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Sex Pill For Sexual Health

In this article we are going to discuss both men and women’s natural sex pills which are guaranteed to help you enjoy better sex and have last longing sex. These are natural herbs that have been designed to help you achieve better health and enjoy great sex at the same time.

Let’s explore them and see how they can help impotent men get their potency back.

When it comes to sexual performance as well as sexual enjoyment, there are two natural body substances that need boosting. These are nitric oxide and testosterone. If you do not produce the sufficient amount required of these two substances, you will not enjoy peak sexual health.

What Does Testosterone and Nitric Oxide Do?

Testosterone provides both men and women with the energy, stamina and strength that heightens sexual desire and boosts greater sexual staying power.

Nitric Oxide on the other hand plays a role by helping sex organs harden when even you get sexually aroused. When nitric Oxide levels are low, men fail in achieving an erection. Women on the other hand require hard sex organs to help them achieve both high sex drive and have satisfying sex.

Nitric oxide acts to control the blood flow amount into the sex organs. It works by relaxing blood vessels which supply sexual organs with blood. The relaxation helps the vessels open up wider and can now effectively hold and transport extra supply of the required blood in the sex organs thus causing them to swell up and hardening up.

To help boost the production of nitric oxide levels, there are three Proven Chinese herbal supplements that you can take, they are; Ginseng, Cnidium and Horny Goat Weed. After you achieve sexual arousal, the herbs act fast and effectively help you get a higher amount of blood in the sex organs naturally. The sex pills provide you with nutrients that are not found in our daily diet plans.

Testosterone and Energy Levels

To increase energy levels in the body, there is a need of increases testosterone production. Some natural herbs that will help you boost your energy levels include; Tonkgat Ali, Tribulus and Mucuna Pruriens. Well known herbs that boost testosterone leading to higher libido and sexual energy.

Wait…there is more! These herbs help by preventing free radical damage, the boost the immune system increasing its productivity and the sex pills also act as circulatory tonics. Impotent men suffer from dysfunctional sex, but with the use of the sex pills mentioned above, you can kiss impotency goodbye.

NB: The herbs above are simply some of the best herbs that are used in the best natural sex pills. The sex pills help both men and women enjoy long and satisfying sexual encounters and they also play a huge role when it comes to improving overall wellness levels at a same time!

If you have any sexual problem, i.e. you are unable to last long, or are unable to get it up; you can give sex pills a try and turn into a stallion in bed!

How to Use Birth Control Pills

If you are not familiar with oral hormonal contraceptives, the best thing to do before using them is to consult with your doctor.

There are many types and brands of oral contraceptives but what is common for all of them is that they usually include 21 pills in one package and they also have the number of days and weeks starting from 1 to 21 marked next to the pills. The birth control pills should be taken on the first day of menstruation in case the menstruation before where regular and proper. In this way the women will be protected from unwanted pregnancy starting from day one. In cases of heavy menstrual bleeding, the best thing is to start using these pills starting from the fifth day of menstruation. The fact is that birth control pills can increase the level of bleeding and intensify the menstruation and that is why it is better to be cautious in these cases. If the pills are taken from day 5 for the first time, full contraceptive protection will be present starting from the second cycle of taking of these oral contraceptives.

If the birth control pills are marked with days of the week, then try to balance the intake from the day you’ve got your period. Let’s explain this with an example. If the first day of your menstruation started on Thursday, start the process by taking the pill that is labeled as Thursday (usually it is shorten to Thu). In case the pills are marked with numbers take the pill marked with number one. Keep taking pills daily and remember to respect the instructions until you reach number 21. When you are out of pills, it is necessary to take a break that lasts for one week. In this period you will notice bleeding that usually appears a couple of days after you have stopped taking the pills. After these break, start using the pills once again starting from the same day as previously. In our example this means Thursday. Disregard the bleeding and remember that if you want this to work you have to start again after one week exactly. It is highly recommended to take the pills in the same period of the day, so you can take them after 24 hours exactly. If you stick to the instructions, the protection from unwanted pregnancy applies even for the period when you are making a break.

However there are two factors that can make these sex pills less effective no matter how regular you take these pills.

Diarrhea and strong vomiting in the first hours after taking a pill can certainly lower the effectiveness.

Mixing these pills with antibiotics can also make them less effective. So try to avoid antibiotics whenever it is possible.

If you have forgotten to take a pill and there are less than 12 hours from the time when you had to take it, the pill should be taken as soon as possible. The next pill should be taken as scheduled before.

If you have missed to take a pill for more than 12 hours, the effects of the pills will be reduced, but you should however take the pill as soon as possible and continue with the schedule.