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Recognizing the First Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be recognized even in the earliest stage if you know some of the signs. It is very important to find out if you are pregnant because this state requires special regime (diet, physical activity etc.)

Those who practice unprotected sex should be aware that there is a relatively high possibility that they can conceive a baby even if the male partner pulls out (pull out method) the penis before he reaches an orgasm (ejaculation). Of course, the most obvious sign that a woman is pregnant is the absence of the menstrual period or some irregularity during the menstrual period – short and weak bleeding. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the woman who is experiencing these things is necessarily pregnant thus there is no room for panic. Absence or weak menstrual period can be caused by many things such as stress, unhealthy diet, excessive physical activity, certain types of birth control pills etc.

Besides absence of menstrual bleeding there are few other signs that you need to e aware of if you think that you may be pregnant. For example, unexplained fatigue is a common condition in the early stage of pregnancy. This fatigue can also lead to fainting and feeling of dizziness. Some of the physical changes can cause pain in the back and headaches. Pain in the back is something that can occur during the whole pregnancy while headaches are result of the hormonal changes. Another physical change happens in the breasts. The breasts during early pregnancy are usually very sensitive and they can even change their physical appearance (the nipples can appear darker). Some women describe this condition as a feeling that their breasts are heavier. Another common sign of early pregnancy is the well known morning sickness. Despite the words used to describe this phenomenon these sicknesses can happen throughout the whole day. Women during this period are more sensitive to smell and flavor and any specific aroma can cause sickness. Frequent urination is another common sign as well as cramps in the abdominal area. Finally, during this period women experience not only physical changes but psychological changes too. Something that happens often is mood swings. Although they are a sign of premenstrual syndrome, similar behavior can be noticed in early pregnancy too.

All these signs can point to pregnancy. If you have only one of these signs or even more of these signs that suggest that you might be pregnant, it is time to take a pregnancy test. These tests are usually reliable. If you want to get the best results wait for one week so that the level of hormones is increased and the test will be more precise. Even if the test indicates a negative result that doesn’t mean that you are not pregnant. These tests are correct in most cases but exceptions are possible. That’s why it’s best to take another test few days later if the period is still absent. If the test shows a positive result visit your gynecologist.

Can Sex Cause A Headache?

Although this is not a common situation, sex and orgasms can cause strong headaches and this is something that a lot of people can confirm.

There are some cases when sexual activity and/or orgasms can cause headache. This pain can be felt as a tension in the head and in the neck area and what is interesting is that this pain increases with the raise of sexual arousal and it turns into a sudden strong pain right before or after the orgasm. One in one hundred persons have experienced such pain at least once in their lifetime. According to some experts men are three times more likely to experience sexual headache compared to women which is surprising because speaking in general women are those who usually suffer from headaches. In most cases sexual headache doesn’t last long, although in rare cases it lasts more than several hours. This headache can occur during masturbation too. Sexual headaches are not harmful, but they are very often sign of some other bigger health problem, especially in people who feel headache after any physical activity.

Experts have determined two types of sexual headaches. The first one appears suddenly during orgasm or moments after an orgasm has been achieved. The pain is really strong and those who have experienced it compare this pain to stabbing in the head. This is the most common type of sexual headache. The second type is very rare and it starts as a mild pain that affects both sides of the head and this pain increases together with the raising of the sexual arousal. Most sexual headaches last very short, but there are some sexual headaches that last for several hours.

Sexual headaches can be caused by any sexual activity that leads to an orgasm. This means that besides regular vaginal sex, they can be cause by masturbation and even by oral sex too. Generally speaking, sexual activity increases blood pressure which leads to increased pressure in the head. In addition, sex causes muscle spasms and tension. In some cases this results in headaches caused by dilation of blood vessels in the head. Very often sexual headaches indicate bigger health problems like meningitis, tumor, aneurysm, risk of heart attack and other difficulties. Although these headaches don’t necessarily mean that you have some serious problem, it is always a good idea to visit your doctor. Sometimes the reasons for sexual headaches are certain birth control pills, anemia, inflammation of the sinuses, glaucoma or lack of sugar in the blood.

Sexual headaches are usually not a serious condition but visiting and consulting a doctor is highly recommended, this is especially useful in cases where these headaches appear constantly. If they are reappearing it’s better to lower your sexual activity until you get the results from your medical examination. If there is no serious reason behind these headaches your doctor will most probably recommend you similar therapies and remedies used for regular headaches – pills, low physical activity and resting.

How To Make Him Reach Orgasm Faster?

