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Few Hot Body Spots on a Man’s Body

Both men and women have hot body spots, but the truth is that men unfortunately don’t have so many erotic points on their body as women. Some experts suggest that with the right way of touching, almost any part of women’s body can produce wild and sexy sensations. One of the reasons for that is the fact that women know and understand their body a little better than men. Moreover, some men claim that the only part of the body where they can feel sexual excitement when a woman touches them is their penis. However, the truth is that men can become excited in a matter of seconds even without a single touch. Men are visual creatures so they can sometimes get excited more from the things they see than anything else. This is one of the reasons why many men love sex with the lights on. Nevertheless, women need to find out more about the touches that can make their men feel ecstasy.

Many women complain that there is not enough foreplay and that men want to get into real action once they get rid of the clothes and underwear. But, have you ever wondered whether you have your own part in this situation or not? Are you really actively participating in the foreplay? If you are honest and you are not really active it is definitely time for some changes. You can always learn something new about male’s body even if you know your partner very well. Of course, we are talking about male erogenous points. The more obvious zones/points are the foreskin, glans penis, lips, buttocks, nipples and neck. This is something that most women know and that’s why we will present few less known erogenous zones which even your partner may not know about.

For example, only a small number of women and men know that the forearm can provide an exceptional experience and pleasure. The outer (upper) part of the forearm in men is extra sensitive because of the presence of small hair. The smooth underside of the forearm is filled with tense muscles that require stimulation and relaxation. If you want to stimulate this area place your hands on his forearm – fingers on the lower part of the forearm and the thumbs on the upper part. Use your fingers to gently massage the forearm. The combination of physical contact and relaxation will encourage your partner to continue with more intimate contact.

Another good way to stimulate your partner is the area located inside of the thighs. This is another very sensitive area and stimulating this area almost never fails. Spread his legs apart and starts with a massage that starts from the knees and ends near the penis. In this way you will direct the flow of blood to the penis and enhance the arousal. Your partner will get a really strong erection after few minutes.

Finally, you can explore the lower back area located just over the line between the buttocks. A strong massage will please any man. Just make sure that you tell him that you won’t do anything else back there but a massage in that small area. Once the procedure is over your partner will feel relaxed and more flexible which is certainly important for a good sex session.