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Things You Need To Know About Your Penis

Have you noticed that sometimes your penis gets an erection in some awkward situations and without your will? This comes as a result of the system that controls your penis and that is the nervous system. The nervous system is not always under our control and that is why things like that are happening.

In many cases sexual arousal is not voluntary. In fact most of sexual arousals appear in the sympathetic nervous system. Furthermore, impulses that come from the brain during the so-called REM phase of sleep can cause erections if you are dreaming about sex or some unpleasant situations. Stretching the stomach and lifting heavy weight can also cause erections so you should be prepared for that.

Another interesting fact is that the penis appears bigger when you feel happy and relaxed.

As you know penises grow while they are in the state of erection, but there is no consistent ratio between a relaxed penis and erected penis. It can grow from 1,5 cm to 9 cm. The only thing that might be consistent is that smaller penises increase more while they are erected (sometimes even two times more) while people with bigger penises don’t have this level of increasing.

Although we only see the exterior of the penis, this organ is a lot larger. Imagine it as a tree and you can’t see the roots of that tree. The penis has a boomerang shape and it goes inside the pelvis and continues to the pubic bone. One of the methods of surgical interventions to increase penis is cutting the ligaments within the pelvis where the root of the penis is located. This ligament is called suspensory ligament and it regulates the erection (it makes it stronger). By cutting that ligament the erected penis loses it upward angle and starts hanging. Lack of stiffness can lead to penis injuries.

As we probably all know there are no bones in the penis but yet it can be broken. This occurrence is called penis fracture and when this happens a sound of cracking can be heard. The penis becomes blue or black and a strong painful sensation occurs.

Luckily penis fracture happens rarely and it is usually present in young people because of their very stiff erection.

In order to avoid this kind of fracture don’t use your penis too rough or reckless. The most often reason for this fracture is quick sex and forcing the penis into the partner. In this way the penis might hit the tailbone and brake. Women that are on top during the sexual intercourse and make rapid and uncontrolled movements can also damage the penis.

Peyronie’s syndrome is usually linked with older people. This comes as a result of weaker erection that appears among older people. The penis is bending more during the sex and minor tissue damages can occur. After a while the penis can get bended appearance followed by some health issues. But remember that not all types of bending can cause problems.

What Is A Penis Fracture?

Penis fracture is defined as rapture of the membrane of the bulging cavernous structures of the penis. Luckily this injury is not that often but when it happens it should be treated seriously and it is no wonder why doctors consider it as a emergency situation. This injury happens while the penis is erected.

There are many reasons why penis fracture happens. Unexpected blunt trauma or abrupt bending of the penis while it is erected, can lead to rupture of the membrane that surrounds the cavernous bodies of the penis. The injury might be even worse if both cavernous bodies are broken and the urinary tube too. In most cases this injury happens during the sexual intercourse while the female is on top of her partner. Of course there are other reasons for this injury to happen like masturbation, mechanical injuries or any other shock on an erected penis. In extremely rare cases this injury can happen while sleeping, because unconsciously people can have an erected penis and try to turn around in their sleep.

In order to understand the injury better we should look at the structure of the penis. The penis consists of three parts – root, body and head. All these parts are growing when they are aroused due to increased flow of blood. The penis is innervated by left and right dorsal nerves and pudendal nerves. Blood supply comes from the inner pudendal arteries.

When the penis is not erected there are almost no chances for injury of this kind because of its flexibility. When the penis gets hard erection and its elasticity is much lower. For example, during the transition from normal state to erection, the membrane gets a lot tighter (from 2 mm it goes to 0,25 mm) practically loosing almost all of its flexibility. Due to this thinning and inelasticity, blunt trauma or bending of an erected penis can cause penis injury much easier. A sudden increase in pressure in the corpus cavernosum in these cases can quickly destroy the membrane.

Penis fracture can be easily spotted because it has clear symptoms. Like we have said before, in most cases men get injured when they pull the penis out the vagina during the sexual intercourse while the women are in a dominant position. On the way out the penis can hit the tailbone and this is why penis fracture happens. Penis fracture is always painful but depending on the seriousness of the injury the pain can vary from mild to extremely strong. Penis fracture can be noticed by the appearance of the penis which is usually swollen, deformed, unusually bended and discolored.  Many doctors suggest early surgical intervention for treatment of penis fractures. The patient stays at the hospital for at least 10 days and after that can proceed with the treatment from the comfort of his home. Usually antibiotics and analgesics are prescribed.  The penis should be healthy after a while but erectile dysfunction and penis bending are possible.