Few Things You Should Know About Testicular Pain

If there is one thing that men don’t want to talk about that’s testicles. The reasons are numerous and probably the root of this problem can be located in their sensitivity. However, testicular pain and unpleasant feeling in the testicles can cause a lot of stress in men. Many men believe that this pain is related to their sexuality and manhood and this situation can make them very vulnerable.

The testicles are a sensitive part of the body, responsible for production of testosterone and sperm. There is a good reason why testicles are positioned outside the body. In this way, they can keep the optimal body temperature which is usually around 1 or 2 degrees lower than the temperature of the rest of the body.

Every abnormality in the area of the testicles in many men creates a feeling of shame and insecurity and this is exactly why it is very difficult for them to visit a doctor and seek for professional help. It is important to understand that every pain and feeling of discomfort is abnormal. Even if there aren’t any bumps or physical changes present on the testicles, you should definitely see your doctor and have a consultation.

Very often a sharp kick in the scrotum or the testicles can cause pain in the testicles. Every man that has suffered such type of kick or blow probably remembers that pain. Swelling and bleeding are probably the worst consequences of this injury. The good news is that most of these kicks end up good and no matter how bad the situation appears the pain will be gone in few days. This may affect sexual health and lower sex drive if not treated properly.

It is good to point out that the testicles are prone to infections. Testicular infection can cause pain, swelling, increased sensitivity and increased temperature in the testicles. Bacterial infection usually appears in the urinary tract and it can be easily treated by using antibiotics. On the other hand, viral infections are more often present in the testicular area and it can affect one of the testicles or both of them. There are rare cases of infertility caused by viral infections in this area.

Another thing that can cause testicular pain is occurrence of kidney stones. Kidney stones are traveling from the kidneys to the bladder and penis. They usually cause sharp pain in the abdominal area. The presence of blood in the urine is not something uncommon in situations like these. When your doctor finishes with the examination of your testicles and doesn’t find any abnormalities it is very likely that you will need to perform few more tests in order to determine whether you are suffering from kidney stones or not.

Testicular cancer rarely causes discomfort and pain in this area. It is more common to witness a swelling on one of the testicles in cases of testicular cancer. This swelling is not very unpleasant and painful and this is why in many cases men don’t even notice that they are suffering from this type of cancer. Testicular cancer can be treated in almost every patient if it is discovered early.