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Few Amazing Healing Effects of Regular Sex

Thanks to the modern medical studies people have the opportunity to find out all the healing effects that sex brings. Although some of these effects were known from ancient times, so far there weren’t any scientific evidence about them.

With the process of aging comes an increased risk of different types of illnesses and diseases. Luckily, there is a completely natural and enjoyable way to avoid these things and that’s regular sex (at least once a week). Sexual intercourses have beneficial impact on both physical and psychological health.

For example, regular sexual intercourses have been proven to increase the levels of immunoglobins in our system for 20 to even 30%. These Y-shaped proteins are responsible for the proper functioning of our immune system. You can compare these increased levels of the protein with taking additional amounts of C vitamin, only this time you are responsible for its production in your own body by having sex.

You have probably heard that sex is a good calorie burner. According to some statistics, one minute of sex burns around four calories. Of course the amount of burnt calories depends on the intensity and duration of your sexual intercourse. Instead of visiting your local gym or maybe as an addition to your training sessions you can always practice sex with your partner. In this way you will be both be happier and thinner.

Many people, especially women are taking care about their appearance by using various beauty care products. Skin care products are especially useful. These women will find the following fact really interesting. According to a recent research (performed by Royal Edinburgh Hospital) regular sex affects the skin a very positive way. The skin appears more smooth and younger in those women who practice sex more than once a week. The reason behind this occurrence lies on a micro level. During sex the level of estrogen hormone is increased which results in glowing hair and elastic skin.

Although many people avoid sex when they are suffering from a migraine, the truth is that sex can relieve that pain. Sexual activity is directly linked with the increase of corticosteroids and endorphin in our body. These substances are dealing with our reactions to stress, transfer of carbohydrates and proteins in the body, balance of electrolytes in our blood and even our mood. This means that the increased amount of these substances during sex is beneficial for you in every possible way.

Regular sex can be helpful with the menstrual period too. Regular sex that is performed before and after the menstrual period results in more precise and less painful menstrual cycle.

Older people usually have trouble when it comes to urination because the bladder muscles are not that strong and they often have to urinate immediately. Regular sex is a good training for these muscles. In this way even older people can control their urination habit and frequency.

These are some of the reasons why all of us should practice regular sex and we are sure that there are many more that will be scientifically proven in the future.