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Sex And Aging

If we judge but what we see on TV or the internet, sex is an exclusive activity just for young people. But the fact is that older people enjoy sex too. It is true that sex in that age is a little bit different compared to the sexual intercourse between young people but it can still be very enjoyable.

There is a saying that people are sexual beings, so it is quite normal that older people enjoy sex too. Since sex is one of the most important things in a relationship, it is good for couples no matter how old they are. Many people despite the process of aging continue to have regular sexual intercourses but in most of them this process can cause some changes (mainly some health issues). Some of them might experience health problems that might ruin their sex life, but they still practice some other forms of intimacy like cuddling or kissing. These acts can fill the sex gap that can cause depression and even more health issues. Interesting fact is that there are many people that are even older than 80 years and they still have sex.

The process of aging brings changes in both men and women. These changes sometimes affect the ability to enjoy sex.

We all know how women at a certain period in their lives experience menopause. But according to many researches many women after menopause enjoy sex even more because they know that they can’t pregnant any more. Speaking in general, women have less sexual problems as they grow older. However, many women have problems with vaginal lubrication after the menopause. This comes as a result of the lower levels of estrogen (hormone). Using artificial lubricants can solve this issue. There are few other physical changes that can also affect the sex life like changes in the flexibility, depth and width of the vagina, but they are usually not that big to ruin the relationship.

When it comes to men, aging and sex life, the biggest problem is impotence. Many men suffer from impotence after they enter the seventh decade of their lives. Even if they don’t have such problem, it takes a little bit more time to achieve erection. Probably the best way to solve this problem is longer foreplay and that’s why women need to be aware of the problem and try to solve it instead of being disappointed. Besides these problems, many old people have weak erections and the amount of ejaculate that they produce is much lower.

There are many things that old people can do to improve their sex life. For example try to understand that there is no such thing as normal sex. Even when people are young, every couple has a different style and type of sex life. The point of the sex is to keep your partner and yourself happy. Doctors can help older people and prescribe some medicines or try some herbal enhancement pill.

In most cases patience and proper communication are the best way to keep the sex life on high level, no matter how old you are. Senior citizen sexuality.