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How Women Can Have Orgasm

Recent studies show that women might have a better chance with having a vaginal orgasm when they are in a relationship that they are committed to and The Harvard University’s Department of Psychiatry decided to further research this theory and take it on another level with their studies.

The department did a survey that involved around 13,484 college women who where all heterosexual and the survey was about the type of orgasmic events that happened in their life and how many times that they might be involved with the same sex partner. The survey also showed that women who had a relationship outside of the committed one that they still had orgasms more with the same sex partner.

HuffPo, made a charge with all of the current findings of a woman’s first sex partner and that the studies showed she only had around a 32% chance of having any kind of vaginal orgasm during sex. After hooking up with the same sex partner a couple of times then the chance increased by up to 35% and then after around 3 to 5 hookups the chance goes up to 40% and then, a staggering 51% chance of having an intense orgasm after being with the same sex partner for at least 6 times or more.

When a woman wants to be in a relationship with the partner then she has around a 45% chance of having an intense orgasm. When she has doubts or might not want to be in the current relationship then she has only around a 37% chance of possibly having an organism.

Studies also show that one way to help with women being able to organism better is to build up trust in the relationship. When a woman feels that she can trust you and that she knows for a fact that nothing bad will happen then she has a higher chance of having an orgasm. This is another reason as to why women have a higher chance of having an orgasm after being with the same partner a few times. Women who might have difficulty with having orgasms in a sexual relationship should talk with their partner and work on building up trust because once the trust is built up, then orgasms should start happening a lot more frequently.

When a woman becomes aroused in a relationship, the relationship can go on another level that’s healthier and even more committed than ever before.  Working on building up trust in a relationship and staying with the same sex partner can lead to many hot nights.

How to deal with low sex drive?

Decrease in sexual desire and sex drive in people who are in a serious relationship can lead to various problems. The causes of reduced sex drive can be a disease, but very often they are a result of seemingly small business, family or psychological problems. The good news is that these problems can be solved relatively easily.

People have been working to increase male libido from the ancient times. Different nations had different methods to achieve greater sex drive. For example, ancient Greeks believed that bull testicles can increase their potency while ancient Romans used various means against impotence including sea food like oysters. Other people used means that were considered to be magical, and although these means might not physically improve their performance it was enough to make a psychological boost and increase sexual desire. Some of these aphrodisiacs included the horns of certain animals, various spells, pickled bugs etc. Since ancient times, people have experimented with different types of food that were considered to be helpful for the libido. Food like truffles, cinnamon, celery, kefir, giner, herbalk teas and other were used regularly. American Indians for example used the plant called Tumer which is now part of many medications that are used to increase potency.

Lack of sexual desire is present in both sexes equally and it surely affects the stability of the relationship in a very negative way. Sexual weakness in men is manifested with diminished erection, delayed or premature erection and overall lack of sexual desire. Women tend to have different type of problems like vaginal dryness, having trouble to achieve sexual arousal and or difficulties with reaching and experiencing orgasm.

So what exactly causes these problems? Causes of problems related to love life can be a variety of diseases like high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, hormonal disorder, impaired circulation, side effects of certain medications, diabetes and other medical conditions. Furthermore, vices like tobacco, alcohol or drugs can have very negative impact on sexual desire and the sexual power of both women and men. There are few other causes that can produce serious problems with the libido like depression, stress, irregular sleep and insomnia, unhealthy diet, chronic fatigue, improper communication, lack of time, modern lifestyle, busy schedule at the workplace, some serious family problems and similar issues.

Fortunately, if not all, most of these problems that cause lack of sex drive can be reduced and even completely solved. Of course in order to get rid of these problems they should be taken seriously by both partners and they need to have intention to solve those problems. For example, diseases that can cause lack of sex drive can be treated with proper therapies. Problems linked with everyday activities can be solved by better organization of your life and obligations. Trust, love and regular communication will certainly help you deal with sex drive problems.

If your sex drive is reduced because of some serious medical issue or some other very serious problem you should consult an expert. There are a lot of counseling services that will give you directions how to overcome your problems and help you with your sex life.

5 Easy Ways to Help Your Man Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

The aging process causes a lot of changes in the body one of which is increased possibility of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. ED can manifest itself in different ways including premature ejaculation where your man reaches orgasm when you are not sexually satisfied. This can be just before vaginal penetration or soon after. It can also manifest itself in form of your main failing to attain erection or in case he does, the erection is weak to a point where vaginal penetration becomes impossible.

