Dating Tips: 5 Questions You Can Make Related To Her Past?

According to a key principle of dating, you shouldn’t discuss about the past of each other. Nevertheless, there is one reason to thank her exes – they left her so that she meets you. Indiana University conducted a research and found that a woman dates with around dozens of men until she finds out the best one. Each of her exes left her with an experience. You shouldn’t feel hesitated to ask about her ex. In fact, you should ask the following questions with which you can know everything about her past.

Question # 1

How She Lost Her Virginity?

According to a recent study conducted by the researchers, if a first time is poor, she would have bad self-confidence and less satisfaction later. Negative sex experiences for the first time is likely to make her anxious regarding upcoming romps. If she had a bad sexual experience in first time, you have to express your complete desire to her. Sweet whispers, eye contact combined with intimate hair pulling can make her confident for you.

Question # 2

When Did She Fight with Her Ex?

When anyone feels that their power is being dominated, arguments arise. You can get the insight of her insecurities and priorities by knowing about her last fights. Make sure to agree with her for not making any argument at late night. Otherwise, you will get irritated and say something regretful to her. When the heat goes up, make sure to go for a walk or take short intervals. These steps can reduce your anger and emotional intensity for fight. Also ask about the best solution for her.

Question # 3

What about Her Biggest Regret?

Women are more conscious about their relationships and family. This way, you need to keep following her lead. Regrets also have an advantage. Regrets motivate women to become an ideal partner. A survey conducted about 110 women resulted that these ladies argued less about money and craved more communication and affection.

Question # 4

Did She Ever Cheat On Her Ex?

A study reports that about 1 out of 5 women agreed that they were unfaithful. Sexual incompatibility can be a more usual reason for not being loyal because 49% of women cheated on their boyfriend/husband due to this reason. Though she may feel helpless about your proposal, you can remove her fear by explaining your view about sexual act.

Question # 5

What’s the Reason for Breakup?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask about her past. Pay complete attention to her. Try and make her feel more valued for you.