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Understanding Erectile Dysfunction and Orgasm

Unlike in the past, the number of men with sexual problems continues to rise. The rise in numbers can be attributed to several factors including physical injury to the pelvic region, poor diet lacking in vital minerals, long-term use of certain medications, disease/health conditions and poor lifestyle among other factors. While some men with erectile dysfunction gather the courage to consult their doctors, there are those who keep their sexual problems to themselves for fear of stigmatization and rejection.

Apart from those men that consult their doctors, the increase in the number of men with erectile dysfunction problems is evident in the number of sex enhancing medications sold in the market. Sales volume of such medications as Viagra and Cialis has and continues to rise as men who fail to consult their doctors resort to using the same to improve on their poor sex life. These are the men who have to contend with such ED problems as weak penile erection, lack of erection, prolonged erection, delayed ejaculation or premature ejaculation.

One critical issue that doctors treating men with erectile dysfunction problems have failed to address is anorgasmia. This is the inability for a man to reach orgasm in the course of sexual performance. Doctors have largely focused in treating ED without appreciating the fact that men who present themselves with the problem may be suffering anorgasmia. Simply put, orgasm is the intense feeling of pleasure a man experiences during sexual performance. Characterized by rapid body muscle movements, it is the attainment of orgasm that results in ejaculation.

Because erectile dysfunction manifests itself in many ways, it is not surprising to find a man capable of achieving strong penile erection necessary for sexual performance but fail to attain to reach climax. Although such a man’s sexual partner may sexually be satisfied at the end of performance, the man is left unsatisfied because of his inability to reach climax.

From the foregoing, it becomes clear that ED impacts negatively on a man’s ability to reach climax during sexual performance. A man who fails to reach climax during sexual performance may not only suffer from such inability. It can be worse in case of a married man because it is from attainment of orgasm and ejaculation that a man is able to plant is seed in a woman for pregnancy to occur. It is therefore very important that men with ED problems open up when they visit their doctors.

All is however not lost for men incapable of reaching sexual climax. Doctors have now made it a standard practice to delve deeper to understand any other sexual problems men presenting ED problems suffer. It is therefore upon men with ED problems to indicate to their doctors such other problems as inability to attain orgasm even when they attain penile erection in order to receive the necessary treatment.

Medical researchers have not been left out either. In a study report presented at American Urological Association in Atlanta, researchers from Baylor College of Medicine have established that men who suffer anorgasmia can benefit from use of Cabergoline, a drug that is capable of restoring attainment of normal orgasm. The drug acts on the basis that the level of prolactin hormone in the bloodstream increases once a man attains orgasm and ejaculates. The drug therefore lowers level of the hormone in the bloodstream. The drug can therefore provide men suffering from anorgasmia some relief.

Managing Premature Ejaculation through Kegel Exercise

An erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation is a problem that affects some men across the globe. The problem is characterized by ejaculation of semen, which can occur just before penetration or soon after penetration. It has psychological effect on both a man and his partner. Just like with the partner, a man with the problem experiences sexual un-satisfaction and dejection.

There are certainly many ways through which the problem can be treated depending on identified cause. One of the most effective ways of managing the problem is through Kegel exercises. Although widely performed by women, Kegel exercises have proved very beneficial to ED in men. The benefit of these exercises lies in the fact that they are useful in addressing various types of erectile dysfunction.

Location of Right Muscles

Like with other exercises, Kegel exercises target specific exercises in the body. These are the PC muscles that control various mechanisms in the pelvic region including release of semen in men. A man can easily ascertain whether his PC muscles are weak or strong by stopping flow of urine when he urinates. Ability to stop urination mid-way before allowing the flow to continue is a clear indication that the PC muscles are strong, which also aids in combating premature ejaculation.

Regular Exercises

Because holding urine from flow and letting it flow can only happen when a man feels like urinating, the best way to perform the exercise is to contract the PC muscles and relaxing them several times a day on a regular basis. The technique lies in contracting the muscles for say five second before relaxing them for another five seconds before repeating the whole process several times in a row.

Although it might seem a simple exercise, a man with the problem of premature ejaculation and any associated erectile dysfunction can greatly benefit from the exercise by gradually increasing both the contractual and relaxation period. A man needs to perform this exercise by starting off slowly and increasing intensity as days pass by.