You definitely will not want to find yourself in the above picture. This is because your man’s sexual health will not only have deteriorated but will continue to deteriorate to a point where sex in your relationship becomes a big issue. Caused by several factors including long-term use of specific medications, excessive alcohol intake, smoking, vascular disease, neurological disease, diabetes, poor diet and prostate-related treatments, ED affects about 75% of men, which makes it very necessary that you help your man prevent it at all costs. This you can do in several easy ways:

  • Walking – Many consider walking as a waste of time, choosing to travel by car even for short distances. They do not realize that walking is a unique form of exercise that has a positive effect on sexual performance. According to a study undertaken at Harvard University, walking for just 30 minutes everyday goes a long way in minimizing the risk of ED by up to 41%. You need to spare some time to take a walk with your man as one effective way of helping him prevent ED. Celebrity trainer David Kirsch, trainer for Kate Upton and Jennifer Lopez also encourage people to do more walking than just cardio, it’s easier to do it on a daily basis.
  • Appropriate diet – The need for appropriate diet for healthy living cannot be understated. A Massachusetts Male Aging Study revealed that a regular diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, fish and fruits minimizes the risk of ED in men. The fact that absorption of vitamin B12 becomes poor as a man ages makes it necessary to ensure that your man consumes a diet composed of foods fortified with vitamin B12. Note that vitamin B12 deficiency in a man’s body easily leads to ED.
  •  Good vascular health – Poor vascular health is a major contributor to occurrence of ED. High cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, high blood pressure and high blood sugar cause damage to arteries in the body, leading to heart attack, stroke and ED among other serious health conditions. It is therefore very important that you encourage your man to go for medical check up to determine levels of the above indicated issues. This is one of the easiest and best help that you can offer your man if you want him to continue maintaining good sexual health in particular.
  • Help your man cut weight – Excess body weight including obesity increases the risk of ED by a big percentage. Obesity causes two health problems that are major causes of ED; diabetes and vascular disease. Excess fat deposits in the body also interferes with smooth production and functioning of sexual hormones, leading to ED. You need to help your man cut down on excess body weight to remain sexually healthy. It is indeed indicated that men with 32-inch waistline stand a lower risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction compared to men with 42-inch and above waistline measurement.
  • Exercise – Like with appropriate diet, the need for regular exercise must be emphasized. Performing exercises helps in burning fat deposits in the body, flushes out toxic substances from the body through sweat in addition to strengthening body muscles. Performing Kegel exercises in particular strengthens pelvic muscles, which goes a long way to improve sexual performance. It is important that you encourage your man to partake in regular exercises including Kegel exercises to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Sex and pregnancy

A lot of couples think that they will be deprived of having sexual intercourse during pregnancy. But the truth is that if a woman is pregnant there is absolutely no reason not to enjoy in a complete sexual intercourse until she gives birth. In fact many couples find sex during that period to be even more exciting and interesting.

During pregnancy a lot of couples reduce the number of sexual intercourses that they usually have but some of them practice sex even more than before. The main reason for this increased sexual activity is the fact that the woman’s body during pregnancy is experiencing some changes that make women more sensitive and easily aroused. All these changes including increased level of senses are direct result of the higher levels of sex hormones. As we have mentioned before people can enjoy sex normally until the woman gives birth but even shortly after childbirth sexual intercourse is possible if the woman doesn’t feel pain and if she feels ready to do it.

If the pregnancy is progressing normally there is no reason to be sexually inactive and restrain. According to some researches a lot of women were able to experience stronger orgasms while some of the women felt their first real orgasms during pregnancy. Since there is an increased level of sex hormones in the blood, the desire for sex is growing, reproductive organs are more sensitive and sexual arousal can be achieved much faster and it is usually much stronger. Of course, the partner should be careful especially when it comes to breasts because they are very sensitive during this period. This means that the partner should be gentle and considerate and the best option is to avoid this area. As the child grows and develops it takes up more space in the pelvis and the abdomen, so the partners will have to find different positions and styles of making love.

A lot of couples are concerned that sexual intercourses can cause infections that can be transferred to the child, but it is good to know that the cervix is completely occluded by mucus and sexual intercourse is safe. Just like any other period, hygiene is very important during this period too.

Another irrational fear is that the baby could be crushed during these intercourses. That is impossible because the child floats in amniotic fluid which serves as a protective layer from all possible bumps and crushes. However you should not practice rough sexual intercourse and if bleeding occurs visit the doctor immediately. This bleeding doesn’t necessarily mean that something serious is going on but the doctor must determine if there is a risk of miscarriage.

