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A few Hidden Causes of Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are not something rare and they are especially present in female population. It is considered that almost every woman has experienced at least one case of fungal infection at some point of her life. These infections can happen to anyone regardless of their age. What is even worse is the fact that it is sometimes possible to have an infection without seeing any clear signs of inflammation. Yeast appears naturally on our body and it is fond of dark, moisturized and hidden corners of our body and this is something that can best describe the intimate area, armpits and few other areas. According to many gynecologists, in places where we can find high amounts of carbohydrates and sugars in the body we can expect the presence of fungal disorders. They also claim that it is not possible to completely get rid of these infections once and for all. So, the best idea is to treat them and keep them under control. The most common cause of all fungal infections is the fungi called Candida which naturally exists in every human body and starts to affect our health when the natural balance between acids and alkaline in the vagina is disrupted. This is the moment when many women notice feeling of itching in this area. In case you want to be prepared for fungal infections you need to know all the causes that lead to this condition and learn how to recognize and treat them in the right way.


The way we eat is very important and according to most gynecologists this practice is especially important during the menstrual period. This is the period when women should significantly increase the intake of all probiotic supplements. They should also include foods such as yoghurt and kefir, garlic which has amazing anti-fungal properties, coconut oil and meat soups. On the other hand, women should avoid carbs and sugar during this period.

Tight clothes

As we have mentioned before fungi simply love moisture and warmth. This suggests that tight clothes are especially suitable for the development and spreading of fungal infections and inflammation. It is always a good idea to choose clothing made of completely natural materials and some people suggest ironing the underwear after washing in order to be sure that the high temperature will eliminate all the bacteria that dwell in the clothes.

Hormonal changes

Weakened immune system, using antibiotics and birth control pills are all factors that contribute to intestine flora declination. This ultimately means that you can expect infections because the system cannot protect itself. Discomfort and itching can be eased with a tampon soaked in yoghurt and placed inside the vagina.


Fungal infections usually come with strong feeling of itching and a discharge with unpleasant smell. It is good to avoid soaps and hot water when taking care of the hygiene in the intimate area. Furthermore, try to avoid using scented tampons and scented shower gels when you are washing the vaginal area.

Can Sex Cause A Headache?

Although this is not a common situation, sex and orgasms can cause strong headaches and this is something that a lot of people can confirm.

There are some cases when sexual activity and/or orgasms can cause headache. This pain can be felt as a tension in the head and in the neck area and what is interesting is that this pain increases with the raise of sexual arousal and it turns into a sudden strong pain right before or after the orgasm. One in one hundred persons have experienced such pain at least once in their lifetime. According to some experts men are three times more likely to experience sexual headache compared to women which is surprising because speaking in general women are those who usually suffer from headaches. In most cases sexual headache doesn’t last long, although in rare cases it lasts more than several hours. This headache can occur during masturbation too. Sexual headaches are not harmful, but they are very often sign of some other bigger health problem, especially in people who feel headache after any physical activity.

Experts have determined two types of sexual headaches. The first one appears suddenly during orgasm or moments after an orgasm has been achieved. The pain is really strong and those who have experienced it compare this pain to stabbing in the head. This is the most common type of sexual headache. The second type is very rare and it starts as a mild pain that affects both sides of the head and this pain increases together with the raising of the sexual arousal. Most sexual headaches last very short, but there are some sexual headaches that last for several hours.

Sexual headaches can be caused by any sexual activity that leads to an orgasm. This means that besides regular vaginal sex, they can be cause by masturbation and even by oral sex too. Generally speaking, sexual activity increases blood pressure which leads to increased pressure in the head. In addition, sex causes muscle spasms and tension. In some cases this results in headaches caused by dilation of blood vessels in the head. Very often sexual headaches indicate bigger health problems like meningitis, tumor, aneurysm, risk of heart attack and other difficulties. Although these headaches don’t necessarily mean that you have some serious problem, it is always a good idea to visit your doctor. Sometimes the reasons for sexual headaches are certain birth control pills, anemia, inflammation of the sinuses, glaucoma or lack of sugar in the blood.

Sexual headaches are usually not a serious condition but visiting and consulting a doctor is highly recommended, this is especially useful in cases where these headaches appear constantly. If they are reappearing it’s better to lower your sexual activity until you get the results from your medical examination. If there is no serious reason behind these headaches your doctor will most probably recommend you similar therapies and remedies used for regular headaches – pills, low physical activity and resting.

Vaginal Infections

Vaginal infections are one of the most common problems that sexually mature women are faced with. While the symptoms of inflammation are very common, women usually don’t know much about them. Vaginitis, vaginosis and colpitis are different terms that describe the same condition – inflammation of the vagina. The inflammation can be caused by different microorganisms, as well as chemical or physical arousal.

A vagina that is healthy produces secretions that moisturize and maintains it clean in a similar manner to that of salivary gland function in the oral cavity. Vaginal secretion is a normal occurrence in sexually mature women and it is usually clear or a little bit whitish and when it is dried on lingerie it might appear yellow. Appearance of the secretion changes during different phases of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, changes in diet, emotional stress, taking various medications (including oral contraceptives) or during sexual arousal. The pH of the vagina is acidic and keeps it protected from infections. However, during the different phases of the menstrual cycle the acidity of the vagina is changed and it is lowest just before and during menstruation. It is in this period when most of the infections appear.

Inflammation appears due to changes in the balance between bacteria that is normally found in the vagina of a sexually mature woman and her hormonal changes. The causes that lead to an imbalance may vary: taking different drugs (for example taking antibiotics), contraceptives (both oral and local), emotional stress, sexually transmitted diseases or frequent change of sexual partners.

Vaginal infections can be noticed easily and some of the most common signs of vaginal infections are the following:

–      Change of colors of secretion. It can turn yellow, greenish or a mix of both colors.

–      Extended vaginal secretion with unpleasant smell

–      Burning and itching sensation in the vaginal area

–      Burning sensation during urination

–      Pain and cramps in the lower abdomen

Keep in mind that each symptom should be taken seriously and remember that some infections have no symptoms in the early stage. Do not hesitate to take gynecological examination because the expression of symptoms of inflammation of the vagina is not always in line with the severity of the infection and the possible consequences. Only infections that are timely found can be treated easily. Infections that were not found on time, that are left untreated and/or inadequately treated can spread to other parts of the reproductive system and cause serious damage, such as partial or complete impenetrability of the ovaries. So make sure to make regular visits to a gynecologist in order to keep your health on high level. This is especially important during pregnancy because untreated infection of the vagina can lead to premature birth, low birth weight and other serious complications.

There are few steps that you can make in order to lower the risk of picking up vaginal infections:

–      Wipe the intimate area from the front toward the anus

–      Choose underwear made of cotton

–      Do not wear tight clothing during hot days

–      Use condom and practice safe sex

–      Visit your gynecologist regularly