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Does Sex Help Maintain A Relationship?

Sex is said to be the most important part of anybody’s life. It plays a very vital role in a normal life of anyone. Hence, peak sex is very crucial part of a fully satisfied married life. It is the sex which is responsible to make the flame of old relationships burning. One of the best ways to do it is sexual intimacy. Couples can express their emotions verbally. But there is no better idea to express feelings than physical intimacy. It helps very much to sustain a healthy relationship.

Why Sex is Important Part of Relationship?

Your love and faith can make your partner feel a lot confident and better if you have sex with her/him. This is one of the main reasons why it is important. Couples who have sex regularly tend to have better and deeper bonding than those who don’t. This is because of the hormones released during episodes of lovemaking. These hormones play a vital role in making emotional and spiritual bonding between the couple and their love for each other gets into the deepest and highest level. Both emotionally and physically, sex helps strengthens the feeling of love and attachment between the couples. So, it is very important to include the ingredient of sex in your love life because it can reflect your care, love and affection.

Have Sex to Stay Connected

Having a passionate sex doesn’t just refer to physical satisfaction. It also helps couples to involve in each other intimately. While having sex, all the aspects of a person are bare-naked and vulnerable. During intercourse, a couple can easily and deeply share their feelings in each level because sex connects two true lovers like no other. Once a couple truly understood this concept, they can get into different levels of communication and sex helps them to do so. Thereby, it helps both of them to get closer with no words. One can do sex for pleasure, fun, relaxation, social status and relaxation. All in all, sex is vital to sustain a relationship.

Cons of Relationship without Sex

Couples often go through this problem. Relationship without sex results in never-ending cycle of yelling and abuse matches. Sexless life leads to frustration, depression, rejection, self-doubt, reduced self-esteem and problem in focus. Even worse, sexless life also leads to separation and broken homes.

Bottom Line

To build a healthy relationship, sexual intimacy helps married life and relationships last longer.