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Is sex really that important for a good relationship?

Have you ever wondered how important sex is when it comes to relationships? Can sex directly affect the quality of the relationship? Can it ruin or keep one relationship?

People are always commenting about the reasons why some couple broke up. In some cases you can hear that they broke up because she was really cold or maybe he didn’t satisfy her needs. In these cases many people think that these couples were crazy because they were probably obsessed with sex. Breaking up because of sex looks abnormal at first glance. However, when you continue to hear similar stories you start to ask yourself different questions. For example, is sexual discrepancy or lack of sex a justifiable reason for terminating a long relationship? It looks that this is very realistic and objective reason for that.

Many people are unaware that a lot of couples are ready to stay in bad relationships because of good sex. On the other hand, if the sex is really bad the relationship will usually break after a while although other aspects of that relationship might be good. Sex can be actually viewed as a tool to measure the quality of one relationship. Respect, support when it comes to life goals, sharing same life values are things that all make sense if the sex is right. Sex is a point where all other things connect. In some cases it looks like people either lose the ability or will to talk about their problems when they feel unsatisfied. But how can we talk seriously when there is no relaxed atmosphere and finally how to have sex when there is no meaningful communication? This is a very serious question that bothers a lot of couples who are unfortunately unable to solve it.

So, is it possible to ruin your relationship because of bad sex? In many cases lack of sex is not the only problem in one relationship. Many couples are disappointed with the fact that they don’t have sex in amounts that they consider to be normal. Many relationship break up because partners don’t get what they expected when it comes to sex. Very often these expectations are based on the things we hear and witness from our friends and colleagues. The media and the ads they show, in other words the dreams they are selling are not bad for everything bad that happens in our world. We must understand that modern people are slowly losing their ability to make rational decisions because of the modern lifestyle.

In the past, parents had only few expectations for their children’s partners. Women were satisfied if they were able to find a man that is not violent and likes to work while men were satisfied with women that are good mothers and good housewives. However these expectations are not very good. It is not reasonable to focus on only one or two attributes that a person has. That is not healthy for any relationship, because relationships are much more complicated. You must focus on all aspects of the personality of your partner. Of course, sex is one of the most important aspects of one relationship.

We don’t have the final answer is sex the most important thing in one relationship but lack of sexual desire, cheating, unsatisfied partners are all common reasons for break ups.

How To Reach Stunning Organisms While Enjoying Great Sex

When it comes to making love, people fail to understand that this is an art. As a man, if you want to have great sex, you must learn how to give your woman outstanding pleasure and see to it that every time you make love she may reach orgasm.

Now that you have sort your lady, it’s time we also took things up a notch and learnt how to turn our climax into an event that is spectacular. Having this thought in mind, below are two very amazing ways that when implemented will help any man enjoy mind blowing sex alongside his special lady…

Lengthen you Staying Power

Without flinching; statistics (alarming!) state that over 92% of men reach orgasm long before their lady is due. But what we have to discover is, every man has the ability of holding back and wait for their lady reach orgasm and afterwards turn his orgasm into a stronger, harder and very enjoyable ejaculation.

What or how is this possible?

For starters, you need to stop focusing on sensation which engulfs your genitalia as you two make love. Instead, you need to lay your focus on how pleasurable the act is and feel the sweetness in every fibre of your body.

If you feel that your orgasm is on its way, just stop for a minute or instead of drilling her, start thrusting nicer and slow. For the opportunist, this is the time you continue fondling your lady and giving her pleasurable oral sex.

As you pleasure her orally, your arousal will be lowered a few notches and you will be able to reach a point where you can start thrusting again. Continue repeating this process until when you arrive at a point where you feel it’s time to let go….

Hold Your Orgasm In

When you near the point of ejaculation, you will start feeling the involuntary contractions around the pelvic area. Before anything happens, start squeezing your PC muscle and as much as you can, try to hold off your ejaculation.

