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How to Improve Sex Health and Relationship

Poor sex health has of late become a serious problem in sexual relationships. Interestingly, such sexual health problems as low libido, erectile dysfunction and lack of orgasm among others are not only restricted to a specific age group. Both married and unmarried individuals have to contend with at least one problem, whether personal or relating to his/her sexual partner. It is because of such problems that there is an increase in the number of sexual relationship breakups including divorce.

Although sex is not the main thing in any sexual relationship, there are several ways through which you can improve your sexual health and avoid falling into the pitfall that both sexually active men and women have fallen into. Being in a state of good sexual health will not only keep your relationship going; it will also allow you and your partner to have a healthy sexual life and relationship.


Just as effective communication is important in other areas so it is in your relationship. Failure to communicate effectively with your partner can easily lead to misunderstanding, which definitely diminishes his/her interest in having sex with you in particular. It is through effective communication that you can inform your partner of any sex health problem you have for his/her understanding. Doing so also gives your partner the opportunity to do the same. Communicating effectively with your partner requires that you choose the right time, choose your words carefully and most importantly, use the right tone. It is only when both of you understand any sexual problems you have that you can maintain a healthy relationship.

Physical Activity

The benefit of engaging in physical activities such as exercises is not limited to suitable body physique and optimum body weight; the benefit extends to good sex health. Performing exercises and in particular Kegel and aerobic exercises on a regular basis greatly improves your sexual health. While Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic muscles, aerobic exercises enhance your blood flow, allowing for ease of physical sexual arousal, which has a positive effect not only in sexual satisfaction but to a healthy relationship as well.


You definitely do not build a healthy relationship through sex. Healthy relationships have love as the foundation. Simply loving your partner is enough to show him/her that he/she is appreciated and valued. Doing so paves way for easy communication, understanding, healthy sex life and strong relationship. You can show your partner love through gifts, creating a caring/tenderness atmosphere and engaging your partner in emotional rather than physical intimacy.

Good Health

It is no secret that being in good health is very necessary for a healthy sexual life and strong relationship. It is therefore very important that you do what is necessary in order to have good physical, mental and emotional health. Closely related to this is the need to stick to a healthy diet plan. Sticking to healthy foods will definitely ensure that your overall health remains optimum.

Good Lifestyle

Most sexual health problems that eventually cause other problems in relationships can be traced to poor lifestyle. Keeping off such habits as smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and use of illicit drugs can be a great way of improving your sex life and relationship.

Sex health and relationship are interlinked and there is just no way you can separate the two. It is worth noting that this applies to sexually-potential relationships such as the relationship between unmarried couples who otherwise engage in sex and married couples. Because of that linkage, it is only important that you embrace some or all of the above to improve on your sexual life for a healthy and strong relationship.

Practical Exercises For Better Sex

There is always a room for improvement in your sexual life. These exercises will help you have better sex and help you with our overall health state.


These exercises are very useful especially for women because if they are performed daily they will notably strengthen and highlight their thighs and buttocks. Furthermore, squats will also improve blood flow in and around genital area which will definitely have good effects on the libido. Performing these exercises is easy so you should start as soon as possible.

Biceps muscles

Women find strong biceps in men very attractive and sexy. But biceps exercises are beneficial for women too because when this type of exercise is performed higher amounts of testosterone are released in the body.  Trainings used to increase muscle mass (especially biceps) are a completely natural way to raise these testosterone levels in both sexes which leads to a greater desire for sex.

Don’t forget your pelvic area

Just like building muscle mass, pelvic exercises are good for both women and men because they are strengthening the muscles that are most active during the sexual intercourse. However women should pay special attention when we talk about pelvic exercises. Women offer suffer from pain in the lower back area and this affects their sexual drive and sets limitations on the number of positions in which they can enjoy. With the help of these exercises you will strengthen your lower back and you will be able to experience all the possible positions that you know or want to try.


