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How to Eliminate Sex Problems?

Both men and women can suffer from various sexual disorders and problems. Luckily, these problems can be solved by using some of the many available methods.

Sexuality is a thing that concerns two individuals if they are in a relationship. That’s why you cannot leave your partner deal with these problems on his own. You should show support and complete understanding. Examine the causes of these problems together and try to eliminate these problems together. The most common sex problem in men is decreased sexual power or decreased potency as some people call it. In many cases these are psychological problems, which are reflection of the mental state of one individual. During the process of elimination of these disorders it is very important for the woman to take her role because she is the one that knows her man the best. If they cannot solve the sexual problem together, they should consider visiting an expert in this field, so don’t be too shy to speak with strangers about this problem because they are qualified for solving this kind of situations. Keep in mind that this is a much better option than waiting for the problem to resolve on its own. It is crucial to get the maximal support from your partner during this process.

If a man wants to prevent possible difficulties in his sex life, it is good for him to know his woman’s body in the same way he knows his body. This means that men need to know all the hidden spots that provide women pleasure. Men should not engage in sexual activity with women that they don’t know well and with women that they don’t feel close. In this way they can avoid possible fears that they won’t be able to satisfy the woman when they have sex for the first time. It is highly recommended for men to have sex only with women that they truly want. Sex should not be viewed as a hobby or just to fulfill some primeval instinct.

Another big mistake that men should avoid is to stop communicating with a woman with who he had bad sex. This can leave bad feeling and it can lead to decreased self-confidence. This is why you need to give second chance and have different approach in the sex act. The first sex is usually uncomfortable so on your second date try to focus on her erogenous zones, relax your partner and try to relax yourself. Avoid alcohol and try to be rested before you start the sex act.

If all these things can’t help you maybe it’s time to visit a sexologist. These professionals understand most of these problems and difficulties in sex life. The therapies must be attended by both partners or they won’t work. Visiting a sexologist is especially useful for couples who usually have difficulties to talk about intimate stuff. During these therapies you can find out new things and conclusions that were hidden deeply in your sub-consciousness.

Nocturnal Ejaculation

Orgasm during sleep is often linked with teenagers but the truth is that this happens in older men too. There are few reasons for this interesting phenomenon.

When a child becomes a sexually mature person, he often begins to dream about so-called sexual fantasies/dreams. These fantasies are also called wet dreams and they are usually caused by daily experiences. The reasons can be various – a short erotic scene from a movie, a beautiful classmate, some attractive celebrity and even erotic literature. These things usually happen to teenagers that haven’t experienced sexual intercourse yet or teenagers who haven’t masturbated yet. This is a completely natural teenage phenomenon that can occur in some teenagers and it is not a reason for being worried. Nocturnal ejaculations usually start around the age of 14. In rare cases, children that are twelve or thirteen years old can experience these nocturnal ejaculations too. Of course many male teenagers never experience this phenomenon. It’s good to know that this is happening randomly and there are no rules about it. Parents should remember that there is nothing wrong about nocturnal ejaculation.

So, how exactly these wet dreams that cause nocturnal ejaculation look like? These are dreams in which men dream about certain sights, events and happenings that they link with their sexual desires. While they are awake all these desires are pushed into the subconscious. Some experts say that men push these desires because they are afraid or ashamed of them and that’s the reason why they are so realistic in the dreams. It looks like a good psychiatrist like Freud could explain all these things. This legendary scientist linked all dreams with sexuality, especially when it came to the so-called hidden sexual dreams that contain various sexual symbols. According to him, female genitals often occur in the shape of vase, box, room or gardens while male genitals in the form of dagger, snake, stick while the sexual act can appear as a ride with a car or something similar. All these hidden sexual symbols can tell a lot about the person that is dreaming but that’s another topic.

What is interesting about nocturnal ejaculation is that this phenomenon can happen in older men too. It is usually happening in men that irregularly satisfy their sexual needs or this may be a reflection of their inability to satisfy some strong sexual desire because they are afraid or unable to do it. In many cases we are talking about certain sexual deviation that is not acceptable for the society but the individual still fantasizes about it. These dreams that cause nocturnal ejaculation can be about sexual deviance, perversion and about satisfying sexual desire in an strange, unusual and unacceptable way. Of course these are only some of the cases. The reason might be a simple erotic fantasy that can cause arousal even when we are awake.

Nocturnal ejaculation can be described as a subconscious sexual self-satisfaction that doesn’t affect the male sexual power in the waking state.

Impotence – Constant Fear Of Sexual Dysfunction

Having low self-esteem linked with sexual impotence can truly disturb every man and what is even more frightening is that this unpleasant situation can affect different aspects of their lives. In situations like these failures become something inevitable.

There are many reasons why this is happening and different psychologists have different conclusions. However there are few things that seem to repeat in these cases of impotence among men.

Men tend to equate their masculinity with their sexual power, although masculinity is reflected in many different things not just sexuality. Furthermore they equate their sexual power with erectile power, which allows normal and uninterrupted sexual intercourse with the partner. Men can be manly and impotent at the same time although some of them don’t realize how that is possible. There are many causes why impotence occurs. For example there can be natural causes, when impotence occurs because of sclerotic changes in the blood vessels. Certain neurological diseases can also cause impotence – for example multiple sclerosis. The list is even longer when we add, diabetes, various medical interventions (prostate surgery, aortic surgery, tumors around and on the genitals…), various medications that we consume (antihypertensives , psychopharmaceuticals), on it. Mental disorders are on this list too. For example depression can lower sex drive in addition to impotence. These mental disorders can cause even more problems than some of the medicaments.

There are some side causes that can also affect the appearance of impotence. On the top of this list are bad relationships followed by distancing of the partners, hostility and hatred and even open aggression. Sometimes some unexpected events in our lives can also affect our sexual health. Things like death of a partner, fear from a newly discovered disease. fear of divorce, troubles at work; they can all worsen the situation.

In many cases the cause of sexual impotence is of psychological nature. After a few failures in a row, which might be caused by some unfortunate events, a man can develop fear of failure. This fear is interfering erection and lowers the quality of the sexual intercourse.

In these cases men tries to focus on their own performance instead of focusing on the physical attractiveness of the women they are with. Sometimes these causes have deeper roots which can be traced in the early childhood.

The unstoppable process of aging can also affect the sexual power of men. After the age of 50 erections might not occur as often as previously. Men are usually physiologically strongest in their 20s and after the 40s they slowly begin to lose interest in sex and their levels of testosterone are lowered. In some cases the sex drive is present but the man is not able to achieve erection so easy.

Every case of impotence should be examined separately. Depending on the causes impotence can be treated with drugs, surgery and even with psychotherapy in cases of psychogenic impotence.