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Anejaculation – definition and treatment

Orgasm in men is accompanied with release of semen. For many men sex act without ejaculation is something they can’t imagine and they really enjoy that part of the sex act. Men are very sensitive when it comes to their sperm. They always keep track of its color, smell, in some cases taste, the amount of sperm and even with the power of ejaculation. Every ancient culture was interested in this liquid and they usually paid special attention and gave significance to it. Consequently, weak ejaculation or inability of ejaculation was considered as a weakness and loss of manhood. As you can see sperm has played a significant role even before scientists in the second half of the 18th century were able to prove that sperm actually fertilizes eggs. The prejudices that men have about their sperm causes a lot of problems even today. These prejudices and misconceptions are often boosted by movies with pornographic content in which usually men have incredibly strong ejaculations.

Anejaculation is a term used to describe the inability of sperm secretion. This situation can be caused by both physical and mental difficulties. In these cases a man produces quality sperm but this sperm is unable to leave the penis. This means that the man suffering from anejaculation is not sterile. Furthermore, in most of the cases of anejaculation men have the ability to achieve orgasm.

When it comes to physical causes of anejaculation in most cases the reason is neurological damages. Another reason that is often causing problems like these is diabetes.

Anejaculation caused by mental causes is a little bit different. In most cases psychological anejaculation is accompanied with inability to have orgasm. This type of anejaculation can be temporal or occasional. Occasional, means that a man can ejaculate in some situations while in others he is completely unable to ejaculate. These cases usually occur because of some specific situations or because of the partner with whom the man has sex. The best way to check if the anejaculation is happening because of certain situations is by performing masturbation. Usually men don’t have any problems ejaculating while they masturbate but they can’t ejaculate when they are having actual sexual intercourse. In many cases relaxation can affect very positively on occasional anejaculation. When we talk about complete anejaculation it is important to understand that the men suffering from this type of anejaculation can’t ejaculate while they are awake, but they ejaculate at night while they are sleeping. This type of anejaculation has some deep roots and the best option for people that are suffering from it is to visit a doctor, possibly a psychiatrist.

In order to properly treat anejaculation you should first determine the source that is causing it. Only when the right cause is determined the treatment can begin. Some of the methods of treatment include – psychotherapies, drugs and electro treatment. Of course, when the cause of anejaculation is some physical injury visiting a therapist or undergoing a surgery is the best option.