This exercise should be performed every day. In this way you will tighten the muscles of the upper abdomen, buttocks and thighs. People often feel pain in some part of the body whenever they try to change the position. With these exercises you can be sure that these things won’t happen again. Besides that you will be much more stable in positions that require strength in the legs and in the arms and they also help women when they are on top.


Most of the women find tightened abdominal muscles in men extremely attractive and men love flat and shaped stomach muscles in women. Sexual desire rises both in men and women when they look at their partner’s powerful abs.  Abdominal muscles are very active during the sexual intercourse so the good look is not the only reason why you should work on them.

Kegel exercises

Although these exercises are usually linked with women they can be performed by both sexes. Strengthening the muscles of the urethra, anus and vagina will help women have more intense orgasms that last longer while kegel exercises help men with their erection. They will make the erection stronger and last longer and these exercises can even help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Kegel exercises are extremely easy to be performed and they can be done in any place.

All these exercises will work even better if they are performed together with your partner.

Kegel Exercises For A Better Orgasm

There are many exercises that can enhance your sexual enjoyment, Kegel exercises are one of the most famous and most efficient. Kegel exercises can be practiced no matter how old or sexually active women are. These exercises can help you both with experiencing better orgasm and improve your sexual health. Basically, these exercises are focused on the pelvic muscles, located near the urinary tract.

Since they are muscles, they can be strengthened or they can lose their power if they are not used. They can also be much tensed due to stress. To check the shape of the muscles, stick a finger in the vagina. If the finger enters the vagina easily than there is no tension; if the finger can be pressed by the vaginal walls it means that the muscles are in good shape.

Like other exercises, overdoing them can cause trouble and you will probably lose interest after few sessions. These exercises should be regular and not intense. Remember that the goal is to improve the state of the muscles.

After a short period of exercising, women can notice how they have increased the blood flow in that area, which is the key to better sexual health. Kegel exercises can also help women suffering from incontinence, no matter if the reason for that is aging or childbirth. Some women who suffer from pain during sexual intercourse can also find these exercises helpful.

Although these exercises are primarily designed for women, men can benefit from them too. Men should also train their muscles in the intimate area, to help their blood flow in the pelvis resulting in better and longer orgasms. These exercises are especially useful for men who are suffering from premature ejaculation because they can help with regulation and delaying of ejaculation.

But how to perform Kegel exercises properly?

–      It is important to locate the muscles that are part of these exercises. The easiest way to locate them is to remember which muscles you use when you want to stop the urge for urinating. So forget the anal muscles, abdominal muscles etc. you are aiming for the pubococcygeus muscles. These muscles are found in both men and women. Once you find out which muscles are part of the exercises it will be easy to perform the exercises since they can be performed everywhere. No matter if you are sitting or standing and no matter where you are (at home or at work), you can perform Kegel exercises and no one around can notice you.

–      Kegel exercises are basically series of contraction and relaxation of muscles. Make three series of 5 contractions and have a one minute break between them. Do this twice a day. After a while you can increase the number of contractions but don’t push too far.

–      It takes time to notice the first results from these easy exercises. So be patient and the results will come. The best way is to do it at home while you are in bed because Kegel exercises can cause sexual arousal in some people.

Managing Premature Ejaculation through Kegel Exercise

An erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation is a problem that affects some men across the globe. The problem is characterized by ejaculation of semen, which can occur just before penetration or soon after penetration. It has psychological effect on both a man and his partner. Just like with the partner, a man with the problem experiences sexual un-satisfaction and dejection.

There are certainly many ways through which the problem can be treated depending on identified cause. One of the most effective ways of managing the problem is through Kegel exercises. Although widely performed by women, Kegel exercises have proved very beneficial to ED in men. The benefit of these exercises lies in the fact that they are useful in addressing various types of erectile dysfunction.

Location of Right Muscles

Like with other exercises, Kegel exercises target specific exercises in the body. These are the PC muscles that control various mechanisms in the pelvic region including release of semen in men. A man can easily ascertain whether his PC muscles are weak or strong by stopping flow of urine when he urinates. Ability to stop urination mid-way before allowing the flow to continue is a clear indication that the PC muscles are strong, which also aids in combating premature ejaculation.

