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Sex and parenthood

Being a parent is one of the best experiences that can happen to any man or woman. But many people are wondering why parenthood simply pushes out sex from our lives? Of course, many people will almost immediately say that the time that they spend for taking care of their children takes them a lot of time and energy too. But this can’t be the only reason for lack of sex. Many other factors affect the sex life of young parents. They either have lack of sex or the quality of sex is not on the same level as before.

Few extra pounds gained during the pregnancy

Many women are obsessed with their physical appearance after they give birth. It is a well known fact that after the woman gives birth she will actually weight less. It is also a fact that women are not in the same shape as they were before. Many women often look themselves in the mirror and they are not very certain if they are attractive to their partners. Asking your partner won’t help much because he will probably tell you that you look perfect but what each woman can do is taking more care for her. This means regular exercising and practicing a healthy diet. By doing these things you will increase the lost self-confidence and you can be sure that the reflection you see in the mirror will become more likeable and there is a great chance that if you are disciplined you can expect to look even better than before!

Mother figure

There are some men that simply lose sexual desire to have sex with their partner when their partner becomes a mother. For reasons that are unknown for experts, they change their own attitude toward her and they don’t want to get involved in sexual activities. Probably the best option in situations like these is to have open conversations. In case this doesn’t work it is good to advise your partner to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist that can help him find the source of his problem and help him overcome this unpleasant sex problem.

Postpartum depression

Besides being worried about the physical appearance women should probably pay more attention on their emotional state. The symptoms that something is wrong can be spotted easily. Things like sudden mood changes, unusual behavior and lack of sex drive are common for postpartum depression. This is a serious condition and in case you notice these symptoms you should seek appropriate professional help without any delays.

During and after pregnancy lack of sex drive is a very common occurrence. This is completely normal, so you should not b worried because once the body is relived fro the stress caused by the pregnancy everything will get back to normal.

The things we have mentioned in this article can truly worsen your sex life and even complicate your relationship. One easy and very efficient tool for solving these problems is communication.

Is sex really that important for a good relationship?

Have you ever wondered how important sex is when it comes to relationships? Can sex directly affect the quality of the relationship? Can it ruin or keep one relationship?

People are always commenting about the reasons why some couple broke up. In some cases you can hear that they broke up because she was really cold or maybe he didn’t satisfy her needs. In these cases many people think that these couples were crazy because they were probably obsessed with sex. Breaking up because of sex looks abnormal at first glance. However, when you continue to hear similar stories you start to ask yourself different questions. For example, is sexual discrepancy or lack of sex a justifiable reason for terminating a long relationship? It looks that this is very realistic and objective reason for that.

Many people are unaware that a lot of couples are ready to stay in bad relationships because of good sex. On the other hand, if the sex is really bad the relationship will usually break after a while although other aspects of that relationship might be good. Sex can be actually viewed as a tool to measure the quality of one relationship. Respect, support when it comes to life goals, sharing same life values are things that all make sense if the sex is right. Sex is a point where all other things connect. In some cases it looks like people either lose the ability or will to talk about their problems when they feel unsatisfied. But how can we talk seriously when there is no relaxed atmosphere and finally how to have sex when there is no meaningful communication? This is a very serious question that bothers a lot of couples who are unfortunately unable to solve it.

So, is it possible to ruin your relationship because of bad sex? In many cases lack of sex is not the only problem in one relationship. Many couples are disappointed with the fact that they don’t have sex in amounts that they consider to be normal. Many relationship break up because partners don’t get what they expected when it comes to sex. Very often these expectations are based on the things we hear and witness from our friends and colleagues. The media and the ads they show, in other words the dreams they are selling are not bad for everything bad that happens in our world. We must understand that modern people are slowly losing their ability to make rational decisions because of the modern lifestyle.

In the past, parents had only few expectations for their children’s partners. Women were satisfied if they were able to find a man that is not violent and likes to work while men were satisfied with women that are good mothers and good housewives. However these expectations are not very good. It is not reasonable to focus on only one or two attributes that a person has. That is not healthy for any relationship, because relationships are much more complicated. You must focus on all aspects of the personality of your partner. Of course, sex is one of the most important aspects of one relationship.

We don’t have the final answer is sex the most important thing in one relationship but lack of sexual desire, cheating, unsatisfied partners are all common reasons for break ups.

How Does Lack Of Sex Affect Health, The Benefit Of Sex

We are sure that you have already read numerous articles that try to explain the benefits of sex and how good sex is for both our physical and mental health. You can also find dozens of surveys that come with the same conclusion – sex is something that we need to practice often in order to preserve and improve our health. However you can find only few sources that can tell how lack of sex affects human health. In this article you will find a summarized conclusion about this based on scientific research. It looks like people who don’t practice sex regularly have more health problems. Some of these problems include:

Heart attacks

Recent studies have confirmed that regular and quality sexual activities are closely linked with heart health. Every physical activity that doesn’t put too much pressure on your heart is good for the heart; however sex is one of those activities that bring a lot of different benefits. When people practice sex it is not just a physical activity it is much more. According to numerous scientists sexual activity boost the production of hormones that are useful for our health. The scientist have no doubts that people that have more sex have less chance to face heart attack because the heart is a lot stronger.

Insomnia and poor sleep

Although there are many reasons for insomnia and poor sleep, irregular sex is certainly one of those reasons. What we all know is that regular sex can provide some good sleeping. The reasons for this are the hormones that are released during and after the sexual intercourse. They make the body more relaxed and calm which eventually leads to a good tight sleep.

Losing enthusiasm

We love sex not only because of the physical pleasure but also because we always feel good afterwards. This good feeling boosts our self-confidence and our enthusiasm. There is no real scientific explanation for this connection but it is probably because of the feeling of closeness and belonging that sex provides. These emotions are present in each of us and the sex gets them on the surface. So it is no wonder why people who don’t have regular sex are slowly losing their enthusiasm with all those emotions laying deep inside of them.


Sex makes everyone happy. It is a well known fact that sex is a natural mood booster. However irregular or no sex activity will certainly cause people to feel depressed. Psychologists have revealed that people suffering from depression usually have irregular sexual activities and that is one of their main reasons for depression.

Poor work performance

People who have a normal sex life are much more efficient at work. Once again thanks to the hormones that are released during the sex, people appear to be more focused and they achieve better results. On the contrary people with poor sex life have trouble staying focused and they usually have poor work performance.