Sex Toy Pleasure Balls

Have you ever taken time to think over what the pleasure balls girls insert in themselves are for? Are the pleasure balls meant to make them feel more fulfilled while having sex? Well here is the truth:

The pleasure balls, which girls like inserting in themselves serve a variety of different sexual functions. For starters, pleasure balls, (Kegel Balls and Ben Wa Balls) are circular balls that are inserted in the vagina.

Mostly the balls are either one or two and have hollow chambers and on the inside have weighted balls. When the balls get shaken or stimulated by impact, the smaller weightier balls inside create vibrations.

When you take the sexual health perspective, you will understand that these balls (pleasure) are loved by women for their Kegel exercises practice.

Kegel Exercises, Whatever Do You Mean?

Kegel are muscular contraction exercises done by both men and women but for the women they help them in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles together with the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. These exercise routines help women develop tight vaginas, help their bodies become more orgasmic and when they achieve orgasm it comes out stronger and extremely powerful.

Ben Wa Balls

When you look at these balls from a point of pleasure, you will see that they have been designed to help in the increased sensation inside the lady’s vagina and G-spot when sexing exercises go on. Foreplay moves such as; padding, spanking and flogging makes the balls provide desired pleasure.

There are other women who on the other hand enjoy the insertion and the removal and also the feeling of fullness inside their vaginas.

Men and Pleasure Balls

There is one problem that as men we always fail to understand, passion and sex, you might have mastered a lot of sexual routines and introduced these routines in your sexual escapades with your lady. As much as it is all good and dandy, there shall come a time when the sexual positions will become routine and somehow mundane for your woman.

Sad but true, so to help your woman always experience satisfaction every time you guys have sex, concentrate on the oral sex and not necessarily penetration. Having learnt the use of pleasure balls above, you are now in the perfect spot to help your woman experience orgasm and great orgasm that will make her open wider and invite you deep inside more.

Introduce the topic of pleasure balls and if she’s into it she start busing these balls to experience great and wonderful sexual sessions that will bring you two closer together than before!