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Pregnancy over age 35

For women that are pregnant and they are over 35 years old, and especially for those who are over 40 years old prenatal care is very important. The risk of developing higher blood pressure or even diabetes is much bigger. In addition, there is a great risk that the newborn child could be suffering from genetic disorders like Down syndrome for example. Many women think that as they grow older they are getting wiser and that is true for some things, but there is a high probability that if they get pregnant they could become overprotective for their unborn child and they can also be overprotective when the child is born. The reason behind this behavior is simple.

Younger mothers are not very scared with this whole process because they don’t have such experience and they learn on their own, they even don’t have friends who have experience with pregnancy and raising children. However when you are over 35 you usually have a safe job and steady life and focusing your energy on such a noble thing as motherhood looks like a useful change. Most of the people in that age are financially independent and they have time to focus on the child instead of looking a way to earn money. However, older parents have other challenges like – they are paying too much attention to their children and tend to spoil them because they have the time and the money and they are ready to focus all their attention to the child.

Health Issues

Now let’s get back on the health issues. Fatigue is considered to be a normal part of every person’s life and that’s no different during the time of pregnancy and even after the pregnancy. But the fact that you don’t have much energy can be compensated in another way. Older parents are more patient and they don’t get upset easily.

Besides fatigue there are few other problems that older women who want to get pregnant or those who are already pregnant face. For example, older women have difficulties to get pregnant because their fertility declines as they get older and what is constantly increasing are the chances of medical complications during pregnancy.

According to some statistics 2 out of 10 pregnant women that are over 35 years old are experiencing spontaneous abortion. Another problem that is present among older pregnant women is the so – called placenta previa. This is a situation when the placenta is implanted over or near the internal cervical entrance. In these cases a sudden bleeding in the vagina can be noticed.

Very often newborn children of older women have lower birth weight compared to those born by younger women. Just like any other pregnancy avoiding products like alcohol or tobacco can positively affect the weight of the newborn child. As we have mentioned before the risk of Down syndrome in newborn children is much higher. That risk is around ten times higher.

Many older women think that they can’t affect the risk factors but the truth is that with proper exercises, healthy diet during and after pregnancy they can avoid all these risks.