How Women Can Have Orgasm

Recent studies show that women might have a better chance with having a vaginal orgasm when they are in a relationship that they are committed to and The Harvard University’s Department of Psychiatry decided to further research this theory and take it on another level with their studies.

The department did a survey that involved around 13,484 college women who where all heterosexual and the survey was about the type of orgasmic events that happened in their life and how many times that they might be involved with the same sex partner. The survey also showed that women who had a relationship outside of the committed one that they still had orgasms more with the same sex partner.

HuffPo, made a charge with all of the current findings of a woman’s first sex partner and that the studies showed she only had around a 32% chance of having any kind of vaginal orgasm during sex. After hooking up with the same sex partner a couple of times then the chance increased by up to 35% and then after around 3 to 5 hookups the chance goes up to 40% and then, a staggering 51% chance of having an intense orgasm after being with the same sex partner for at least 6 times or more.

When a woman wants to be in a relationship with the partner then she has around a 45% chance of having an intense orgasm. When she has doubts or might not want to be in the current relationship then she has only around a 37% chance of possibly having an organism.

Studies also show that one way to help with women being able to organism better is to build up trust in the relationship. When a woman feels that she can trust you and that she knows for a fact that nothing bad will happen then she has a higher chance of having an orgasm. This is another reason as to why women have a higher chance of having an orgasm after being with the same partner a few times. Women who might have difficulty with having orgasms in a sexual relationship should talk with their partner and work on building up trust because once the trust is built up, then orgasms should start happening a lot more frequently.

When a woman becomes aroused in a relationship, the relationship can go on another level that’s healthier and even more committed than ever before.  Working on building up trust in a relationship and staying with the same sex partner can lead to many hot nights.