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Sex And Aging

If we judge but what we see on TV or the internet, sex is an exclusive activity just for young people. But the fact is that older people enjoy sex too. It is true that sex in that age is a little bit different compared to the sexual intercourse between young people but it can still be very enjoyable.

There is a saying that people are sexual beings, so it is quite normal that older people enjoy sex too. Since sex is one of the most important things in a relationship, it is good for couples no matter how old they are. Many people despite the process of aging continue to have regular sexual intercourses but in most of them this process can cause some changes (mainly some health issues). Some of them might experience health problems that might ruin their sex life, but they still practice some other forms of intimacy like cuddling or kissing. These acts can fill the sex gap that can cause depression and even more health issues. Interesting fact is that there are many people that are even older than 80 years and they still have sex.

The process of aging brings changes in both men and women. These changes sometimes affect the ability to enjoy sex.

We all know how women at a certain period in their lives experience menopause. But according to many researches many women after menopause enjoy sex even more because they know that they can’t pregnant any more. Speaking in general, women have less sexual problems as they grow older. However, many women have problems with vaginal lubrication after the menopause. This comes as a result of the lower levels of estrogen (hormone). Using artificial lubricants can solve this issue. There are few other physical changes that can also affect the sex life like changes in the flexibility, depth and width of the vagina, but they are usually not that big to ruin the relationship.

When it comes to men, aging and sex life, the biggest problem is impotence. Many men suffer from impotence after they enter the seventh decade of their lives. Even if they don’t have such problem, it takes a little bit more time to achieve erection. Probably the best way to solve this problem is longer foreplay and that’s why women need to be aware of the problem and try to solve it instead of being disappointed. Besides these problems, many old people have weak erections and the amount of ejaculate that they produce is much lower.

There are many things that old people can do to improve their sex life. For example try to understand that there is no such thing as normal sex. Even when people are young, every couple has a different style and type of sex life. The point of the sex is to keep your partner and yourself happy. Doctors can help older people and prescribe some medicines or try some herbal enhancement pill.

In most cases patience and proper communication are the best way to keep the sex life on high level, no matter how old you are. Senior citizen sexuality.

The Concept Of Sexual Techniques

The importance of reproduction as an essential ingredient of sex makes every person have a certain level of sexual techniques from the day that person was born. In order to produce some item you will need to learn some techniques before you create it, but when it comes to sex you don’t need to earn anything and the result will still come! However, the way to get the best result can be eased if the partners know each other and if they’ve been working on their social and sexual skills.

Mastering your verbal skills and using the right words in the right moment, using sighs and screams when needed, mastering eye contact, better knowledge of your own body and the body of your partner (especially the arousal zones) and adapting the right positions depending on your height and weight are all part of the concept of sexual techniques.

Sexology literature is full with books that try to create how-to guides for sexual pleasure. Most often in this type of books, we can read about sexual techniques that can drive people “crazy” of course if they are properly performed. If we judge only by the content of these books, we might think that there are few buttons on our bodies that wait to be pressed and we will get an instant unforgettable orgasm. But this is not the way things work.

Extending the time for foreplay can create aversion instead of satisfaction for persons that don’t like longer foreplays. A sexual partner that likes strong grip will only laugh and giggle if he/she gets gentle cuddling. Although oral sex is a real pleasure for many people, some consider it to be very perverted and don’t like it at all. Mechanical use of sexual techniques without brining emotions and without knowing or caring what the partner wants can lead to alienating, lack of sexual desire and even avoiding sexual intercourses.

The proper and varied selection of sexual positions takes central place in the mastery of sexual techniques. In this way we can most definitely be sure that over time sex won’t became boring and monotonous. According to some researches there are more than two hundred sex positions.

But to be honest many of them are almost impossible to perform and others require people with acrobatic skills in order to be performed. Practically all these positions can be divided in two simple groups.

