Things that Men want women to know

There are quite a few interesting and important things that women don’t know about men. So here they are!

1)      Men have feelings too

Men tend to be very emotional and most of the times, after a break up, men undergo a lot of mental and emotional trauma. Women must realize that boys can be more emotional in nature. IT is difficult for them to cope up with life after a bitter break up from a serious relationship while girls may be able to get over it.


2)      It hurts if she compares him to other people:

It really hurts when wives compare their husbands with other people. IT is really cheap to compare husbands with others with regards to salary, physique, looks, behavior or other traits. This will weaken the pure and subtle bond of love, care and affection. This might send a strong signal that she is not interested in him anymore or may be has another secret lover. This may not be entirely true, but husbands will obviously begin to wonder why their wives are so dissatisfied and unhappy.


3)      Men don’t necessarily go behind hot or beautiful women:

It’s really a myth and preconceived notions that men marry or love on hot, sexy and beautiful women. In fact most of the men would marry and settle down with women who is average looking and not so sexy. IT is because they know that if they marry a sexy woman, many eyes will haunt their private lives and it will be quite embarrassing to have stalkers or peeping toms or people who just pass on strange and lewd glares and stares at your wives.


4)      Plus help them maintain their self-esteem :

Nagging and slandering might not really go very well if they are done a on a regular basis. It might really push them to dangerous horizons where various blasphemous incidents might really take birth. For example, too much nagging and continuous criticism and lack of encouragement or kind words and cursing and constant nitpicking will seriously affect the morale, confidence and even self-esteem of a husband. The aftermath can be so dangerous that it might permanently jeopardize their relationship. If the husband is pushed to the limits of tolerance, he might file for a divorce or even engage in infidelity. What’s more? They might even consider allowing their wives to cheat or have relationship with their mutual consent. Terms like cuckolds and wife swingers have become common in a lot of countries where people exchange their spouses for physical sensual pleasure.


5)      Stop being a complaint box!

Men want their girlfriends and wives to stop complaining round the clock about various silly things. Stop being over reactive. Men want solace, support and seek peace and relaxation from their wives and girlfriends. Love them, accept them as they are and they will never cheat you!