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Few Reasons Why You Should Have Sex During Menstruation

Many people, both men and women, find sex during menstruation disgusting. But the truth is that there is no real reason for that, in fact sex during menstruation can sometimes be even better.

Many women during menstruation are more aroused and they say that sex during menstruation is better for them. The direct reason for this is the increased bleeding of the uterus. In addition, menstruation leads to certain hormonal changes in the body which causes increased desire for sexual intercourses in some women. Some experts suggest that the fact that many people think that sex during menstruation should not be practiced and that it is not appropriate to do it, can cause counter effect – people will be even more tempted to try it. Besides that, the vagina is constantly moisturized during menstruation making the penetration of the penis very easy. This makes men enjoy sex even more. Those men who don’t like foreplay, will find this situation very useful because they can skip the whole process.

During menstruation women usually feel cramps and tension in the stomach but with the help of an orgasm they can ease all types of pain. On the other hand, don’t rush to have sex if the cramps and the tension in the stomach are very strong because you won’t be able to enjoy sex at all. Doctors advise women that are suffering from menstrual pain or women that want to prevent menstrual pain to increase their physical activity and sex is of course more than good physical activity because it will relax the vaginal muscles. Furthermore, orgasm triggers release of endorphins, hormones that will temporarily remove pain and discomfort. Because of the more intensive squeezing of the uterus during sex, a greater amount of blood is released through the vagina. This means that in some cases sex during menstruation can shorten the number of days of menstruation.

Some women have menstrual periods that last up to seven days. This can be a very long period for couples that are used to have frequent sex and the real question is why they should wait. That’s why they should use the menstrual period to improve their techniques or try some new things that they’ve missed before. These new things can be practiced especially during the period of the day when the menstruation is stronger. Try some other types of sex and forget about vaginal sex. Try some new oral pleasures, maybe stimulation with the hands. Focus on hugging and kissing, and practice sex when the menstrual bleeding is not so intensive.

Another good reason for having sex during menstruation is the lower possibility of conception. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there is no chance of conception at all. The biggest risk of conception is during ovulation and that’s the period right between two menstruations. Most women don’t have ovulation during menstruation and that’s why the chance of conception during this period is minimal or in some cases impossible.