Open Relationship and Mutual Benefit Relationship

Issues to do with sex and relationship are indeed many to a point that it may seem difficult to understand all the issues involved. While there are relationships where sex is considered a normal feature, there are those relationships where sex is considered not right. This obviously depends on such issues as religion, culture and one’s moral believes among other issues. The best way to understand sex and relationship can however be easily understood by looking at the different types of relationships where sex is “legally” permitted.

Open Relationship

This is the first relationship that everyone establishes. It is a relationship where a young boy and girl who are not related for some unknown reason (although reasons have been given elsewhere) get fond of each other. Although both have nothing in their mind anything to do with sex, they are in the know that they are of the opposite sex. This type of relationship is in most cases established by some (not all) boys and girls in the 6 – 12 age bracket. This type of relationship is usually based on love, fun, trust and connection. However, the element of jealousy is usually evident when another boy or girl enters the picture.

Open relationship is however not limited to children. There are sexually mature teenagers, young adults and adults who are known to establish open relationships devoid of sex. Such is a platonic relationship usually based on fun, emotional connection and sincere attraction without any sexual desires. Like with children, element of jealousy is usually evident when a third party comes into the picture. While some sexually mature adults in this type of relationship end up dating and marrying, some simply let it go.

Mutual Benefit Relationship

This is referred to as mutual benefit relationship for lack of a better name. It is the most common type of relationship established by sexually mature adults. Although similar to open relationship in some respect, sex is usually the force behind mutual benefit relationship. Involved partners may also get involved in other social activities where they participate together.

Mutual benefit type of relationship is one of the most dangerous types of relationships, especially when those involved do not take any precautions. This is so because incidents of unwanted pregnancies due to unprotected sex and sexually transmitted diseases (including AIDS/HIV) infections are usually common. Jealousy and cheating is usually a common feature of this type of relationship. Indeed, most mutual benefit relationships are usually painful experiences with many ending up in serious disagreements.

Dating Relationship

This is what many consider as a serious and responsible relationship because of the likelihood of both partners settling down in marriage. The purpose of dating is usually for each partner to know the other better. A common feature of this type of relationship is going out together on a regular basis. Common outing locations do include theatres, restaurants, open parks and entertainment joints. Those dating are usually those who have made up their mind and need to understand their partners better before marriage proposal. Although some dating partners do endeavour to avoid sex as much as possible, some do indulge in sex.

Marriage Relationship

This is the type of relationship that most of those dating look forward to. This is a long-term relationship full of commitments and responsibilities. Although sex in this type of relationship is a right to both partners, that is normally not the case for most married partners. This is because of the many challenges that most couples experience, challenges that impact negatively on their sex life. However, couples that address their challenges do have a fulfilling sex life.

Although different cultures, religions and individuals at their personal level have different views regarding sex and relationship, there is always a common understanding; sex is sacred and is only permitted in a responsible relationship such as marriage relationship.