How to have great sex

In some cases, people have all the necessary things for great sex – they are alone, have pleasant music in the background and they just had a light dinner with a bottle of wine but it looks like there is no eruption of passion. What does this mean?

There is no need to panic because of that because maybe this is a period (a day or a week and in some cases a whole month) when you or your partner don’t care about having sex. This has nothing to do with love, you or your partner just doesn’t want to have sex and that’s completely normal. However if this situation lasts for a longer period, few months, it’s time for some action.

Many experts in this field say that we should not pay attention to the sex that’s described in the media because that sex appears to be perfect. Everyone is always in the mood for sex and they reach orgasms without a problem. Many people watch that and think that there is something wrong with them or their partner. Never compare your sex life with the sex life presented in the media. We all witness incredible and passionate sex but we can rarely see a movie or TV show where some of the partners has a bad breath or maybe some stomach problems and this is something that can happen to anyone. Sex in the real world is far from ideal and doesn’t always end with an intense orgasm. But don’t worry, sex is more than an orgasm, sex also includes foreplay and the moments when you site with your partner after the sex act is finished and you bond even more together. If you think that your sex life is bad there are few things that you can do.

Even if the other aspects of the relationship are perfect, that doesn’t mean that the partners will be sexually compatible. Some of them needs more intimate moments, some of the partner might want more frequent sex etc. It’s so much easier at the beginning when there is more energy and passion but overtime that passion is lowered which is once again completely normal. One of the things that can help in situations like that is communication. Not all of us feel comfortable talking about sex. Some of them fear that they could hurt their partner’s feelings. However, it’s better to talk than to remain silent and let the problems pile. Of course, always be careful about what you say, for example think about the things that you would like to experience instead of things that you didn’t like when you had sex for the last time. Start conversations and see what happens in the next period.

If communication doesn’t change anything, you should try some changes in the sexual act. Try different positions, change the environment, and spice up things!

If you and your partner are both physically and mentally healthy individuals who care for each other you will definitely find a solution for your sexual life. You will have better sex only if you want to and by regular practice you will achieve perfection.