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5 Sexy Ideas To Avoid

Whether married, dating or simply in a love relationship, there are times when you will have the feeling or develop the urge to spice up your relationship. While doing so is perfectly in order, to what extent you can go to spice up your relationship matters a great deal. This is so because you do not wish to live to regret any of your actions. You need to consider all possible risks involved before you embark on any action you take even when an action that action seems harmless. Your mind should not even think of taking any of the following actions in an effort to spice up your relationship:

  1. Do not think of Sexting – Sexting has become very common among many in relationships and it is not surprising that married couples have also taken it up. Communicating with your partner through sexy text messages is not only fun; it has the positive effect of sexually turning-on your partner. Although sexing may seem harmless, you seriously need to ponder how your partner will handle your sexy message regardless of how much you trust him/her. It can indeed be worse for you in case yours is not a steady relationship that can breakup at any time. Just how will he/she portray you after you break up? Your guilt may haunt you for the rest of your life.
  2. Do not think of engaging in threesome –Like with Sexting, sex between three people can be both fun and very memorable. It can actually be a great way to spice up your relationship. The fact that at least two of you will be of the same gender makes it very complicated. This is because of the risk of one of you developing feelings of jealousness, which can simply ruin your otherwise healthy relationship. Furthermore, a threesome is simply risky since you do not know whether the other two engage in threesome with others you do not know.
  3. Do not think of posing nude – One great way to spice up your relationship is to take sexy photos that you both share as partners. Sexy photos can indeed be a treasure especially in a relationship full of trust and commitment and it is not surprising that sexy lifestyle photography is now big business around the world. You need to avoid posing nude at all costs especially if yours is not a marriage relationship. This is because you never know what your partner who you are not married to may do with your nude photos in case you break up.
  4. Do not think of having a one-night stand – The thought of having sex with someone you know little about or one do not know at all can be very attractive, what with the hidden promise of experiencing the fun that comes along with “stolen sex”? The outcome may just be the opposite one instead of the fun you thought you would have. In addition to being a risky escapade, you stand a high risk of suffering shame and loss of respect should you cross paths with the “culprit” again. The same goes with having a night-stand with someone you know; you will not shake off the guilt.
  5. Do not think of having sex in the shower – Having sex in the shower is a practice by many couples, both married and unmarried alike. Although very enticing and fun, having sex in the shower does not only affect your emotions, it can be physically dangerous in case you have not taken necessary precautions such as having no-slip stickers on the shower to prevent slipping.

This is however not to say that you should not strive to spice up your relationship. Do so only after assessing risks involved and choosing whether or not you can live with the same.