As the pregnancy develops you might find that it is necessary to change your sex routine but this change might bring you more excitement. Explore new positions and other types of sexual activity with your partner in order to improve your sex life.

If you don’t have the same sexual desire, don’t be disappointed and focus on communication and hanging out with your partner.

How Can I Make Sex Last Longer?

Just like the rest of the men in the world today, many men are looking for ways they can use to make sex last longer. If you are like me (A man who is fed up with having sex and done with it after six seconds) you need not be embarrassed but look for the best ways to stay longer!

There are many more men (75%) who are like you, bitter and frustrated not forgetting disappointed that they fail terribly when it comes to keeping their partners fully satisfied during sex. What many of us fail to understand is, women unlike us (men) need to be aroused a longer period of time way before they start having sex.

On average, a woman needs somewhere between five to fifteen minutes to climax. This also means that as a man, you need to also having a lasting sexual power of fifteen minutes in the least if you want to keep your partner satisfied fully through sexual intercourse.

Do you think you can hack this? If you think not, don’t worry, we have the best practical and natural sexual techniques that can get you to this level… Take a look


Keep It Down

Just know this; during intercourse you should slow down. Unfortunately, many of us men we are too eager to start pumping as soon as the sex session starts. When you start pumping that fast, you cause the sexual arousal to intensify within seconds and the littlest movement or friction on the penis takes you beyond the point of no return.

To avoid this from happening, you should instead focus on the sensual aspect of making love and forget about the sexuality part. Sensuality calls you to make love slowly and you should pay attention to ever part of the female anatomy and figure out where you touch she goes crazy.

This move also makes it possible for you to take away the focus from your genitals and you’ll now last longer.


Keep It Deep

As you penetrate your lady, her vagina becomes wider the deeper you go. If you know that you cum quickly, why not alternate between shallow and deep thrusting? This is a perfect way of adding more time that is critical to your sexual sensation.

The secret being, the deeper you penetrate the less your nerves will be stimulated on the penis glans with the intensity of the first 2 inches of the vagina. Whenever you have a feeling that you are spiralling out of control, enter in deep and stay there till the point where your sexual arousal will drop low several notches.

Now you will be able to last longer in bed!

How to Increase Libido?

Decreased libido in women or men can cause a lot of problems in a marriage or in any kind of romantic relationship. These problems are often very complex and they are not easy to resolve because they appear from different reasons. The good news is that, no matter how difficult this problems look they can be solved if there is will between the partners to solve them using their mutual understanding and trust. Of course, the basic thing to start with this process is to talk about it, silence is the worst thing. Once you start with this process you will see how easy it is to solve it and you won’t have any problems like that in the future. The following is a list of things that can help us with low sex drive, both in men and women.

Stop worrying about time. We all know that we live in a fast paced world but we don’t have to think all the time about deadlines, lack of time, appointments etc. So try to separate your work from your home duties. Make room for family time and once you are at home stop thinking about your job. Ty to silence the cell phone and stop worrying, take care of your family and your partner. Find a way to relax and it will increase your sex drive.

What you eat is what you are, so try to monitor your diet. Make it healthy because there is definitely a direct link between food and sexual health. Eat more vegetables and fruits, drunk some natural juices. Avoid spicy food, food that contains high levels of fats, alcohol, tobacco etc. Try adding some supplements in your diet; supplements that include vitamins and minerals in them.

Don’t forget the power of the nature. Certain herbal teas like the ones made of chamomile, nettle, licorice, cinnamon etc. ca help you relax and last longer in bed. You can consult with some experts to find the right teas for you.

If you are suffering from some chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease you probably know that your sex drive and desire for sex is probably lower. That’s why you need to follow the therapy and listen to doctors’ advice. Try different medications if the ones that you are using cause you to suffer from low libido.

Even if you have children you and your partner should have a time exclusively for you two. Take a walk together, go to a dinner or go to the cinema at least once a week. After these intimate moments it will increase sexual desire.

If you notice that you are lack of sexual desire, you should consider changing your lifestyle. Increase your physical activity, change your diet, rest more, make some changes and you will feel the difference. Get out of the routine that cause your low libido.

Going on a vacation is always a good idea. Spend a week or two alone with your partner out of your town. You will definitely feel more relaxed and you will have time for better communication with your partner.

