Attract the Right Life Partner

There are lots of people who want to find a loving partner. However, they do not know what they are looking for. They have shallow expectations: nice looks, sexual attraction, flirting skills, good social skills. In new relationships, parties may misunderstand each other. In the end, they feel disappointed and bitter.

In a good relationship, parties are equal. They rate the same at the attractive, smart, rich scales. A healthy relationship makes your life brighter, better.

You should know what you want. Do you want a long-term relationship with a devoted, serious partner? Do you plan on getting married? Do you want to have fun for your college years and do you want lots of fans from the opposite gender? Know your own expectations. If you want a long-term relationship, you do not want to fall for the exciting bad guy.

Always consider what your partner expects from you. Is your partner looking for fun and a good time, a short-lived adventure? If you consider marriage and kids while your partner hates commitment, you have a problem.

Have realistic expectations. You might want to pick up the perfect partner, a great looking, intelligent, sophisticated, motivated, successful person – who would not? You may have a list of their ideal traits. However, do you have these qualities, too? Partners should be more or less equal in the said departments. If you are a high school drop-out, you do not have much chance with a math professor. If you are shy and lonely, do not try to seduce the most popular guy at your workplace.

Appearances count. A lot. This is what Meryl Streep says. In a sense, she is right. Never let yourself go! Look your best: well-tended and put-together. It will show the world – and potential partners – that you are a composed, satisfied, well-balanced person. Good looks make good impression on everyone.

Attitude counts more than looks. No great looks in the world can help you if you come across as bitter, insecure or needy. If you want to seem attractive, be happy, relaxed, satisfied. You should be whole, complete. You should already have a good life where you can get everything what you want. This attitude will lure the right person to you. If you have a good life, others may want to be part of it.

Do not complain. Do not advertise your weaknesses wide and far. You should not show the world the things that can make you seem unattractive. Your issues or insecurities do not make you a bad person, but others should not see them, most of all, not at first sight.

Mutual attraction, trust and respect are more important than looks.

Listen to the other. Do not talk a lot about yourself. Plenty of information may make your partner feel dizzy. Too much talk can be a red flag and your future partner may want to flee. Ask about your partner and listen to the answers. Become a good listener. Be responsive. If you listen to your partner and observe his or her reactions, you will clearly see their positive traits as well as the warning signs. You will not get unpleasant surprises later.