There are some days when women are not in the mood for having a long sex or they are just tired of pleasing their men for a longer period. Luckily there are few things that women can do to help men reach orgasm faster.

First of all, you can use his foreskin in order to speed up things. If you gently pull the foreskin of his penis down, he will feel the stimulation in a much more intensive way. This will of course cause him to ejaculate much faster. Experienced men can always keep their ejaculation a little bit longer, especially if they are focused on satisfying their partner.

Have you ever heard about frenulum? The frenulum is by far the most sensitive part of the penis. The frenulum is actually the part of the penis just under the glans penis and you can easily spot it because it looks like a spot where the penis is pressed – like it has some kind of seam. You can certainly speed up the ejaculation if you properly stimulate this part of the penis. This can be achieved very easily if you use some kind of lubricant, which will dampen the dry skin. If you are practicing oral sex, use the tip of your tongue to tease the frenulum and if you use your hands and fingers, glide over that area with clenched fingers while gently stroking his penis. Make sure that the pressure you apply on the penis is not too strong, because too rough or too fast stroking can cause insensitivity or even some injuries. So this can cause a counter effect if you don’t do it properly.

Manual stimulation of the penis (or so-called handjob) is another way to help men reach orgasm faster. If you are getting ready to perform a massage like that make sure you apply oil on your hands and use your whole hand to pull the penis up and down. Remember that this massage must be performed gently and try to determine what kind of rhythm makes him more aroused. You can make a combination of this sexual stimulation with oral sex which can stimulate his penis even more. Don’t be carried away by this act because you can easily get injured (neck injuries).

Many men find female masturbation very attractive. So, don’t be shy and gently rub your nipples and vagina. This will instantly cause a reaction in your partner and he will most likely start to masturbate too. This is a great way to take a break if you are very tired.

Some men have a spot on the bottom of their penis, right under the testicles or in some cases near to the anus, which can intensify their feelings if it’s under pressure. If you know where that spot is find the right moment and press that spot when you think that he is near to the end. You can also combine this method with oral sex, but this is only possible for women that are very experienced.

Anejaculation – definition and treatment

Orgasm in men is accompanied with release of semen. For many men sex act without ejaculation is something they can’t imagine and they really enjoy that part of the sex act. Men are very sensitive when it comes to their sperm. They always keep track of its color, smell, in some cases taste, the amount of sperm and even with the power of ejaculation. Every ancient culture was interested in this liquid and they usually paid special attention and gave significance to it. Consequently, weak ejaculation or inability of ejaculation was considered as a weakness and loss of manhood. As you can see sperm has played a significant role even before scientists in the second half of the 18th century were able to prove that sperm actually fertilizes eggs. The prejudices that men have about their sperm causes a lot of problems even today. These prejudices and misconceptions are often boosted by movies with pornographic content in which usually men have incredibly strong ejaculations.

Anejaculation is a term used to describe the inability of sperm secretion. This situation can be caused by both physical and mental difficulties. In these cases a man produces quality sperm but this sperm is unable to leave the penis. This means that the man suffering from anejaculation is not sterile. Furthermore, in most of the cases of anejaculation men have the ability to achieve orgasm.

When it comes to physical causes of anejaculation in most cases the reason is neurological damages. Another reason that is often causing problems like these is diabetes.

Anejaculation caused by mental causes is a little bit different. In most cases psychological anejaculation is accompanied with inability to have orgasm. This type of anejaculation can be temporal or occasional. Occasional, means that a man can ejaculate in some situations while in others he is completely unable to ejaculate. These cases usually occur because of some specific situations or because of the partner with whom the man has sex. The best way to check if the anejaculation is happening because of certain situations is by performing masturbation. Usually men don’t have any problems ejaculating while they masturbate but they can’t ejaculate when they are having actual sexual intercourse. In many cases relaxation can affect very positively on occasional anejaculation. When we talk about complete anejaculation it is important to understand that the men suffering from this type of anejaculation can’t ejaculate while they are awake, but they ejaculate at night while they are sleeping. This type of anejaculation has some deep roots and the best option for people that are suffering from it is to visit a doctor, possibly a psychiatrist.

In order to properly treat anejaculation you should first determine the source that is causing it. Only when the right cause is determined the treatment can begin. Some of the methods of treatment include – psychotherapies, drugs and electro treatment. Of course, when the cause of anejaculation is some physical injury visiting a therapist or undergoing a surgery is the best option.

Nocturnal Ejaculation

Orgasm during sleep is often linked with teenagers but the truth is that this happens in older men too. There are few reasons for this interesting phenomenon.

