How can over masturbation hurt your health?

If you have read about the positive effects of masturbation and you think that you should practice it as much as you can then you are wrong. Although masturbation is part of our natural sexuality and part of the lives of almost every men and women, over masturbation can have negative impact on our sexual health. So, how exactly can over masturbation hurt our health?

Over masturbation can cause both physical and emotional issues. For example if you are practicing excessive masturbation after a certain period you will start to feel discomfort and pain in the genital area. Those who don’t stop at the first signs might get physical injuries that are clearly visible. These are obvious signs of over masturbation.

Some people seem to have need for repeated masturbation. These people unconsciously masturbate in what appears a pattern of series. They are not doing this in order to achieve sexual satisfaction but rather to stress out and start feeling relaxed. If you notice that you are starting to masturbate when you are feeling tensed and stresses and tend to repeat that every time you feel like that, it looks like you are masturbating only to avoid stressful situations which is wrong.  You will start thinking that masturbation is a solution for all your emotional problems and you won’t deal with those problems in a proper way.

In some cases people feel depressed and lonely after masturbation. If you feel discomfort after that, you should think about emotional state, because masturbation is a way to explore your own sexuality and it should make you satisfied not miserable after you are finished.

Masturbation is practiced by people that are single as well as by people who are in a serious relationship. But excessive masturbation might separate you from your partner if you are in a sexual relationship. The same goes for those who are single – you might feel lesser need to be romantically involved with another person. This comes as a direct result of creating your own fantasy world in which you have the main role and you don’t need anyone else. This feeling is very unhealthy and could lead to some serious psychological disorders.

People have different feelings when they are finished with the masturbation. Most of them feel relaxed and satisfied while others might feel embarrassed.  If you feel embarrassed you should find the reasons for that, but before you start with that search stop masturbating because it might ruin your self-confidence.

If you can’t stop thinking about masturbation throughout the day, this is a clear sign that something is wrong with you. For example, you are out shopping but you still think about masturbation, this means that masturbation is starting to interrupt your everyday activities. Obsession is bad thing.

You should also know that masturbation can cause addiction. If you feel that you don’t stop with masturbation whenever you want than there is a high possibility that you are addicted. In cases like these you should seek advice from your doctor.