The PC muscle is the same that we all squeeze when we want to disrupt the flow of urine. After having reached an orgasm, and having held it back, when you are ready to release, it bursts forth in a mighty way and this is the instance that you’ll be able to enjoy extreme pleasure.

Strengthen the PC Muscle

If you want to be a stallion in the bedroom, you need to learn how to work your PC muscle. You should start by strengthening it. All you have to do is contract the PC muscles and hold for twenty seconds and release.

Repeat this process for five minutes continuously, once or three times a day and within no time you will have learnt how to hold your orgasm and deliver a sexual performance that is nothing else but Stella!!

5 Ways of Preventing Disagreements in Your Relationship

It is generally agreed that a love relationship is like a sea. There are times when water in the sea is very calm and times when it is very turbulent. Look at it differently; a typhoon does not build up in an instance. It takes some time for a typhoon to build up steadily before becoming a massive force that destroys everything, however mighty, in its path.

Just in the same way that you can tell when sea water is about to become turbulent or when a typhoon is approaching, you should be able to tell when things are not going right in your relationship. The following five ways should help you prevent serious disagreements that can easily ruin your relationship. Buy maxidus

  1. Presence – Ours is definitely a fast-paced life. We rush out in the mornings only to return completely exhausted and in some instances stressed. Your man or woman will certainly want to find you to at least share with you his/her day’s frustrations. This makes being present when he/she returns very important. Coming home long after he/she had arrived and bringing up an issue can simply make the situation worse. You may just start up a disagreement whose outcome is unknown.
  2. Consultation – There is nothing important as consulting your partner whenever you plan to undertake a project. This particularly applies when yours is a marriage relationship. Having different priorities can lead to serious disagreements at home. It is therefore only appropriate that you consult your partner with the aim of getting him/her to buy into your idea before you proceed.
  3. Avoid arguments – Engaging in unnecessary arguments with your partner has the negative effect of raising emotions that encourage violence. Issues that require discussion between the two of you should only be raised when everything is calm. The tone of your voice when you raise such issues also matters a great deal.
  4. Diplomacy – It is very important to foretell when a serious disagreement is about to rock your relationship. It pays to be proactive rather than reactive to anything issue that come up between the two of you. More importantly, you should be able to foretell if an issue you are bout to bring up will lead to a serious disagreement. If so, consider employing diplomacy in which case you talk to a close respected family friend to approach your partner on the same.
  5. Sacrifice – Maintaining a healthy relationship can be a serious challenge especially when you are not mentally prepared to effectively handle everything that goes into making a relationship healthy. It can be very demanding to maintain a healthy relationship. Indeed, your partner may not appreciate everything you do to make your relationship healthy and fruitful. This is why it is important that you always sacrifice for the sake of your relationship regardless of how bad a situation may be.

It is no secret that relationships can be very tricky depending on your partner, economic engagement and environment. You need to have the necessary skills, values and knowledge of steering your relationship to another level. Buy libidus

Does Sex Help Maintain A Relationship?

Sex is said to be the most important part of anybody’s life. It plays a very vital role in a normal life of anyone. Hence, peak sex is very crucial part of a fully satisfied married life. It is the sex which is responsible to make the flame of old relationships burning. One of the best ways to do it is sexual intimacy. Couples can express their emotions verbally. But there is no better idea to express feelings than physical intimacy. It helps very much to sustain a healthy relationship.

Why Sex is Important Part of Relationship?

Your love and faith can make your partner feel a lot confident and better if you have sex with her/him. This is one of the main reasons why it is important. Couples who have sex regularly tend to have better and deeper bonding than those who don’t. This is because of the hormones released during episodes of lovemaking. These hormones play a vital role in making emotional and spiritual bonding between the couple and their love for each other gets into the deepest and highest level. Both emotionally and physically, sex helps strengthens the feeling of love and attachment between the couples. So, it is very important to include the ingredient of sex in your love life because it can reflect your care, love and affection.

