone and you can’t get it if you are with your partner. That’s a clear sign of a psychological problem.

The reasons can be different – from using condoms and using the same sex routine to fear of failure or your lifestyle. It is very important to find the reason for this unpleasant situation in order to fix it faster. You need to do this faster because weak and short erection can cause a lot of trouble in the relationship. Women are very sensitive and they might think that they don’t attract you anymore which eventually lead to irritation and fighting.

Rock Hard erection, longer lasting

No matter what the reason for your weaker and short erection is there are ways to make it last longer. These tips can help anyone if they are done properly and regularly.

First of all talking can help a lot. Feel free to tell your partner what do you like in bed and be a good listener and listen what she finds appealing. Don’t be afraid to talk about your fantasies or even use dirty talking during the sexual intercourse.

Since we’ve mentioned routine as one of the possible reasons for weak erection, sex innovation can be very helpful. Even if you don’t suffer from weak erection, changing the routine occasionally can bring those missing sparks in your bed and make the sex more enjoyable.

Regular exercising is good for your health in general and for your sexual life too. It will make you feel fit and healthy and it will help you with your blood flow and movement range which is very important for the sexual intercourse. The penis depends on the blood circulation and regular exercising will make it stronger.

Don’t think about your previous failures and concentrate on the future. What was done was done and it is time to show your partner that you can do better. After all anyone can fail in bed, it happens a lot. There are many reasons for that but the good thing is that you will have other chances.

Remember that sex is more than the act of penetration. Sex is much more and it starts with a long and sensual foreplay. You can please your partner in many ways so start with one thing and end with penetration. Just relax and enjoy the sex without thinking what could happen if you fail.

Sex And Aging

If we judge but what we see on TV or the internet, sex is an exclusive activity just for young people. But the fact is that older people enjoy sex too. It is true that sex in that age is a little bit different compared to the sexual intercourse between young people but it can still be very enjoyable.

There is a saying that people are sexual beings, so it is quite normal that older people enjoy sex too. Since sex is one of the most important things in a relationship, it is good for couples no matter how old they are. Many people despite the process of aging continue to have regular sexual intercourses but in most of them this process can cause some changes (mainly some health issues). Some of them might experience health problems that might ruin their sex life, but they still practice some other forms of intimacy like cuddling or kissing. These acts can fill the sex gap that can cause depression and even more health issues. Interesting fact is that there are many people that are even older than 80 years and they still have sex.

The process of aging brings changes in both men and women. These changes sometimes affect the ability to enjoy sex.

We all know how women at a certain period in their lives experience menopause. But according to many researches many women after menopause enjoy sex even more because they know that they can’t pregnant any more. Speaking in general, women have less sexual problems as they grow older. However, many women have problems with vaginal lubrication after the menopause. This comes as a result of the lower levels of estrogen (hormone). Using artificial lubricants can solve this issue. There are few other physical changes that can also affect the sex life like changes in the flexibility, depth and width of the vagina, but they are usually not that big to ruin the relationship.

When it comes to men, aging and sex life, the biggest problem is impotence. Many men suffer from impotence after they enter the seventh decade of their lives. Even if they don’t have such problem, it takes a little bit more time to achieve erection. Probably the best way to solve this problem is longer foreplay and that’s why women need to be aware of the problem and try to solve it instead of being disappointed. Besides these problems, many old people have weak erections and the amount of ejaculate that they produce is much lower.

There are many things that old people can do to improve their sex life. For example try to understand that there is no such thing as normal sex. Even when people are young, every couple has a different style and type of sex life. The point of the sex is to keep your partner and yourself happy. Doctors can help older people and prescribe some medicines or try some herbal enhancement pill.

In most cases patience and proper communication are the best way to keep the sex life on high level, no matter how old you are. Senior citizen sexuality.