Regular Exercises

Because holding urine from flow and letting it flow can only happen when a man feels like urinating, the best way to perform the exercise is to contract the PC muscles and relaxing them several times a day on a regular basis. The technique lies in contracting the muscles for say five second before relaxing them for another five seconds before repeating the whole process several times in a row.

Although it might seem a simple exercise, a man with the problem of premature ejaculation and any associated erectile dysfunction can greatly benefit from the exercise by gradually increasing both the contractual and relaxation period. A man needs to perform this exercise by starting off slowly and increasing intensity as days pass by.


A very important element in performing the exercise with the aim of eradicating premature ejaculation and any associated erectile dysfunction problems is focus. A man needs to focus on the PC muscles in particular without flexing abdominal, thighs and buttock muscles. Another important element is how one breathes. A man needs to breathe normally while performing the exercise without holding back his breath.


Men who perform this simple Kegel exercises do not only realize positive results; eradication of premature ejaculation and associated erectile dysfunction problems but also experience healthy penile function. However, care needs to be taken because overworking the PC muscles can be counter-productive. Over-exercising the muscles can weaken the same muscles, which can lead to erectile dysfunction. It is therefore recommended that the exercise be performed on an empty bladder.

Because of its positive effect in eradicating ED, this exercise is highly recommended for men diagnosed with the problem and undergoing treatment through other means. Such a combination allows such men to realize positive results in less time compared to when such other treatment option is undertaken on its own.

Route To Have Better Sex

As a man, it is a rule that we must have better sex and leave our sexual partners satisfied fully. However, due to the work schedules and funny dietary plans we observe in the modern world, better sex has become a taboo.

If however you feel that its time you stopped flogging a dead horse and started a fresh and make your significant Other’s world rock, below is a guideline to having better sex;

PC (Puboccoccygeus) Exercises

PC Muscle which is also known as the sex muscle is located between the scrotum and the anus. Having a strong PC muscle helps you achieve intense orgasms and the stronger the PC muscle the harder the erections will be.

Beside, having stronger PC muscles helps you keep at bay premature ejaculations and erectile dysfunction and you will be able to sustain harder erections for a longer period of time naturally without the need of using sex enhancement pills, creams and oils that only last several minutes before all hell breaks loose and everything becomes flaccid.

Stronger PC muscles enhance ejaculatory control and this translates to elimination of premature ejaculation. Many men that have stronger PC muscles are known to last longer in bed during a sexual encounter and stronger PC muscles also translate to stronger erection that make men achieve multiple orgasms as well.

PC Exercises That Will Help You Last Longer In Bed

What you are required to do is stretch your PC muscles at-least a hundred times every day, these exercises help you to last longer in bed. The PC muscle flexing session is not at all difficult and you can do it during your time at the office, during break times and when you are showering or caught up in traffic.

Furthermore, you can do PC muscle exercises anywhere and everywhere as no one will notice what you are doing. Effective PC muscle exercises needs you to loosen your abs a little bit.

To do PC Muscle exercise routines, you need to flex and hold the PC muscle for five seconds and re-do the process over and over again. All through the day you should continue flexing the PC Muscle as many times as you can.

Lose Belly Fat

Incorporate exercise routines that help you lose belly fat fast. Such exercise routines will help you lose belly fat and maintain a lean stomach that will see you thrusting your penis deeper in your partner during a romping session.

Loss of belly fat also translates to a bigger penis and the bigger it looks the more confidence you will be during a sexual encounter.

Build Stronger Abs and Upper Body

Carry out exercise routines that will help you achieve stronger abs and a stronger upper body. The stronger your upper body is, the more you will enhance thrusting and your support muscles will not tire as you have a stimulating sexual session.


Jogging and running are some of the best exercise forms that anyone can do. The more you run the more your mind and body becomes clear and the more your work your entire body at one go. Jogging helps in maintain lean muscles that are tight thus helping you conduct kegel exercises without fuss.