Reasons And Treatment Of Painful Sex In Men

According to some statistics, near 15% of women and 5% of men, experience pain during the sexual intercourse. This pain can be caused my many things and these are the most common reasons and ways to treat that pain in men:

1. Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is one of the most common causes of painful intercourse in men. It is easily noticeable because it causes a curvature of the penis which is visible during erection. Some 2% of all men suffer from this disease. Smaller curvature of the penis is normal, but the painful erection can be a clear sign of Peyronie’s disease. Besides curvature, the penis could also appear to be swollen – an occurrence that comes and goes by itself. This unpleasant curvature most often appears because of some damage to the penis during erection. A strong and painful curvature of the penis can cause sharp pain during the intercourse and troubles during penetration. All this can lead to impotence. Peyronie’s disease is treated with injections that are used in cases of arthritis, because this disease is arthritic in its core. In some cases surgical methods are required.

2. Fungal Infection

Fungal infections can cause a constant itchy feeling. The fungus spreads fast if it finds a suitable environment. They develop fast in moisture so avoid wearing sweaty underwear for a longer period and of course keep your hygiene on a high level. These infections can cause very painful sexual intercourse but luckily they can be removed with some home remedies. The best way to do this is to soak and wash your penis and the testicles in chamomile tea and after the procedure make sure to dry the area.

3. Herpes

Herpes can make sex very uncomfortable because it can cause a lot of pain. Besides that herpes can be easily transferred to the partner so try to avoid sex during the treatment. The herpes irritates the skin on the genitalia and it is very hard to cure. Even after it is taken care of it might reoccur.

4. Prostatitis

In this case we are talking about infection or inflammation of the prostate gland, that can cause pain during sex and swelling in the area below the bladder. Pain accompanied with burning sensation can appear during urination and erection. It is still not clear what the direct cause of prostatitis is, but in many cases it is triggered by some bacteria. The clearest sign of prostatitis is frequent urination in small quantities. The pain occurs during and after the sex, especially after the ejaculation. In order to get rid of this disease you have to use antibiotics and drink a lot of water. In rare and more complicated cases prostatitis can be treated with surgery.

5. Inflammation of the urinary tract

In most cases the inflammation occurs in the bladder, which causes painful and frequent urination in small amounts just like in the case of prostatitis. It is caused by bacteria that get inside the body through the urethra. This inflammation should be treated seriously because it can affect the kidneys too and it disrupts the sexual intercourse. Antibiotics are very effective in cases of inflammation and the positive effects can be noticed very quickly.