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Multiple Orgasms For Female

Men and women consider female orgasm as one of the greatest mysteries of life. However, the end result (to come) remains the main concern of both men and women. But all too often, big fairer sex’s big- O is cut short due to lack of enough stimulation, or because of too much stimulation of the erogenous zones. Fortunately, there are various types of orgasms that can put a woman in the mood, from popular clitoral orgasms to the exciting nipple orgasm.

It is mandatory to give a woman the gift of low-pressure pleasure, as a result of this, try these six different types of orgasm tonight for a different sensation and a new way of building a relationship with your partner.

Clitoral orgasm

This is one of the most common types of orgasms. The clitoris is known to be a highly sensitive zone which has 8,000 sensitive nerve endings; this is two times the nerve endings found in the glans penis. If you want to send your woman over the edge during sex, touch and rub her clitoris.

Albeit it is known to many men that a lot of women enjoy pleasure with clitoral stimulation, but it is still obscure to a lot of men that a direct contact can be painful. They must, therefore, be careful about what feels good and what is not, and this varies from woman to woman. According to Walfish, it can be a huge turn-on for the woman amid penile penetration or sexual intercourse if the woman or the man massages her clitoris repeatedly.

Vaginal orgasm

There are still a lot of controversies as regards the existence of the G-spot, but according to some women, they claimed that they had huge orgasm from the popular G-spot erogenous zone through penetration alone. The fact remains that the longer the sex last, the higher the sex and the greater the chances for a vaginal orgasm. In addition, the deeper the thrusting, the more likely women will be able to achieve the end result which is an orgasm.

Blended Orgasm

The combination of clitoral and vaginal orgasm can be “the most powerful, achieving the best of both worlds,” according to Walfish. This can often be achieved by positioning the girl at the top in a heterosexual relationship so that a man can stimulate the clitoris while the woman controls the thrust. The blended orgasm is easier to achieve if a woman is very aroused before sex.

Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms can happen one after the other or at different times in the same session. It differs from one woman to another, depending on the continuous stimulation she can tolerate. Walfish suggests that it is practiced by having the guy helping you to reach your first clitoral climax by making use of his hand, mouth, or a vibrator, and then he should proceed by stimulating the clitoral area in a slower way for 30 seconds and continue at a normal pace, to reach the second level of excitement.

Nipple Orgasm

The pleasure achieved with nipple stimulation is the same as that of clitoral stimulation. According to a 2011 study published in the journal of Sexual Medicine it was found that playing with the nipples and playing with the clitoris separately or together stimulates the same part of the brain referred to as the genital sensory cortex. Therefore, this is the reason why women’s brains seem to process nipple and genital stimulation in the same way.

Anal orgasm

The shape of the clitoris looks like a wishbone, and for lots of women it spread down to the anus. Amid anal sex, the lower parts of the clitoris are being stimulated. Contrary to this, anal orgasm occurs as a result of indirect stimulation of a woman’s G-spot, via the wall that is shared by the vagina and the rectum.

Men and multiple orgasms

It was around 50 years ago when people started to study and learn more about orgasms. This is the period when the society accepted the fact that women can reach few orgasms in a row. However, today there are many people who are unaware of the fact that men can have multiple orgasms too. Regardless of their disbelief men can have multiple orgasms and that is a proven fact. Most men have probably experienced orgasms without ejaculation especially in the beginning of puberty or before that. Many historical resources point out that some ancient cultures were familiar with this and they knew that a man can reach multiple orgasms if he manages to postpone ejaculation or even completely stop ejaculation.

This is not something surprising if we know that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate processes. Orgasm is not a phenomenon connected exclusively to genitalia. This is a state that goes through the whole body and one of the most important organs is our brain. The proven fact that men can reach orgasm during sleep and with the help of electronic stimulation of certain brain areas only confirms this theory. Unlike orgasm, which is best described as a peak of physical and emotional experience, the ejaculation is only a reflex reaction of the rhythmical contraction of the muscles in the intimate area which results in ejaculation of sperm. The process of ejaculation of seminal fluid is happening through two stages. In the first stage the prostate makes contractions and releases the sperm into the urethra and in the second stage the sperm is discharged through the penis. Men who can experience multiple orgasms feel the spasm of orgasm as a pleasant and comfortable tension in the pelvis (tremors in the prostate), without the need of ejaculation. The good thing is that the erection still lasts even after these non-ejaculating orgasms happen. In these cases, the body dissolves the sperm and the process is similar like the one happening in the body of men that had vasectomy. With the help of certain exercises we can learn how to reach orgasm without triggering the reflex of ejaculation.

The best thing to achieve that is by exploring your body and learning how different parts of your body like the penis, testicles, anus, prostate and pelvic muscles can help you get sexually aroused. The most critical moment is the moment when you feel the spasms in your prostate. This is the moment when you need to slow down and decrease the stimulation. Using Kegel exercises can strengthen your penis and allow better control. Breathing exercises are also useful when it comes to multiple orgasms in men.

Another helpful thing in order to develop the ability of reaching multiple orgasms is masturbation. In this way you can learn how and when to stop before ejaculation. You can use your hands to stimulate different parts of your body and see their effects on your arousal, orgasm and ejaculation.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t manage to stop ejaculation in the beginning. Regular exercising will make you control your ejaculation easier and remember that this newly acquired knowledge will impress your sex partner too.