Low testosterone levels and sex drive

Male sex drive is affected by many things, but low levels of testosterone are one of the main reasons for low sex drive and this situation can cause a lot of trouble in the sexual relations. Furthermore, if people don’t react timely it can lead to total loss of sexual interest and problems with erection. The good news is that there are a lot of things that you can do for prevention and treatment when it comes to testosterone level.

Researchers have not yet established the direct link between the level of testosterone and sex drive but they have come to a conclusion that with the process of aging men lose their interest in sex and at the same time their levels of testosterone are getting lower. This is a completely natural process. The period when the libido is strongest is during the teenage period and in the 20s and after that it slowly fades. However not all men are the same and every man feels different sex drive. In addition it is not only the nature that can affect the libido, the lifestyle is also very important – level of stress, diet, sleep problems etc. That’s why we can’t talk about “normal” sex drive. Furthermore the levels of testosterone are not always a direct reason for loss of sex drive. There are many men with low levels of testosterone that have regular sexual intercourses. Nevertheless it is confirmed that with every change in the levels of testosterone men feel a lack of sex drive. Besides testosterone levels there are many other things that affect the sex drive like stress, diseases, depression etc.

Although many people think that erectile dysfunctions are closely related with the levels of testosterone that’s wrong. These two things are linked in small number of cases. Erectile dysfunctions are caused by a disease called atherosclerosis (a disease that affects the muscle arteries). Because of the damage caused on these arteries, the blood vessels that supply the penis cannot expand and cannot provide high blood flow. At the same time, lack of testosterone is very often accompanied with atherosclerosis and that’s why men should check if they are suffering from both of them. Lack of testosterone is also linked with few other conditions that eventually lead to erectile dysfunction such as obesity, diabetes or/and cardiovascular syndrome.

Luckily there are some very effective solutions for this problem. One of these highly effective solutions is a testosterone therapy, that has a very positive impact on the sex drive and at the same time on the sexual life overall. Keep in mind that before you start using this therapy that long term effects and possible side effects have not yet been fully researched, so maybe it is best to use it as a short term solution. Another option that you can consider is bringing changes in your life and starting to live a healthier life – get rid of the tobacco, stop drinking, be careful with your diet, start exercising and the results will come.

Sex And Diabetes

When people find out that they are suffering from diabetes, sex is probably the last thing on their mind. Diabetes is a very serious disease and patients that have diabetes have to think about a lot of things like their diet, weight, sugar level etc. Because of that many people put their sex life aside but that is wrong because sex can be very helpful when it comes to health. Of course diabetes can make your sex life worse but is up to you to find a way to improve the sex life and the good thing is that there are many ways to make it better.

Because of the disease many people have lower blood circulation in the genital area, which means less sensibility and excitement in that area. According to few researches, diabetics have trouble reaching orgasm because of that and because they often experience changes in their mood. Certain things that you found interesting and exciting can now be useless. The feeling that you had when you had orgasm might not be the same. This has nothing to do with the attraction between you and your partner and reaching a strong orgasm might be a difficult task. That’s why you need to find something that you have never tried before, something that will stimulate you in order to achieve stronger orgasms. Don’t be disappointed because this quest might last for awhile.

During this whole process, don’t forget to measure the level of sugar in your blood. In this way you will feel more confident. Keeping the right level of sugar in your blood will certainly improve your sex life. In order to achieve that level you should take care about your diet. Increase the intake of vegetables, fruits and cereals and stay away from carbohydrates.

Another thing that you should take care of is pH balance in your vagina, because increased levels of sugar in the blood can damage this balance and cause vaginal infections. Increased pH levels eliminate the bacteria that keep your vagina healthy and without them all sorts of inflammation, fungus and infections occur.

Exercising is something that can help you lessen the symptoms of diabetes and improve your sex life. Exercising every day for 30 minutes can do miracles. It will strengthen your heart, improve endurance and flexibility and most importantly increase the blood flow in all parts of your body including the genital area. You don’t have to perform some intensive exercises; a simple walk in the park can do the job at the beginning.

Some say that the mind is the most important sexual organ. The way you think can affect your sexual life, sex drive and arousal. Instead of thinking about your disease and thins that you need to do, focus on your partners’ scent and movement. During the sexual intercourse, think only about that and nothing else. If you can’t focus start talking with your partner, tell him (or her) what you want or ask him/her what he wants. In this way you will calm your thoughts and release your fantasy.

