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Increase your Fertility in a Natural Way

Unfortunately there are many couples that have trouble conceiving a child. Couples who for some period of time fail to conceive a baby are very often depressive and frustrated because no matter how hard they try and whatever advice they try that doesn’t seem to help them.

However, there are plenty of natural things that can help the process of conception. It is good to mention, that some of these advice are not medically proven, but since they don’t bring any side effects they are definitely worth trying.

First and foremost, you and your partner should stop smoking immediately. Many studies have confirmed that male smokers have 20% lower sperm levels compared to non-smokers. In addition, smoking doesn’t only reduce the amount of sperms, but it also affects their quality. Smoking is bad for women too because it prolongs the time of conception and increases the chances of complete infertility. It has also been proven that smokers need to take higher doses of drugs compared to non-smokers in the process of treating infertility. Even passive smoking is harmful for women trying to get pregnant. The good news is that it is never too late to stop smoking. Even if you have been smoking for years, your health will be significantly improved if you stop smoking.

Another important factor that has negative impact on fertility is stress. Many researchers have shown that methods used for stress relief can increase fertility. Many women conceived babies more easily just because they have found a way to relax properly. Although infertility is very stressful, try to look at this time spend on conceiving a baby as a joyful experience which takes some time. Learn how to cope with everyday stress and practice some relaxation techniques for better sexual performance (yoga or pilates for example).

Proper nutrition is equally important. Many couples have trouble conceiving because they are not following healthy diets. It is good to know that although you are feeling healthy you are actually not that healthy. According to the latest studies around 80% of infertile couples don’t have enough antioxidants in their body. Consume more fresh vegetables and fruits because this can lead to the moment you were waiting for. Men should pay special attention to food that contains large amounts of vitamin E and C because these vitamins can help increase the number of sperms and their mobility. On the other hand, it has been proven that mercury has a very negative effect of sperm quality; that’s why you should lower the intake of seafood. Obesity is a great obstacle when it comes to conception. This is one of the most common causes of infertility in women. By losing only few pounds you will increase your fertility.

Finally, there are few more tips that can help your chances of conception. Having sex at least three times a week, avoiding caffeine, changing medications, improvement of quality of sexual relationship are some of the things that you can do in order to achieve that.

How Not to Get Pregnant: Facts and Myths

Probably you want to know how not to get pregnant in a certain state of your life: you are still a student, you are young and single, you do not have a steady income, or you just do not feel ready to have children. There is nothing wrong with that. You do not have to explain yourself. Nobody has the right to make this decision for you. However, probably you are not interested in methods of how not to get pregnant, because you believe that you cannot get pregnant.

How Not to Get Pregnant: Myths

Lots of girls have become pregnant because they did not know how not to get pregnant. They thought they could not conceive a child when making love for the first time. How wrong they were. There are several myths about how not to get pregnant. Perhaps you think you cannot get pregnant, since you have had sex only one time. You have been on your period. You did not have an orgasm. How not to get pregnant myths are false and dangerous: you believe that you are safe, while you might very well get in trouble. Once you reach fertility age (you have your period) and you have sex with a male, you can get pregnant anytime. You have to think about using protection.

You might think that you cannot get pregnant, because the days when you have sex are not the days when you are most fertile. However, there are so many factors that can affect and alter your hormonal balance: your mood, your health, your weight, changes in your environment, changes in your diet or in your workout program – anything can disturb this very sensitive balance.

You may think that you will not become pregnant, because you are anorexic, or you have been in the past. According to experts, anorexia may cause infertility. May, mind you, not will. Anorexia may cause infertility in rare cases. In reality, anorexia scarcely contributes to infertility. You might be rail thin and still might get pregnant, even if you did not have your period for several months or your anorexia was extreme. As long as you do have your period, you can get pregnant.

You may believe that you are safe, because you have a partner “whom you can trust” and he uses the coitus interruptus as a how not to get pregnant method: he retreats before he could ejaculate. This option is absolutely unsafe. You can never know when your male partner’s self-control will wear off. Should you trust him blindly? Even if he is extremely disciplined and stops before ejaculating, semen could already enter your vagina, so you can get pregnant.

Do not believe that you cannot get pregnant only because you have taken birth control pills for a long while. To tell the truth, as soon as you come off the pill, you can get pregnant at once, and you have more chance to get pregnant than you would have if you had not taken any pills. If you stop taking birth control pills, do seek for other means of protection immediately.

How Not to Get Pregnant Methods that Work

Never trust alternative natural methods like coitus interruptus or body temperature method. They have very high failure rates.

Always prefer hormonal birth control methods over physical barriers. Many people believe that condoms – even female condoms – are just as good as hormonal methods. This is not true. Hormonal methods have much lower failure rates. Condoms are against STDs and not against pregnancy.

Trust your gynecologist. Doctors have graduated from the University of Medicine for a reason. They know what they are doing. Always ask your doctor before you decide on a how not to get pregnant method. A doctor will know what is best for you. Every system is different – one method may work for one person and may not be the perfect option for the other. You do not want to roll the dice when your sexual health, future, and well-being are at stake.