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What are the steps to make your sex life better?

Do you want to improve your sex life? Many couples find their sex life boring after some period of time. Below have been discussed some of the important steps to spice up your sex life and bring back those wonderful days of a married relationship.


The first and foremost important thing is to talk with your partner about sex and things related to sex. You must also improve your communication skill and make your partner feel better while discussing about various topics. You may also discuss about the reasons behind the problem in their sex life.

Get time for foreplay

Foreplay is an act that makes your partner excited and gives her time to prepare for that special moment.  You must show some extra care and start your day by sending messages related to points that reveal how sexy your wife is.

Practice more

You must try to have sex very often. It is better to have sex twice to thrice in a week to improve the various ways to have sex. Always remember, the more you practice, the more you become perfect.

Don’t criticize

You must not criticize your partner while having sex. It is better not to focus on negative sides of your partner as this can worsen your sex life.


You must practice some exercises that will help to improve your sex life. Try to consult your doctor and gather some information about those various exercises. You must join a yoga session that will help to improve your desire to have sex.

Try new styles

You must be innovative while having sex. Don’t be confined to the same positions of having sex. Try some new positions that will surprise your partner during that special moment.

Boost your sex with food

You must also have the foods that help to increase the urge to have sex. Try to have coffee before going to bed as this will increase the dopamine level in your body. This helps to increase the pleasure of having sex by improving the flow of blood in those essential parts of a human body.

Get medication

One of the main reasons of disappointment in sex life is erectile dysfunction. You must consult doctor if you are facing the above problem. Your doctor will prescribe some medications that will help you to get rid of the above problem.


You can also join counseling course to improve your sex life. In the counseling program you will be able to get some ideas about the benefits of having sex.

Dress up

You must also dress up adequately for the special moment. Adequate dress will help to increase the mood of sex. Make you partner surprise with your sexy dress.


You must try to talk with your partner while having sex. You must ask whether your partner is enjoying the technique of having sex. You can also talk about various fantasies that make you crazy.

You must spend some time with her to understand her feelings. You can even surprise her by organizing a special date. A good sex life will surely help to build strong relationship with your partner.

How can acupuncture improve your sex life?

We have all heard about the health benefits of acupuncture but little is known about the fact that acupuncture can improve sexual life too.

Acupuncture is a well known ancient Chinese method used to improve better blood circulation and balancing your life energy in your body. As Chinese acupuncturist like to say – acupuncture is trying to find the perfect balance between yin and yang (in this case – male and female energies). An experienced acupuncturist can easily determine a possible imbalance in the body and by placing needles in higher energetic lines (called meridians) he can stimulate the flow of the energy throughout the body.

Acupuncture can help a lot of people. For example, pregnant women can benefit a lot from this practice. The body of a pregnant woman is dealing with a lot of changes during this period. Almost every woman is suffering from some kind of problems during this period; some of them can deal with them easily while others find that difficult. Acupuncture can be very helpful when it comes to morning sickness, reducing the pain in the perineum and some experts recommend acupuncture as an alternative method against pain during labor. This comes as a result of the release of the endorphins thanks to the acupuncture. These endorphins serve as a natural remedy against pain. They also encourage positive thoughts and every persona generally feels better thanks to these hormones.

Acupuncture can also be very helpful for those are entering menopause and even andropause. It can be very useful for women that have problems with vaginal dryness and infertility. Men who are suffering from premature ejaculation and impotence can also try this method.

When it comes to sexual health acupuncture is a known remedy for low libido in both men and women. The acupuncturists focus on certain spots on our bodies like the liver or the kidneys in order to solve these problems. This is very logical if we know that these organs are considered as filters for the body and if they are not working properly this situation can affect the whole body including our sexual organs. Even people who are suffering from sex addiction can benefit from acupuncture. As we have mentioned before acupuncture brings back the balance and sex addiction is an obvious case of body imbalance.

But how exactly does acupuncture work when we talk about sex? First of all, it is not recommended to have sex three hours after and three hours before acupuncture session. The effects of acupuncture can be significantly reduced if you are emotionally distracted and also if you have used some drugs or maybe you’ve had too much food and alcohol.

What makes acupuncture great is that there are almost no side effects. In order to avoid the possibility of side effects find an experienced acupuncturist. Besides that, this alternative method of improve your sexual health is that it doesn’t only affect your sexual health but it also improves your overall health.

Sex And Diabetes

When people find out that they are suffering from diabetes, sex is probably the last thing on their mind. Diabetes is a very serious disease and patients that have diabetes have to think about a lot of things like their diet, weight, sugar level etc. Because of that many people put their sex life aside but that is wrong because sex can be very helpful when it comes to health. Of course diabetes can make your sex life worse but is up to you to find a way to improve the sex life and the good thing is that there are many ways to make it better.

Because of the disease many people have lower blood circulation in the genital area, which means less sensibility and excitement in that area. According to few researches, diabetics have trouble reaching orgasm because of that and because they often experience changes in their mood. Certain things that you found interesting and exciting can now be useless. The feeling that you had when you had orgasm might not be the same. This has nothing to do with the attraction between you and your partner and reaching a strong orgasm might be a difficult task. That’s why you need to find something that you have never tried before, something that will stimulate you in order to achieve stronger orgasms. Don’t be disappointed because this quest might last for awhile.

During this whole process, don’t forget to measure the level of sugar in your blood. In this way you will feel more confident. Keeping the right level of sugar in your blood will certainly improve your sex life. In order to achieve that level you should take care about your diet. Increase the intake of vegetables, fruits and cereals and stay away from carbohydrates.

Another thing that you should take care of is pH balance in your vagina, because increased levels of sugar in the blood can damage this balance and cause vaginal infections. Increased pH levels eliminate the bacteria that keep your vagina healthy and without them all sorts of inflammation, fungus and infections occur.

Exercising is something that can help you lessen the symptoms of diabetes and improve your sex life. Exercising every day for 30 minutes can do miracles. It will strengthen your heart, improve endurance and flexibility and most importantly increase the blood flow in all parts of your body including the genital area. You don’t have to perform some intensive exercises; a simple walk in the park can do the job at the beginning.

Some say that the mind is the most important sexual organ. The way you think can affect your sexual life, sex drive and arousal. Instead of thinking about your disease and thins that you need to do, focus on your partners’ scent and movement. During the sexual intercourse, think only about that and nothing else. If you can’t focus start talking with your partner, tell him (or her) what you want or ask him/her what he wants. In this way you will calm your thoughts and release your fantasy.