When a child becomes a sexually mature person, he often begins to dream about so-called sexual fantasies/dreams. These fantasies are also called wet dreams and they are usually caused by daily experiences. The reasons can be various – a short erotic scene from a movie, a beautiful classmate, some attractive celebrity and even erotic literature. These things usually happen to teenagers that haven’t experienced sexual intercourse yet or teenagers who haven’t masturbated yet. This is a completely natural teenage phenomenon that can occur in some teenagers and it is not a reason for being worried. Nocturnal ejaculations usually start around the age of 14. In rare cases, children that are twelve or thirteen years old can experience these nocturnal ejaculations too. Of course many male teenagers never experience this phenomenon. It’s good to know that this is happening randomly and there are no rules about it. Parents should remember that there is nothing wrong about nocturnal ejaculation.

So, how exactly these wet dreams that cause nocturnal ejaculation look like? These are dreams in which men dream about certain sights, events and happenings that they link with their sexual desires. While they are awake all these desires are pushed into the subconscious. Some experts say that men push these desires because they are afraid or ashamed of them and that’s the reason why they are so realistic in the dreams. It looks like a good psychiatrist like Freud could explain all these things. This legendary scientist linked all dreams with sexuality, especially when it came to the so-called hidden sexual dreams that contain various sexual symbols. According to him, female genitals often occur in the shape of vase, box, room or gardens while male genitals in the form of dagger, snake, stick while the sexual act can appear as a ride with a car or something similar. All these hidden sexual symbols can tell a lot about the person that is dreaming but that’s another topic.

What is interesting about nocturnal ejaculation is that this phenomenon can happen in older men too. It is usually happening in men that irregularly satisfy their sexual needs or this may be a reflection of their inability to satisfy some strong sexual desire because they are afraid or unable to do it. In many cases we are talking about certain sexual deviation that is not acceptable for the society but the individual still fantasizes about it. These dreams that cause nocturnal ejaculation can be about sexual deviance, perversion and about satisfying sexual desire in an strange, unusual and unacceptable way. Of course these are only some of the cases. The reason might be a simple erotic fantasy that can cause arousal even when we are awake.

Nocturnal ejaculation can be described as a subconscious sexual self-satisfaction that doesn’t affect the male sexual power in the waking state.

How To Make Your Orgasm Last Longer?

Orgasms are the culmination of the sexual intercourse. Although the whole process of having sex is important, the orgasm is the most important part of the intercourse. According to some studies more than 90% of the people think that the orgasms last very short. But what they don’t know that there are some things that can be very helpful when it comes to having a longer orgasm. All these things and methods have been confirmed by experts so they are working in most cases.

First and foremost, when you start a sexual intercourse you should be relaxed and stress free. Many couples get aroused very fast and they proceed with the sex act very quickly. This can be considered as a first obstacle to reaching long orgasm. Next time you go to bed, try to relax and control yourself and your nervous system especially during the intercourse. With the right attitude you can open some new aspects of the sexual act.

Another thing that can be very helpful is to find out what you really like in sex. This means that over the time you might have developed some routine or maybe the desires of your partner have become your sexual desires too without even thinking about it. As some experts suggest, you should explore your body and find out what gives you the necessary pleasure. Find out which parts of your body are more sensitive and what turns you on. Of course, you should please your partner but don’t forget yourself in that process. Knowing yourself is the main factor for having a strong and long-lasting orgasm.

Although we always say that sex is a natural thing that can’t be “trained” it is always a good idea to learn something about sexual techniques and sex in general. Find out more about male and female bodies and everything that is related to sexuality. The more knowledge you have (the more theoretical knowledge) the more you will enjoy practicing sex. Don’t be afraid to try new and unusual techniques that can certainly spice up the things in your bed.

People often forget about their physical readiness, especially when they are in a long relationship. However, if you want to have strong and longer orgasm you should take care of your body. This means that you should exercise regularly and you should pay special attention to the muscles in the genital area. There are some special exercises for this are that will help you with your orgasm. In this way you will also increase the range of movements which usually means orgasms with better quality.

Good communication is a key to successful relationship. But good communication can be very useful when it comes to longer orgasms too. If you are having good communication with your partner you will feel more pleasant and comfortable with him/her which is one of the main factors for longer orgasm. Communication is useful before, during and after the sex. Words lead to deeper connection which eventually leads to more intense orgasm.

What Is Vasectomy?

