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Penis And Aging

It is a well known fact that sexual function of men becomes weaker with the process of aging. This comes as a result of the declination of the level of testosterone and it takes much more for a man to get excited. And even when arousal appears, it takes time to get an erection and orgasm. While younger men can easily have erected penis after an orgasm, most of older men can’t achieve erection after orgasm happens. Aging affects the quality of the sperm. Most of the sexual problems like erectile dysfunctions occur after the age of 40.

With the process of aging even the urinary system is not spared. The muscles weaken and prostate is enlarged which makes the urinary system much weaker and problematic overall.

This process affects the penis itself and changes can be spotted in many aspects.

The size of the penis

It is usual for men to gain weight as they grow older. As the size of the stomach grows (thanks to the aggregation of fats), the penis appears smaller. According to some studies this is one of the main reasons why older men decide to lose weight, although it is just a visual difference. Besides this visual shrinking, penis is really decreasing with age, both in length and thickness. Fortunately this is not very visible. At the age of 70 men have 1-2 cm shorter penises compared to the size of the penis they had when they were 30 years old.

There are two main factors for this size reduction – the blood vessels in the penis accumulate more fatty substances and decrease the blood flow; the reduction of flexibility of collagen within the elastic fibrous cover that surrounds the erectile chambers.

Besides the penis, the testicles become smaller too. Starting from the age of 40, the testicles start to shrink. According to some statistic they are 1 centimeter smaller.

The look of the penis

The appearance of the penis becomes different with aging. We can point out two most significant changes in its appearance. Older men have penises with darker color because of the decreasing of blood flow. So the well known pink color is lost. Another interesting thing that comes with aging is the lower number of pubic hair, because aging affects all type of hair on men. This is a direct result of the lower level of testosterone.


During the teen ages and until 40, men have very sensitive penises that react on every stimulation. Over the time the penis becomes less sensitive. This state directly affects the ability to achieve erection and orgasm too.


With aging, occurrence of hardenings in the protective layer of the superficial fascia is not uncommon. This state can damage the tissue of the penis thus make the penis twist. This state is also known as Peyronie’s disease and it can affect the erection and make the sexual intercourse complicated. This disease can be treated with surgeries.

Despite these changes the sexual life of older people doesn’t cease to exist, because they learn how to overcome these difficulties.