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Excessive vaginal wetness

When it comes to vaginas and moisture, we usually talk about vaginal dryness. However, there are cases when women have to deal with excessive vaginal wetness a situation that brings a lot of unpleasant situations.

Vaginal dryness usually causes painful sex because the skin of the vagina and the penis can suffer from bruises and tissue damage. That’s why partners are usually excited when they notice that the vagina is wet. But just like any other excessive thing too much wetness can cause problems. Too much natural wetness can lower the pleasure in both partners. The walls of the vagina may get so wet that there is no rubbing/friction. This is a huge problem for men too because they have the feeling like the penis is swimming inside the vagina and don’t feel any pressure at all. There is an optimal level of friction, which is necessary for sexual pleasure in both partners. Of course, the partners can always divert the sexual intercourse from the vagina to the clitoris. This also means that the woman should find another way to please her partner. Some partners find this solution unacceptable while others see this only as a temporary solution because nothing compares to vaginal intercourse.

In cases when excessive vaginal wetness is caused by some medical condition the solution may be a surgery. Since this is the most radical solution it’s always better to try some other solutions first like vaginal laser therapy (known for reducing the wetness in many cases), electro-stimulation, vaginal freezing therapy and magnetic therapy. Keep in mind that some of these therapies can be painful, expensive and that they don’t guarantee any results.

According to some doctors anything that dries the mouth should act in the same way when it comes to vagina too (antihistamines, alcohol, cigarettes etc.) so it’s wise to avoid these things. Don’t forget that kissing with a dry mouth is not the most pleasant thing that you can do to start foreplay. You can always choose condoms in different shapes (wrinkled). Although they don’t affect the wetness, they can help both partners feel the penetration of the penis into the vagina. But don’t overuse this type of penis because after a while the vagina might become less sensitive.

In the past women that had such problem used towels to wipe the vagina before they have a sexual intercourse. Although this is an effective method, it’s really unpleasant and it can kill the passion. Some women use hair dryers and certain tablets, but all these things act only as temporary solutions. Vaginal muscles training is always a good idea because they can increase the sensitivity during sex and make the vagina appear tighter – something that suits both partners in situations like these. All these methods are not scientifically proven but they can give you some ideas about how to deal with this problem.

If the problem doesn’t go away and you just can’t live with it, you can always visit a doctor and seek for help. Excessive vaginal wetness is a complicated problem and there is no permanent solution for it, but your gynecologist can certainly help you ease this problem.