Dating Tips: 5 Questions You Can Make Related To Her Past?

According to a key principle of dating, you shouldn’t discuss about the past of each other. Nevertheless, there is one reason to thank her exes – they left her so that she meets you. Indiana University conducted a research and found that a woman dates with around dozens of men until she finds out the best one. Each of her exes left her with an experience. You shouldn’t feel hesitated to ask about her ex. In fact, you should ask the following questions with which you can know everything about her past.

Question # 1

How She Lost Her Virginity?

According to a recent study conducted by the researchers, if a first time is poor, she would have bad self-confidence and less satisfaction later. Negative sex experiences for the first time is likely to make her anxious regarding upcoming romps. If she had a bad sexual experience in first time, you have to express your complete desire to her. Sweet whispers, eye contact combined with intimate hair pulling can make her confident for you.

Question # 2

When Did She Fight with Her Ex?

When anyone feels that their power is being dominated, arguments arise. You can get the insight of her insecurities and priorities by knowing about her last fights. Make sure to agree with her for not making any argument at late night. Otherwise, you will get irritated and say something regretful to her. When the heat goes up, make sure to go for a walk or take short intervals. These steps can reduce your anger and emotional intensity for fight. Also ask about the best solution for her.

Question # 3

What about Her Biggest Regret?

Women are more conscious about their relationships and family. This way, you need to keep following her lead. Regrets also have an advantage. Regrets motivate women to become an ideal partner. A survey conducted about 110 women resulted that these ladies argued less about money and craved more communication and affection.

Question # 4

Did She Ever Cheat On Her Ex?

A study reports that about 1 out of 5 women agreed that they were unfaithful. Sexual incompatibility can be a more usual reason for not being loyal because 49% of women cheated on their boyfriend/husband due to this reason. Though she may feel helpless about your proposal, you can remove her fear by explaining your view about sexual act.

Question # 5

What’s the Reason for Breakup?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask about her past. Pay complete attention to her. Try and make her feel more valued for you.

Stay Hard All Night

Yes, we are talking about stay hard all night with your penis. It’s about staying hard for a longer time until your partner are able to achieve orgasm. Continuous studies continue to suggest that over 93% of all men who sleep with women achieve an orgasm way before their women do. That said however, as man if you reach a point where you are able to hold back your orgasm till when your woman reaches her climax you will both achieve harder and much more pleasurable orgasm.

So to help you mover from the overcrowded percentage to the 7% of men who can hold their climax below are a few sex tips that will help you blow your woman’s brains away every time you have sex!!

Stop Focusing on Sensations

Every time you have sex, avoid focusing on the sensations which envelop your genitals, instead focus on the pleasurable feelings running all through your body. The instance you notice that an orgasm is on its way, make a quick action and stop for a minute or minimize your thrusting power.

When you feel the orgasm is coming, get out of her and continue giving her oral pleasure. This will make her go wild and want to enter her more. As you pleasure her orally, you will be calming down your arousal and you will get to a point where you can start pumping her again without arousing the orgasm again.

Repeat this action severally till when you reach a point where you feel like its time you achieved an intense orgasm as well.

Hold Your Orgasm In

When you come close to the ejaculation point it’s quite definite that you will feel involuntary contractions right on the pelvis area. Right before you feel the contractions, make sure that you squeeze the PC muscle and in the process do your best to hold in the ejaculation for the longest time.

Note: The PC muscle is also charged with disrupting urine flow and how many times have you been able to hold your urine for a certain amount of time? Now do the same to your orgasm and ready yourself for the right moment.

Holding it in will help you create a momentum that will burst forth with a lot of might helping you enjoy extreme pleasure when you finally release it!

To be able to hold back your ejaculation, you need to have a strong PC muscle. Unfortunately a high percentage of men have a weak PC muscle by default.

Good News However, it is easy to strengthen the PC muscle, practice kegel exercises and squeeze and hold the PC muscle for 20 seconds before releasing. Do this kegel exercises for five minutes per session as many times as you can throughout the day.

Within a week’s period you will have strengthened the PC muscle and now you’ll be quite confident that you can hold back your orgasm and let her reach hers first.

Did you know…

When you achieve a sensational orgasm, you will turn on your woman too! Seeing you enjoy your orgasm also turns her on and will always look forward to the times the two of you make love!

Exercising your PC muscle is also a natural and effective way to eradicate premature ejaculation and learn how to give your lover wonderful orgasms transforming your love making sessions to nothing but spectacular!