Many men don’t know what vasectomy is and many have heard about it but don’t know exactly how it works. Some of them think that it is a process for complete removal of the testicles; some think that it is a process that will deny the experience that leads to an erection and orgasm while others think about it as a simple removal of manhood. These assumptions are completely wrong. Vasectomy is a medical intervention that permanently ensures men that they won’t be part of any unwanted pregnancy. It is actually a form of contraception that should be taken only when you are sure that you don’t want children. In many countries this procedure can be performed on patients that are older than 30. The procedure is very simple and it is finished only after a few minutes and the good thing is that there are almost no side effects. The surgeon simply redirects, or gets the vas deferens ligated to be more precise, which stops the sperm from leaving the scrotum. Ejaculation during orgasm is still present just like before the surgery but the sperm now doesn’t contain seed that is essential for reproduction.

When a man starts to think about vasectomy it is a little bit different because first of all examinations are a lot more difficult for men compared to women. Women get used to gynecological examinations after their first sexual intercourse or even before. They are not afraid of the examination itself. When it comes to medical procedures of male genitalia the situation is different. Many men don’t even want to talk about it. It is certainly good to know that not every female contraception (designed just for women) brings only positive effects. Hormonal protection (birth control pills) for example can cause a lot of physical complications like migraine, breast cancer etc. while sterilization or intrauterine devices are much more complicated methods compared to vasectomy. Besides that these methods can cause severe inflammation of the womb, discomfort and bleeding during sex and of course unpleasant feeling for the partner. There are cases with intrauterine implants where a man can feel the implant with his penis. In all these cases it is certainly very important to talk about the various options that are available. Condoms are of course the simplest method.

Another not so well known fact is that vasectomy is a reversible process (in 95% of the cases) which is not the case with female sterilization (irreversible process). Of course before any of these two procedures take place the patient should be completely certain that he or she doesn’t want children. Since it is possible for men to change their mind, doctors can perform a procedure that is called vasovasostomy and procedure that can reconnect the seminal vesicles. However this procedure is not always successful and there is a chance that the patient will remain infertile. The process of vasovasostomy is an expensive and difficult and that’s why patients are advised to think about both vasectomy and vasovasostomy carefully.

Good Sexual Health – The Path To Achieving Orgasm

Sexual health is a wide topic that addresses different issues that relate to your sexuality. While good sexual health enhances your overall sexuality, poor sexual health simply means poor sexuality, with lack of or difficulty in achieving orgasm just one of the negative effects. It is therefore very critical that you ascertain your overall sexual health so as to maintain good sexuality.

There are a number of issues that can affect your sexual health. Some of these issues may be in form of inherited health conditions, poor lifestyle habits, physical injury that affect your sexual organs and much more. While there are issues that occur at birth which can be medically addressed, there are issues such as physical injury that you need to prevent at all costs to remain sexually healthy.

Sexual health issues that affect orgasm are better understood when looked at in relation to men and women.

Sexual Health Issues in Men

The number of men diagnosed with sexual health issues is on the rise. Unlike in the past, such issues as erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, premature ejaculation and low testosterone level are becoming more common. You may have these issues because of various reasons including long-term use of certain medications, poor regular diet, poor lifestyle, high stress levels, emotional problems and health conditions.

Men incapable of attaining orgasm during sexual performance as a result of sexual health problems do suffer serious psychological problems. Not only are they incapable of satisfying their partners sexually but suffer from a feeling of rejection as well. While initial step to solving these issues in case you suffer from the same is talking to your partner for understanding, medical consultation becomes very necessary. You main problem that hinders you from attaining orgasm may be as simple as a change in lifestyle or diet.

Sexual Health issues in Women

Just like men, women too suffer from sexual health issues that hinder them from attaining orgasm. Such issues include low libido, inability to be aroused, painful sexual intercourse, emotional problems. These can be caused by a number of factors including high stress levels, disease/health condition, hormonal problems, poor lifestyle, long-term use of certain medications among other causes.

While medical attention is highly recommended in case you suffer from any of the issues and experience failure to attain orgasm, the first step is talking to your sexual partner for understanding, which is very important in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, the effect of poor sexual health is not limited to lack of or difficulty in attaining orgasm. There is the serious danger of your overall reproductive system being affected, which ultimately increases the risk of inability to either impregnate a woman in case you are a man or inability to conceive. While sexual health problems in men can affect both the quality and quantity of sperm, women stand the risks of inability to conceive and in case they do, the risk of miscarriage or giving birth to children with defects.