A very important element in performing the exercise with the aim of eradicating premature ejaculation and any associated erectile dysfunction problems is focus. A man needs to focus on the PC muscles in particular without flexing abdominal, thighs and buttock muscles. Another important element is how one breathes. A man needs to breathe normally while performing the exercise without holding back his breath.


Men who perform this simple Kegel exercises do not only realize positive results; eradication of premature ejaculation and associated erectile dysfunction problems but also experience healthy penile function. However, care needs to be taken because overworking the PC muscles can be counter-productive. Over-exercising the muscles can weaken the same muscles, which can lead to erectile dysfunction. It is therefore recommended that the exercise be performed on an empty bladder.

Because of its positive effect in eradicating ED, this exercise is highly recommended for men diagnosed with the problem and undergoing treatment through other means. Such a combination allows such men to realize positive results in less time compared to when such other treatment option is undertaken on its own.

Causes and Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a condition where a man reaches orgasm (release of semen) too early during sexual intercourse. Although the boundary between early attainment of orgasm and what is considered normal ejaculation is very thin, PE is in most cases characterized by ejaculation of semen within the first minute of sexual intercourse. Men without PE problem do ejaculate after about four minutes with some men capable of prolonging their ejaculation to more than ten minutes.

PE is often considered an erectile dysfunction, in which case it leaves both a man affected and his partner sexually unsatisfied. Indeed, some sexual partners of men having the problem do look for sexual satisfaction elsewhere, something capable of causing marriage breakups in case of married coupes. On their part, men with PE problem do initially feel embarrassed and often develop fear of getting involved in sexual activities. This eventually leads to stress and one can easily become depressed when one affected does not seek help.


Even though the exact cause(s) of premature ejaculation has not been ascertained, which is the reason for its consideration as an erectile dysfunction problems, a number of theories for its occurrence have been advanced. One theory advanced indicates that PE is a result of masturbation by young men. Because they masturbate quickly to avoid being caught, the action soon develops into PE problem when they come of age. Other theories advanced include increased anxiety just before sexual intercourse and lack of sex for a prolonged period by adult men. These are just theories that have no evidence of proof.

A possible cause for this type of erectile dysfunction is believed to be lack of self control on the part of men who experience the problem. In particular, scientists have linked physiological mechanism to occurrence of PE. This is a genetic condition where a man is naturally born with increased nerve sensitivity. Furthermore, scientists have also established that men with premature ejaculation problem do have a high neurological response particularly in their pelvic muscles.


Several management techniques have been recommended for men who experience premature ejaculation. Such techniques include:

  • Use of condoms – Condoms reduce penile sensitivity, allowing men with PE to prolong their ejaculation.
  • Use of analgesic creams – These numb the penis when erect, reducing penile sensitivity to a large extent, in effect prolonging ejaculation.
  • Application of pressure on the penis – This technique is best performed by a partner. It involves applying pressure (squeezing) the penis when a man is about to ejaculate. Alternatively, a man needs to inform his partner when he is about to ejaculate for the partner to pull back his scrotum, which delays ejaculation. This works because when a man is about to ejaculate, his scrotum rises toward the body.
  • Change of position – Changing from “active” sex position to a ‘passive” position has been proven to help a man with premature ejaculation problems to delay ejaculation as much as possible.
  • Reduced anxiety – Men with PE problem can do themselves good by avoiding anxiety before intercourse. Having sex in a different room apart from the bedroom and avoiding fear/sexual thoughts before intercourse goes along way in delaying ejaculation.
  • Exercises – Performance of PC exercises have been proved to help men with PE problem to eventually overcome the same. PC exercises are basically kegel exercises that that strengthen specific muscles that control ejaculation.


Apart from management techniques, various medications are normally prescribed for treating this type of erectile dysfunction. Such are in most cases selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) that are effective in reducing incidents of premature ejaculation. The medications include Clomipramine (Anafranil), Dapoxetine, Paroxetine and Tramadol among other SSRIs. Self-medication is strictly not recommended when dealing with PE. This is because these medications can have serious side effects including such erectile dysfunction problems as diminished libido and amargasmia among other problems.

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