Sex couples can perform them in laying, standing or seating position and on the other hand they can be performed with or without eye contact no matter which position they choose. Some couples use two or three positions during their whole life. Others like to make experiments. The most common sexual position is the so-called “Missionary position” – in which the man is over the woman.

However this position is often combined with positions where the woman is on top. It is up to the couple to decide which technique suits them best, depending on their height, weight, current state (pregnancy) or overall sexual pleasure that they feel in certain positions.

The Link Between Sexuality And Fears

Sexuality is one of the aspects of human life that causes a lot of attention. The attitude toward sex, determines the way we perceive ourselves and others and it also helps us understand the meaning of life and death. That’s why sexuality is interesting for many scientific and non-scientific disciplines and recently there is a whole new discipline that deals with it called sexology.

In this article we will explain one problem that occurs often in sex, a problem that can interrupt the whole sexual relationship. We are talking about sexual fears.

Fear is a feeling that, in most cases, brings negative effects to every life activity. When we talk about sexual communication, fear can be fatal because it attacks the essence of good sexual relationship through different forms like – shyness, tension, discomfort and even jealousy and hate which are mostly driven by fears. Thus sexual communication between partners becomes a source of burden and bitterness, instead of pleasure and satisfaction, and they themselves may begin to lose their sense that they are actually sexual beings which eventually leads to loss of self-esteem and life optimism.

The following are the most common situations that occur because of fear:

–      Both partners are not discussing anything related to sex although they don’t have trouble communicating about anything else. The root of this problem goes in the childhood and the way one or both of the partners were raised. They probably never talked about sex with their parents.

–      Lack of communication between partners while they are having sex. This happens as a result of lack of confidence. The partners usually think that what they say might sound funny to the other partner and they will end up being ridiculed or mocked.

–      The fear of using “dirty” occurs when the partner thinks if spicing up the sex act with some of those words might be considered as vulgar by the other partner.

In addition to these situations, which are the most common situations, there are many more that are caused by fear of open sexual communication and can lead to hidden or open conflict between the partners. Over time, this leads to dissatisfaction and intimate separation of partners, they become more introverted and finally it can completely ruin the relationship.

Besides problems linked with sexual communication there are other types of fears like: lack of self-esteem when it comes to physical appearance, sexual performance and fear of failure, fear of exploitation, fear to express emotions etc.

History of sexuality and everyday practice clearly demonstrates the harmful effect of fear in sex life. We have presented the basic manifestations, while their combination leads to the classic sexual problems such as impotence, frigidity, premature ejaculation, masochism, etc.

Sexual problems caused by basic fears or a combination of these basic fears can be solved with a good sex therapist and strong will and desire of both partners. Without these fears sex life will become what it is supposed to be – one of the greatest sources of personal happiness and optimism.

Why Is Masturbation Exercise Good For Our Health?

Throughout the history masturbation was considered to be wrong. It was usually described as something sinful and morally wrong. Modern society has slowly changed its view on masturbation and although it remains a taboo there are a lot of researches that are conducted and that prove that practicing masturbation is good for human health.

In the moment when some person experiences orgasm, the body is filled hormones and substances that make that person feel good and happy, and those substances can also improve the general health. We all know how healthy is to practice sex with another person, but having solo sex can also be beneficial for many aspects of human health.

