How Girls Look At Sex And Relationships

The female body is certainly a work of art and deserves to be admired. However, if men can take some out peeling into her breasts and butt, chances are that she may allow you to build a closer companionship. A woman does want to gain the love and trust of the man she is devoted to, but sex does have an important role to play in the success of the relationship. For most women, sex is a form of rejuvenation – an activity that allows digging deeper into the relationship, an activity that helps the relationship even beyond the bedroom.

Sex feels great if you are indulging with someone you are passionate about and feel great to have beside you in the most intimate moments. Having great sex makes the girl feel fuzzy and all warmed up and provides another reason to take the companionship forward. The common beliefs are that sex is more meant for pleasure, for fun and frolic, maybe relaxation and even social status. However, there is nothing that can deny the worth of a good sleep after some amazing heated moments with the one you love. Lovemaking is the best medicine that nature has put in place and this is one of the prime reasons that everybody seeks a companion. For women, it provides more emotional energy. It is a proven fact that the most creative and intelligent of people have had a great time at bed – right from the glory days of Kamasutra to the present everyday lovemaking.

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So why does sex make women feel happy?

The human body is all wired up and it is well understood that all the processes start and end in the brain. A good sexual session releases chemicals that helps relaxes the brain, reduces stress levels, dulls pains and emphasizes upon a better lifestyle. In the same way, women (applies for men too) bereaved of sex are acutely depresses, stressed out and have a rough unadmirable nature. The positive jolt that a good sexual session can give doesn’t have an alternative and is unbeatable. A strong physical relationship and a sense of intimacy will ensure that you are at the top of your confidence levels and this is what will make a positive remark on every aspect of your lifestyle – work, social relationships, personality, etc.

When women are having a great time at bed and her inkiness spreads, she will get to love her life and will want to cherish the moment throughout. Sexually satisfied women will go to any extent to hold on to the man they have been with but on the other side of the coin, a woman who is not having a good time will definitely find out reasons to seek a better company. Sex makes you happy and has more to it than the exchange of bodily fluid in the heated moments. Having sex with a loved one is a feeling that no amount of money can buy. It is the primary activity that keeps her happy and loving.

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