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How To Stimulate The G-spot In The Right Way?

You have probably read or heard about naughty novels which tell a story about some lonely and unsatisfied girl who finally manages to find the right man who somehow hits her g-spot from the first time and she feels incredible sexual pleasure. Most people believe that this is only part of the imagination of the writer, but the truth is that these spots exist. However, stimulation of the this sensual spot is still a major scientific mystery that occupies the minds of many scientists, but also the minds of many sexually active women and men. Many claim that they have searched and found this spot while someone got lost during this journey. Some people claim that they are not looking for it because it simply doesn’t exist. The fact is that many sexologists claim that the g-spot exists. The best part of this hot spot is that you can stimulate it on your own or ask your partner to do it. Now let’s see some of the ways that can help you stimulate g spot that leads to incredible orgasms.

Have you ever seen vibrators that are curved at the top? Although they look weird, their appearance is specially designed for finding and stimulating the g-spot. Place some lubricants on the vibrator and place the curved top toward the top of the stomach and start with the stimulation. Remember to keep some other erogenous zones like the clitoris and breasts active too. But, if you are doing this naughty experiment with your partner, let him try to find the g-spot with the sex toys. In this way you will be able to relax completely and enjoy better sexual experience.


In case you don’t feel comfortable buying a sex toy or you simply don’t feel comfortable using one, you can always use your partner’s or your own fingers. Add a small amount of lubricant on the index and middle finger. After that, place the fingers for around few inches inside the vagina and slowly make them firmer and start the stimulation. You should not have long nails in order to avoid injuries. You can easily notice the g-spot because this area is usually smoother than the rest of the vagina. If you are stimulating your vagina on your own you can easily adjust the speed, pressure and the other factors that will make you feel more comfortable. If you want your partner to help you, feel free to give him some guides.

Different sensations

Some women say that stimulation of the g-spot makes them feel an urge to urinate while others start to feel excitement instantly. If nothing happens at first, try to stimulate this spot in different ways. For example, change the angle, try to increase or decrease the speed, pressure, circular motions or any other way that will make you feel more comfortable.

Don’t forget that you can stimulate the g-spot with the penis during penetration. The best way to do this is when you are on top of your partner because you can control the speed and intensity of stimulation.

Excessive vaginal wetness

When it comes to vaginas and moisture, we usually talk about vaginal dryness. However, there are cases when women have to deal with excessive vaginal wetness a situation that brings a lot of unpleasant situations.

Vaginal dryness usually causes painful sex because the skin of the vagina and the penis can suffer from bruises and tissue damage. That’s why partners are usually excited when they notice that the vagina is wet. But just like any other excessive thing too much wetness can cause problems. Too much natural wetness can lower the pleasure in both partners. The walls of the vagina may get so wet that there is no rubbing/friction. This is a huge problem for men too because they have the feeling like the penis is swimming inside the vagina and don’t feel any pressure at all. There is an optimal level of friction, which is necessary for sexual pleasure in both partners. Of course, the partners can always divert the sexual intercourse from the vagina to the clitoris. This also means that the woman should find another way to please her partner. Some partners find this solution unacceptable while others see this only as a temporary solution because nothing compares to vaginal intercourse.

In cases when excessive vaginal wetness is caused by some medical condition the solution may be a surgery. Since this is the most radical solution it’s always better to try some other solutions first like vaginal laser therapy (known for reducing the wetness in many cases), electro-stimulation, vaginal freezing therapy and magnetic therapy. Keep in mind that some of these therapies can be painful, expensive and that they don’t guarantee any results.

According to some doctors anything that dries the mouth should act in the same way when it comes to vagina too (antihistamines, alcohol, cigarettes etc.) so it’s wise to avoid these things. Don’t forget that kissing with a dry mouth is not the most pleasant thing that you can do to start foreplay. You can always choose condoms in different shapes (wrinkled). Although they don’t affect the wetness, they can help both partners feel the penetration of the penis into the vagina. But don’t overuse this type of penis because after a while the vagina might become less sensitive.

In the past women that had such problem used towels to wipe the vagina before they have a sexual intercourse. Although this is an effective method, it’s really unpleasant and it can kill the passion. Some women use hair dryers and certain tablets, but all these things act only as temporary solutions. Vaginal muscles training is always a good idea because they can increase the sensitivity during sex and make the vagina appear tighter – something that suits both partners in situations like these. All these methods are not scientifically proven but they can give you some ideas about how to deal with this problem.

If the problem doesn’t go away and you just can’t live with it, you can always visit a doctor and seek for help. Excessive vaginal wetness is a complicated problem and there is no permanent solution for it, but your gynecologist can certainly help you ease this problem.

How To Reach A Perfect Orgasm

According to some researches women need no longer than 20 minutes of manual or oral stimulation until they reach an orgasm.

The secret of orgasm most often lays in finding the right trigger. The muscle contractions that give the well known pleasant feeling can sometime happen spontaneously during the sexual intercourse but in most cases in order to reach the climax women need special atmosphere (ambience light, pleasant music), special body position or some specific technique (like oral stimulation of the clitoris). But even if all these factors are in the game it doesn’t necessarily mean that a perfect orgasm will be achieved.

First of all you have to pay attention to the foreplay. All that kissing, cuddling and exchange of touches activates our nervous system that sends messages about the feeling of pleasure throughout the body. At this point you should feel completely relaxed and devoted to the act without thinking about anything else. The best thing to do is to focus on a certain sense like smell or taste and think only about that.

When you are aroused your nerves carry a message to your brain that says that it is time to increase the blood flow in the erogenous zones and as a result of that the genital area is getting a little bit swollen and moisturized. The more blood in that area the more sensitive you become which results in a real circle of pleasure. Some researchers claim that women need around 10 to 20 minutes of manual or oral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Most of the women try to shorten that period because they think that their partner might not be interested after that. The truth is that men enjoy when their partner is aroused and reaches orgasm.

As we have mentioned before in order to achieve a perfect orgasm the position of the body is very important. Once you feel very aroused it is time for a penetration. While he is on top of you, find a position where the basis of his penis is in the same line with your clitoris and wrap your legs around him. The intercourse is now ready to proceed. Occasional finger stimulation on the clitoris performed by your partner is also an option.

In the moment you reach orgasm your brain releases a wave of oxytocin. This is a neurohormone that passes through the muscles of the pelvis and causes a series of rhythmic contractions that last for few seconds. If you practice Kegel exercises you can make those contractions last longer.

While you are having sex, don’t forget that proper breathing can be very helpful too. Never hold your breath and breathe freely – shallow and rapid breathing will produce more powerful vaginal contractions.

Faking orgasms is not an option. Although it might work sometimes it is better to say that you want some changes instead of faking orgasms. You will make your partner feel like he has found the perfect way to please you and he will try to repeat that procedure every time. The best way is to talk with your partner and find a way to have better sex.