  1. Masturbation exercise enhances immune system. During the orgasm among many hormones that are released there is one hormone called Oxytocin that helps white blood cells to fight infections in a better and more efficient way. According to some studies, women that have higher levels of Oxytocin in their bodies are dealing with their period much easier. It is also helpful for menstrual cramps and other types of pain.
  2. No matter how you achieve an orgasm, it is always useful when it comes to stress. Stress is number one factor for many diseases and by practicing masturbation you will feel relaxed and calm.
  3. Consider masturbation as a form of exercise. With the help of masturbation you can burn calories and fat. Keep in mind that having sex with a partner requires much more physical activity but masturbation can still be helpful because of all the muscles that are active during the process, increased blood flow and faster breathing. It sounds like a good cardiovascular exercise right?
  4. Some people are afraid of having sex because of the risk that it brings – all types of diseases or the chance of conception even though they use protection. Abstinence can help with that problem but the sex drive can’t be surprised for a long time. Masturbation is probably the safest method to achieve orgasm and have something close to actual sex without worrying about the things mentioned before.
  5. The best way to improve your sexual techniques is to explore your body to the fullest extent. And it looks like there is no better way to do it other than masturbation. Masturbation allows you to explore your erogenous zones and find out what turns you on and what gives you pleasure. This experimentation with your own body will eventually lead to having more pleasure when you have intercourse with your partner and you will feel more confident once you know yourself.
  6. There are many people, especially women, who can’t reach orgasm with their sexual partners. The reasons can be different – traumatic experience from the past, medical conditions, orgasmic dysfunctions etc. Whatever the reason is, these people can reach orgasm much easier if they rely on masturbation. Personal stimulation may allow the body to be more sensitive to sexual contact with others.

Understanding the Relationship between Sexual Health and Orgasm

Characterized by faster heart beat rate, heavy/quick breathing and genital muscle contractions, orgasm is what every sexually man and woman looks forward to during sexual intercourse. It is a state that is often referred to as climaxing or coming. Orgasm itself is the pleasurable release of what is commonly referred to as sexual tension that has been building up right from when one plans to engage in sexual intercourse. While women can attain orgasm multiple times in one sexual session, men often need some time to calm down to recover soon after ejaculation.

Although it is what you expect during sexual intercourse, it may not necessarily happen. In any case, climaxing does not mean that you have enjoyed intercourse. You can enjoy sex by simply exploring your partner’s body, kissing, undressing your partner and taking bath together among other ways. There are indeed some men and women who attain orgasm when their partners touch their skin! You however need to note that failure to attain orgasm in several sex sessions in different days may be a sign of poor sexual health, which may make it necessary to consult your physician.

Ability to attain climax during sexual intercourse is directly linked to your sexual health. While a poor sexual health hinders you from climaxing, good sexual health enhances your chances of climaxing. There are a number of sexual health issues and associated issues that can easily affect your ability to climax during sex intercourse and they are better looked at differently in women and men.

In Women

A number of issues that hinder women from reaching climax during sex intercourse include;

  • Insufficient sexual stimulation prior to intercourse
  • Worries about her own sexual performance
  • Mood disorders
  • Poor physical health
  • Fear of sexual intercourse due to a past negative sexual experience
  • Relationship problems and issues
  • Poor diet (routine)
  • Anxiety

In Men

Although majority of men do attain orgasm (ejaculation) during sexual intercourse, there are some who never experience the pleasurable moment. This can be because of several sexual health issues;

Erectile dysfunction problems (impotence, retarded ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation)

  • Long-term use of antidepressant medications
  • Excess consumption of alcohol
  • Poor physical health
  • Poor diet (routine)
  • Anxiety
  • High stress level
  • Worries of own sexual performance
  • Traumatic sexual experience in the past
  • Obesity
  • Excess smoking

Unlike in the past when lack of orgasm was not a major medical issue, cases of men and women consulting their physicians for lack of the same have continued to increase. The increase of such cases can easily be attributed to the above indicated possible causes. You may need to realize that climaxing is not only a sign of better sexual health; it is also the fulfilment of sexual satisfaction. It is not therefore surprising that some sexual relationships including marriage relationships have broken up simply because a partner does not satisfy the sexual need of his/her partner.

Sex Pill For Sexual Health

In this article we are going to discuss both men and women’s natural sex pills which are guaranteed to help you enjoy better sex and have last longing sex. These are natural herbs that have been designed to help you achieve better health and enjoy great sex at the same time.

