Sexual Problems In Women

Having sexual problems means that sex is not an satisfying and positive experience for those who practice it. When it comes to women, most common sexual problems include lack of interest in sex, orgasmic problems and/or arousal problems. Some women experience pain during the sexual intercourse.

Many women have sexual problems in some period of their lives. However some women have a permanent problem. In order for the symptoms to become problem they need to start to interfere your normal sexual life. Of course there is no such thing as general normal sex life. What is normal for one person is not normal for another when we talk about sex. Another thing to consider is that our bodies are changing with the process of aging and we can’t expect to have the same shape of our organs or the same sex drive.

So, we can conclude that women’s sexuality is very complex. When there is a problem in the emotional or physical aspect of life, you can expect sexual problems to appear.

Some physical causes include pain from injuries, medical conditions such as arthritis or diabetes or various problems connected with hormonal balance.

Emotional causes can be as bad as physical cause and some of them are – stress, depression, anxiety, unhealthy relationship, sexual trauma etc.

The process of aging can cause sexual problems both from emotional and physical aspect.

Taking certain types of medications can also cause these problems. These medications affect some of the vital functions of our body that are needed for uninterrupted sexual intercourse like blood pressure for example.

The symptoms are easy to spot and they usually include lack of sex drive, problems with arousal, inability to achieve orgasm and pain during the sex.

Women often recognize a sexual problem when they notice a change in their sexual desire or satisfaction during the sexual intercourse. When this happens, it is necessary to look at what is happening in the body and in life in general. Things like instable relationship, lack of time for intimacy and relaxation, painful memories about previous sexual intercourses or some non-sexual disease can all change the level of sexual desire and ruin the satisfaction. Whatever is the cause for this situation; women should detect the problem and try to solve it. Visiting a doctor can be very helpful and although some women might find these conversations about sexual life uncomfortable keep in mind that doctors are professionals and they can help you.

When the cause for these problems is located it is easier to treat them. Sometimes there can be more than one cause for these sexual problems. The good thing is that almost all of them can be treated successfully.

Successful treatment requires a high level of trust and confidence between you and your doctor. Ideally, you and your partner will be able to talk openly about sexual issues. Some causes of sexual problems, such as medical conditions, may not be within your control. But the emotional and psychological states are equally important.

That’s why you need to take care of your overall physical and emotional health. Don’t be afraid to talk with your partner about your problems. Try to find methods to relax. Enjoy the tenderness and intimacy and remember that everything you hear and read about other people’s fantastic sex may not be true.