Have Sex to Stay Connected

Having a passionate sex doesn’t just refer to physical satisfaction. It also helps couples to involve in each other intimately. While having sex, all the aspects of a person are bare-naked and vulnerable. During intercourse, a couple can easily and deeply share their feelings in each level because sex connects two true lovers like no other. Once a couple truly understood this concept, they can get into different levels of communication and sex helps them to do so. Thereby, it helps both of them to get closer with no words. One can do sex for pleasure, fun, relaxation, social status and relaxation. All in all, sex is vital to sustain a relationship.

Cons of Relationship without Sex

Couples often go through this problem. Relationship without sex results in never-ending cycle of yelling and abuse matches. Sexless life leads to frustration, depression, rejection, self-doubt, reduced self-esteem and problem in focus. Even worse, sexless life also leads to separation and broken homes.

Bottom Line

To build a healthy relationship, sexual intimacy helps married life and relationships last longer.

Sex And Relationship From A woman’s Perspective

Women certainly differ from men in perceiving sex and relationship. Women are emotionally connected to sex and relationship while men view sex as a physical aspect. Women can give in totally and enjoy sex only when she feels emotionally safe and secure. They do not need it as often as men do on a comparative basis. By nature, women can go for longer time without sex unlike men. This basic differentiation in their natural instincts has proven to be the main cause for many broken relationships.

However there could be various factors influencing sexual drive of women.  Every woman has her own sexual fantasies. An introverted housewife might feel less confident and comfortable in a bed room when compared to a woman who goes out. This confidence and comfort may be boosted up by allowing them to be the in charge. They should be allowed to feel that they are doing it out of their own wish without any force. A woman cannot even imagine sleeping with her man when their relationship is not in good terms. It is because sex is purely an emotional phenomenon for a woman. Thus sex is not a high priority for a woman while it is the top priority for a man. Women essentially need to be connected to their partners mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Generally women are completely occupied with their never ending house hold tasks and responsibilities round the clock. While on the other hand men look out for relaxation after a tiring day. Women might finally not find time at all or completely get exhausted by the end of the day and eventually, will not be able to think of anything else other than to sleep. As a result most of the women overlook the basic needs of their men and put their relation at risk. Men can probably help her with small house hold works in such situations so that she can make some leisure time to spend with you. Woman also should prioritize her husband’s needs over the other list of duties. One more thing to mention here is that women can get easily distracted during the course unlike men. Her to-do lists and responsibilities would be continuously running through her brain. Thus women should realize that being with her man is the utmost important responsibility to preserve her relationship.

Women might feel very tired and lose interest in sex post pregnancy. They undergo psychological, emotional, mental and physical pressure during this period. It’s natural for them to lose all the interest after going through such pain. Few women come out of this trauma quickly and naturally while few others cannot. They need lot of emotional support and love to come out of this situation and become normal. Men will have to act with patience during such times. At the end women only look for pure love and emotional bondage in a trusted relationship. For a relationship to be long lasting both the partners need to understand and support each other’s needs and abilities.

Types Of Contraception

Contraception is a method of preventing pregnancy by preventing the fertilized eggs to enter the uterus or preventing the eggs to be fertilized in first place.

There are several types of contraception and choosing the right one depends on several factors including current state of health, convenience and ease of use of contraception, side effects, risk factors and sometimes price. It is best to consult your doctor before you decide to use any kind of contraception.

It is good to remember that you can change the method of contraception any time you want. When you are trying to choose the type of contraception that is best for you take these things into consideration – how often do you have sexual intercourses, do you have a stable relationship, are you ready to make plans when it comes to sexual activity or do you want to use a type of contraception that does not depend on planning. Whatever your choice is you should use it properly in order to have good results.

Birth Control pills

Some birth control pills contain estrogen and progestin (so-called combined pills) while others contain only progestin.

