Practical Exercises For Better Sex

There is always a room for improvement in your sexual life. These exercises will help you have better sex and help you with our overall health state.


These exercises are very useful especially for women because if they are performed daily they will notably strengthen and highlight their thighs and buttocks. Furthermore, squats will also improve blood flow in and around genital area which will definitely have good effects on the libido. Performing these exercises is easy so you should start as soon as possible.

Biceps muscles

Women find strong biceps in men very attractive and sexy. But biceps exercises are beneficial for women too because when this type of exercise is performed higher amounts of testosterone are released in the body.  Trainings used to increase muscle mass (especially biceps) are a completely natural way to raise these testosterone levels in both sexes which leads to a greater desire for sex.

Don’t forget your pelvic area

Just like building muscle mass, pelvic exercises are good for both women and men because they are strengthening the muscles that are most active during the sexual intercourse. However women should pay special attention when we talk about pelvic exercises. Women offer suffer from pain in the lower back area and this affects their sexual drive and sets limitations on the number of positions in which they can enjoy. With the help of these exercises you will strengthen your lower back and you will be able to experience all the possible positions that you know or want to try.


This exercise should be performed every day. In this way you will tighten the muscles of the upper abdomen, buttocks and thighs. People often feel pain in some part of the body whenever they try to change the position. With these exercises you can be sure that these things won’t happen again. Besides that you will be much more stable in positions that require strength in the legs and in the arms and they also help women when they are on top.


Most of the women find tightened abdominal muscles in men extremely attractive and men love flat and shaped stomach muscles in women. Sexual desire rises both in men and women when they look at their partner’s powerful abs.  Abdominal muscles are very active during the sexual intercourse so the good look is not the only reason why you should work on them.

Kegel exercises

Although these exercises are usually linked with women they can be performed by both sexes. Strengthening the muscles of the urethra, anus and vagina will help women have more intense orgasms that last longer while kegel exercises help men with their erection. They will make the erection stronger and last longer and these exercises can even help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Kegel exercises are extremely easy to be performed and they can be done in any place.

All these exercises will work even better if they are performed together with your partner.