Relationship Without Sex life

Relationship is a very important aspect of our lives. When a male share a relationship with a female then that relationship is dependent on many important things like faith, love, loyalty and in all these things sex life is also a very important thing which many times become the reason of the break up.

Many people think that a relationship can stay strong even without sex. Well, they don’t think it totally wrong because relationship can stay strong even without sex but just for a certain time when we talk about longer period (9-10 years or even till the end of the life) then sex becomes an important thing because it have a great positive psychological effect on the relationship.

As when two people gets into a physical relationship then it immediately develops a very strong faith and believe in each other as they are trusting each other with their most personal thing. But sometime people don’t understand this and try to keep the relationship without sex. As a result factors like frustration, irritating behavior, lack of faith comes into action which everyone knows is not good for any kind of relationship. The main thing to be understood is that we are humans, a creed which is evolved from animal kingdom where its a need of every male or female to get in physical relation.

Well now it’s clear that for a better and long relationship sex have to be included in it. But sometimes due to lack of knowledge about it some people don’t get a great sexual life. But gaining knowledge is the best solution so read below and start improving your sex life straight away.

1. Talk with your partner- The basic thing which many people avoid is to talk with their partner about some ‘personal time’. So open up and talk about how you feel about sexual life, Because good communication is a cornerstone of a healthy relationship, establishing a dialogue is the first step not only to a better sex life, but also to a closer emotional bond.

2. Make love with feelings- Most important thing in a sexual life is to have the love factor in it, because casual sex will make it worse. Include feelings while having sex, talk with your partner, have a little eye contact in between, start slowly with a kiss. These steps will show your partner that you really love them and its not a casual sex.

3. Show respect- A very important thing is to show respect to your partner because a slight mistake in this can lead to bad results. Listen to your partner and look at your partner when she/he talks. Offer thoughtful responses. Value these verbal interactions. You do not have to always agree on all topics, but understand each other’s point-of-view.

4. Kiss and touch your partner often- Kissing and touching your partner is a quite great thing. ┬áJobs, errands, and appointments can keep two people apart for many hours of the day. However, when you are home together, don’t forget the loving touches.