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Primary Problems Couples Often Experience In Their Relationship

Most couples experience bumpy roads in their relationship. However, with a little bit of foresight of those potential relationship problems, you can work together to move past them.

All relationships have their good days and their bad days, but couples who are still together have managed to successfully navigate those bad days to have more good days. They stick together, confront the problems they have and learn to work their issues out. They do this by reading articles and self-help books, go to counseling, join seminars, watch other successful couples and even try to work things out by trial and error.

2 Key Problems That Plague Relationships and Strategies To Get Past Them

Communication – Many problems in a relationship tend to be the result of poor/bad communication. There are many reasons for the lack of communication – too involved with work, too involved with social settings, too involved with electronics, etc.

4 Ways To Solve Communication Problems In Your Relationship

  • Make appointments to spend time together. If you live in the same household, turn off or put cell phones on vibrate, make the kids go to bed and allow the voicemail to pick up the calls.
  • If talking usually leads to yelling, consider going to a public location – park, restaurant, library so you’ll be ashamed if you’re seen yelling at each other.
  • Put some rules together. When you’re partner is talking, don’t interrupt them. Never say the following phrases, “You never…” and “You always…”
  • Watch the body language. You don’t want to come across as being insensitive – looking at the time, doodling, cutting your fingernails, etc.

Sex – Partners who love each can still be sexually mismatched. Many times it’s the lack of education and not knowing their own sexual self-awareness that can lead to sex problems in a relationship. However, sex is something that should not be given up. Sex brings couples closer together, releasing hormones that physically and mentally help the body.

3 Ways To Solve Sexual Problems In Your Relationship

  • Planning is so essential when it comes to sex. Make a date to have sex with your partner. It doesn’t even need to be at night when people are sleeping. Consider a before work sexcapade or during a child’s naptime one Saturday afternoon. You could even ask your family or friends to watch the kids overnight to enjoy some one-on-one time with your significant other.  And, you don’t have to do it in the bedroom. You could also have sex in other rooms of the home.
  • Create a sexy list to learn what turns your significant other on. Swap them and make use of the list to better enjoy the sexual experience.
  • If you’re unable to resolve the sexual problems yourselves, consider seeking the assistance of an experienced sex therapist to address the problems and get past them.

Understanding Female Orgasm Difficulties

Many women cannot reach orgasm because of the simple fact that they don’t know what causes excitement in them. Despite the fact that modern women are fully sexually emancipated, many women still have trouble reaching proper orgasm. This condition is often medically described as anorgasmia and the reasons that lead to this state are virtually endless. The two main types of anorgasmic causes are physical and psychological causes. In this article we will try to talk about a cause that can be listed in both categories. With all those psychological and health causes there is a possibility that women cannot reach orgasm because they simply don’t know what turns them on. The reason behind this is their prejudices regarding sex or maybe they have not explored their body in a proper way yet.

A woman can become a good doctor for her own body if she finds the necessary time and courage to explore her own body and the reaction of the body to different types of stimulations. Of course, you can always consult your doctor but if you are already looking for help from qualified individuals then it is better to consult a sex therapist or a sexologist. These experts can lead individuals step by step until they reach their final goal. Of course, this means that women might have to answer some straightforward and unpleasant questions that need completely honest answers but this is the only for the expert to explore his patient’s sexuality. Sex therapist very often stand up for masturbation because one of the biggest advantages of masturbation is that the person practicing it will explore her body. Another specialist that can help you with this process is a bioenergetic therapist.

In order for one individual to get familiar with all the properties of sexuality he or she must explore the body in details, especially how the body reacts onerotic stimulations. Women can determine this by testing if they test which type of stimulation suits them the best – clitoral, vaginal stimulation or maybe direct penetration in the vagina. Some women need two types of stimulation in order to achieve orgasm. Some women need long foreplay while others find long foreplay boring and useless. Sex therapist suggest that women should explore their vaginas in details without any embarrassment. They can even masturbate in front of a mirror in order to see how the vagina reacts on different stimulations. A lot of celebrities are encouraging women to explore their bodies and love their reproductive system.

Finally, every woman should talk with her partner about the things that she finds stimulating. She should also talk about the things that make her reach an orgasm fast. In this way you can make the shyness, fears and all the unpleasant feelings that burden your sexuality go away. In these cases it is good to have a partner that knows when he needs to listen and a partner who is ready to explore your sexuality with your help.

Experts that can help you with your libido

Those who suffer from low libido will be surprised when they learn how many types of experts can help them solve their problem. Difficulties with libido deserve to get the same attention as any other health difficulties that we might have.

General Practitioner (Doctor)

When it comes to problems with libido you must visit your doctor (general practitioner), who can check the regularity of your heart beat and measure your blood pressure in order to determine if there are some signs that you are suffering from health problems. Your doctor should also examine your general physical condition, take note about the different types of medications that you use (if any) and in the end the doctor should discuss about your feelings, relationship with your partner and your general lifestyle. Your mental state is especially important because in many cases depression is the number one factor of low libido. Of course, the physical factors can also cause low sex drive as well as pain during sexual intercourse because they can lead to avoiding these sexual intercourses.

Bioenergetics therapist   

As we’ve concluded before, the problem of libido in men and women can be caused by both mental and physical factors. That’s why a quality bioenergetics therapist can be a good option for those who want to solve this problem. Although many people find this kind of therapy to be a little bit odd, the truth is that these therapies have high level of efficiency. Of course, we are not talking about some uncertified quasi-therapists. You need to find some therapist that has knowledge of alternative medicine and psychotherapy and someone who can apply that knowledge with the help of his experience. A good bioenergetics therapist will tell you if the problem with lack of sex drive is in you or in some external factors. Different therapists use different methods so don’t be surprised if some of them use hands-on, hands-off or some distant methods.


When we talk about sexual difficulties, sexologists act like investigators. There can be many reasons behind the lack of sexual desire like problems with erection, difficulties with reaching orgasm, problems with early ejaculation, problems with late ejaculation, problems with delayed ejaculation and many more. The role of the sexologist is to precisely determine where the problem is. However, many people avoid going to a sexologist and they have different reasons for this avoidance. Some of them find going to a sexologist uncomfortable while some of them don’t take their sexual problems seriously and they hope that the problems will go away by themselves.

Sex Therapist

When the sexologist or the general practitioner determines that the problems with your libido have their root in the mental sphere they can recommend visiting a specialized sex therapist. These therapists focus on discussing the problem with you and your partner. In some cases, individuals have problems in communication with their partner or maybe they have problems with maintaining long relationships and  the therapists is here to find the cause of the problem and solve it.