The Concept Of Sexual Techniques

The importance of reproduction as an essential ingredient of sex makes every person have a certain level of sexual techniques from the day that person was born. In order to produce some item you will need to learn some techniques before you create it, but when it comes to sex you don’t need to earn anything and the result will still come! However, the way to get the best result can be eased if the partners know each other and if they’ve been working on their social and sexual skills.

Mastering your verbal skills and using the right words in the right moment, using sighs and screams when needed, mastering eye contact, better knowledge of your own body and the body of your partner (especially the arousal zones) and adapting the right positions depending on your height and weight are all part of the concept of sexual techniques.

Sexology literature is full with books that try to create how-to guides for sexual pleasure. Most often in this type of books, we can read about sexual techniques that can drive people “crazy” of course if they are properly performed. If we judge only by the content of these books, we might think that there are few buttons on our bodies that wait to be pressed and we will get an instant unforgettable orgasm. But this is not the way things work.

Extending the time for foreplay can create aversion instead of satisfaction for persons that don’t like longer foreplays. A sexual partner that likes strong grip will only laugh and giggle if he/she gets gentle cuddling. Although oral sex is a real pleasure for many people, some consider it to be very perverted and don’t like it at all. Mechanical use of sexual techniques without brining emotions and without knowing or caring what the partner wants can lead to alienating, lack of sexual desire and even avoiding sexual intercourses.

The proper and varied selection of sexual positions takes central place in the mastery of sexual techniques. In this way we can most definitely be sure that over time sex won’t became boring and monotonous. According to some researches there are more than two hundred sex positions.

But to be honest many of them are almost impossible to perform and others require people with acrobatic skills in order to be performed. Practically all these positions can be divided in two simple groups.

Sex couples can perform them in laying, standing or seating position and on the other hand they can be performed with or without eye contact no matter which position they choose. Some couples use two or three positions during their whole life. Others like to make experiments. The most common sexual position is the so-called “Missionary position” – in which the man is over the woman.

However this position is often combined with positions where the woman is on top. It is up to the couple to decide which technique suits them best, depending on their height, weight, current state (pregnancy) or overall sexual pleasure that they feel in certain positions.

Understanding the Relationship between Sexual Health and Orgasm

Characterized by faster heart beat rate, heavy/quick breathing and genital muscle contractions, orgasm is what every sexually man and woman looks forward to during sexual intercourse. It is a state that is often referred to as climaxing or coming. Orgasm itself is the pleasurable release of what is commonly referred to as sexual tension that has been building up right from when one plans to engage in sexual intercourse. While women can attain orgasm multiple times in one sexual session, men often need some time to calm down to recover soon after ejaculation.

Although it is what you expect during sexual intercourse, it may not necessarily happen. In any case, climaxing does not mean that you have enjoyed intercourse. You can enjoy sex by simply exploring your partner’s body, kissing, undressing your partner and taking bath together among other ways. There are indeed some men and women who attain orgasm when their partners touch their skin! You however need to note that failure to attain orgasm in several sex sessions in different days may be a sign of poor sexual health, which may make it necessary to consult your physician.

Ability to attain climax during sexual intercourse is directly linked to your sexual health. While a poor sexual health hinders you from climaxing, good sexual health enhances your chances of climaxing. There are a number of sexual health issues and associated issues that can easily affect your ability to climax during sex intercourse and they are better looked at differently in women and men.

In Women

A number of issues that hinder women from reaching climax during sex intercourse include;

  • Insufficient sexual stimulation prior to intercourse
  • Worries about her own sexual performance
  • Mood disorders
  • Poor physical health
  • Fear of sexual intercourse due to a past negative sexual experience
  • Relationship problems and issues
  • Poor diet (routine)
  • Anxiety

In Men

Although majority of men do attain orgasm (ejaculation) during sexual intercourse, there are some who never experience the pleasurable moment. This can be because of several sexual health issues;

Erectile dysfunction problems (impotence, retarded ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation)

  • Long-term use of antidepressant medications
  • Excess consumption of alcohol
  • Poor physical health
  • Poor diet (routine)
  • Anxiety
  • High stress level
  • Worries of own sexual performance
  • Traumatic sexual experience in the past
  • Obesity
  • Excess smoking

Unlike in the past when lack of orgasm was not a major medical issue, cases of men and women consulting their physicians for lack of the same have continued to increase. The increase of such cases can easily be attributed to the above indicated possible causes. You may need to realize that climaxing is not only a sign of better sexual health; it is also the fulfilment of sexual satisfaction. It is not therefore surprising that some sexual relationships including marriage relationships have broken up simply because a partner does not satisfy the sexual need of his/her partner.