Combined pills prevent ovulation. These pills are taken daily no matter how sexually active the woman is.

Progestin pills prevent pregnancy by thickening the cervical mucus making the eggs unreachable for the sperm. These pills have to be consumed daily just like combined pills.

Hormonal Injections

There are two types of hormonal injections that can be used as contraception.

Injection with progesterone is injected once every three months and prevents pregnancy in three ways: by preventing ovulation, stops the sperm from reaching the egg and prevents implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus. The method is almost 100 percent effective. It is injected into the muscle in the first five days of menstruation while the rest of the injections are given over a period of three months. Side effects include irregular bleeding, headaches and weight gain.

Injection with progesterone and estrogen is injected once a month. This method is also highly effective. Possible side effects include changes in menstrual cycle and weight gain.

Intrauterine Device (IUD)

This device looks like a plastic box with a floss attached on it and it is inserted into the uterus with the help of a doctor. It prevents the entry of sperm inside the fallopian tubes. After insertion, the copper IUD (small plastic device with copper wrapped around its grounds) can remain in place for up to 10 year. All intrauterine devices must be removed by a doctor. Keep in mind that IUD does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Possible side effects include cramps, pelvic inflammatory disease, bleeding and infertility.

Male Condom

The male condom is applied on erected penis before entering the vagina. Male condom creates a physical barrier between the vagina and the penis and prevents pregnancy and diseases.

Female Condom

A female condom is one that you inserted into the vagina instead of penis. It surrounds the penis during the intercourse and serves as protection for vaginal and cervical infections and of course – preventing pregnancy. The female condom can be inserted up to 24 hours before intercourse and can be used only once. The female condom is stronger than the male condom and should not be used together with a male condom.

How Girls Look At Sex And Relationships

The female body is certainly a work of art and deserves to be admired. However, if men can take some out peeling into her breasts and butt, chances are that she may allow you to build a closer companionship. A woman does want to gain the love and trust of the man she is devoted to, but sex does have an important role to play in the success of the relationship. For most women, sex is a form of rejuvenation – an activity that allows digging deeper into the relationship, an activity that helps the relationship even beyond the bedroom.

Sex feels great if you are indulging with someone you are passionate about and feel great to have beside you in the most intimate moments. Having great sex makes the girl feel fuzzy and all warmed up and provides another reason to take the companionship forward. The common beliefs are that sex is more meant for pleasure, for fun and frolic, maybe relaxation and even social status. However, there is nothing that can deny the worth of a good sleep after some amazing heated moments with the one you love. Lovemaking is the best medicine that nature has put in place and this is one of the prime reasons that everybody seeks a companion. For women, it provides more emotional energy. It is a proven fact that the most creative and intelligent of people have had a great time at bed – right from the glory days of Kamasutra to the present everyday lovemaking.

So why does sex make women feel happy?

The human body is all wired up and it is well understood that all the processes start and end in the brain. A good sexual session releases chemicals that helps relaxes the brain, reduces stress levels, dulls pains and emphasizes upon a better lifestyle. In the same way, women (applies for men too) bereaved of sex are acutely depresses, stressed out and have a rough unadmirable nature. The positive jolt that a good sexual session can give doesn’t have an alternative and is unbeatable. A strong physical relationship and a sense of intimacy will ensure that you are at the top of your confidence levels and this is what will make a positive remark on every aspect of your lifestyle – work, social relationships, personality, etc.

When women are having a great time at bed and her inkiness spreads, she will get to love her life and will want to cherish the moment throughout. Sexually satisfied women will go to any extent to hold on to the man they have been with but on the other side of the coin, a woman who is not having a good time will definitely find out reasons to seek a better company. Sex makes you happy and has more to it than the exchange of bodily fluid in the heated moments. Having sex with a loved one is a feeling that no amount of money can buy. It is the primary activity that keeps her happy and loving.

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