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How To Turn On Your Partner While Being Away

Even if you are together, there might be moments when you are away from each other, and thus, you could use a few tips in which you can turn on your partner. In this way you will keep the relationship interesting, having the possibility to bring something new and exciting that will improve the things between you two. After all, there will always be room for something better. If you want to learn how to keep things interesting while being away you should stay here and keep reading. In this way you will have the opportunity to try something new and to improve your sexual relationship.

Here you have a list with a few tips that might help you in different kind of situations. Maybe you have heard about some of them without having the courage to try them. However, right now you have the possibility to take a chance and to try something new and exciting.

1)      Sexy photos

One of the most important ways in which you can raise the interest of your partner is by sending sexy photos. In this way you will show that you want more from the relationship and that you are willing to try new things. Now you have to choose the parts of your body you want to photograph. If you are going to send the pictures online you should know your partner and you should avoid capturing your face in the photo.

2)      Sex phone

This is a very old, and yet very effective practice that has passed the test of time. It is enough to make a few sexy sounds in order to turn on your partner. You can describe everything you are doing, or you can give instructions to the other one. In this way you can play a game of control whose only purpose is the sexual pleasure of the couple.

3)      Streaming games

If you want to play streaming games you will need to use a webcam. In this way you will have the visual factor that will help both of you to be turned on. You can play a game in which each one of you has to answer some questions. The losers will have to take off a piece of clothing. You can take this game even further by stimulating yourself while watching your partner doing the same thing. This might be a unique experience that will spice the things between you two.

4)      Send pictures with your lingerie

If your partner is away you can send him a few snapshots with your lingerie. In this he will know what is waiting him back home. After this he will want to be with you even more, and thus, the pleasure will be bigger.

5)      Sending sexts

Sexts will always have their place in any relationship. There are many people who have tried it at least once in their lives, and there are many more who will try it.