Suffer From Premature Ejaculation

If you really would like to understand how you cane be able to prevent premature ejaculation, the best thing you should start with are the facts. Ask yourself how one can cure a condition such as premature ejaculation without understanding what premature ejaculation is and what causes it?

However, you need not concern yourself too much about premature ejaculation, below are several facts that are meant to help you deal with ejaculation problems:

Do You Suffer from Premature ejaculation?

You need to begin with the basics. Are you suffering from premature ejaculation? If you are, you also need to know that this is a condition that affects over 60% of all men. It is also wise to note that premature ejaculation doesn’t only affect lasting longer in bed, it is a condition that leads you to ejaculate before you or your partner wants you to ejaculate.

As men, we understand the frustrations and the pain suffered by individuals suffering from this conditions especially when they are unable to fully satisfy their ladies continuously. However there is great news, in many cases there is no need for going for medical treatment.

There are a number of authentic ways that an individual can be able to tackle Premature Ejaculation and eradicate the condition for good…

Why Do I Suffer From Premature Ejaculation?

This is an excellent question. One of the reasons why you suffer from premature ejaculation may be derived from the following two factors:

Genetic programming: This is as a result of years of genetic conditioning. The way our bodies are designed is sex is mainly for reproductive purposes and not for pleasure. Ever took time to think if whether cavemen indulged in sexual activity to pleasure their women?

It is therefore legal to state that genetic programming amongst men contributes to us not lasting longer in bed. As a man suffering from premature ejaculation you should console yourself that this is not your fault at times it’s a cause from Mother Nature.

Overly Responsive Nervous System: When most of us (men) when we are in our young age, our nervous systems are mostly in-tune with sexual sensations. This reaction causes a majority of us to suffer from Premature Ejaculation. But as we grow older the situation improves and we are now able to enjoy lengthy sexual sessions.

Wait there is more… with a responsive nervous system, as men we have very slim chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction a cause that is related to premature ejaculation and can affect you even after aging!

How is It Possible to Satisfy a Woman Even If I Have Premature Ejaculation Condition?

The truth is, women vary in length when it comes to having an orgasm during sex, there are women who will go for 20 minutes before they reach their climax and those that will only need five minutes to reach their climax.

If you want to satisfy your woman completely do your best to understand your woman and how you can fully satisfy her according to her needs. Find out whether she is a huge fun of foreplay and if she fancies oral sex do your best to make her climax even before you penetrate!