Let’s explore them and see how they can help impotent men get their potency back.

When it comes to sexual performance as well as sexual enjoyment, there are two natural body substances that need boosting. These are nitric oxide and testosterone. If you do not produce the sufficient amount required of these two substances, you will not enjoy peak sexual health.


What Does Testosterone and Nitric Oxide Do?

Testosterone provides both men and women with the energy, stamina and strength that heightens sexual desire and boosts greater sexual staying power.

Nitric Oxide on the other hand plays a role by helping sex organs harden when even you get sexually aroused. When nitric Oxide levels are low, men fail in achieving an erection. Women on the other hand require hard sex organs to help them achieve both high sex drive and have satisfying sex.

Nitric oxide acts to control the blood flow amount into the sex organs. It works by relaxing blood vessels which supply sexual organs with blood. The relaxation helps the vessels open up wider and can now effectively hold and transport extra supply of the required blood in the sex organs thus causing them to swell up and hardening up.

To help boost the production of nitric oxide levels, there are three Proven Chinese herbal supplements that you can take, they are; Ginseng, Cnidium and Horny Goat Weed. After you achieve sexual arousal, the herbs act fast and effectively help you get a higher amount of blood in the sex organs naturally. The sex pills provide you with nutrients that are not found in our daily diet plans.


Testosterone and Energy Levels

To increase energy levels in the body, there is a need of increases testosterone production. Some natural herbs that will help you boost your energy levels include; Tonkgat Ali, Tribulus and Mucuna Pruriens. Well known herbs that boost testosterone leading to higher libido and sexual energy.

Wait…there is more! These herbs help by preventing free radical damage, the boost the immune system increasing its productivity and the sex pills also act as circulatory tonics. Impotent men suffer from dysfunctional sex, but with the use of the sex pills mentioned above, you can kiss impotency goodbye.

NB: The herbs above are simply some of the best herbs that are used in the best natural sex pills. The sex pills help both men and women enjoy long and satisfying sexual encounters and they also play a huge role when it comes to improving overall wellness levels at a same time!

If you have any sexual problem, i.e. you are unable to last long, or are unable to get it up; you can give sex pills a try and turn into a stallion in bed!

How to Use Birth Control Pills

If you are not familiar with oral hormonal contraceptives, the best thing to do before using them is to consult with your doctor.

There are many types and brands of oral contraceptives but what is common for all of them is that they usually include 21 pills in one package and they also have the number of days and weeks starting from 1 to 21 marked next to the pills. The birth control pills should be taken on the first day of menstruation in case the menstruation before where regular and proper. In this way the women will be protected from unwanted pregnancy starting from day one. In cases of heavy menstrual bleeding, the best thing is to start using these pills starting from the fifth day of menstruation. The fact is that birth control pills can increase the level of bleeding and intensify the menstruation and that is why it is better to be cautious in these cases. If the pills are taken from day 5 for the first time, full contraceptive protection will be present starting from the second cycle of taking of these oral contraceptives.

If the birth control pills are marked with days of the week, then try to balance the intake from the day you’ve got your period. Let’s explain this with an example. If the first day of your menstruation started on Thursday, start the process by taking the pill that is labeled as Thursday (usually it is shorten to Thu). In case the pills are marked with numbers take the pill marked with number one. Keep taking pills daily and remember to respect the instructions until you reach number 21. When you are out of pills, it is necessary to take a break that lasts for one week. In this period you will notice bleeding that usually appears a couple of days after you have stopped taking the pills. After these break, start using the pills once again starting from the same day as previously. In our example this means Thursday. Disregard the bleeding and remember that if you want this to work you have to start again after one week exactly. It is highly recommended to take the pills in the same period of the day, so you can take them after 24 hours exactly. If you stick to the instructions, the protection from unwanted pregnancy applies even for the period when you are making a break.

However there are two factors that can make these sex pills less effective no matter how regular you take these pills.

Diarrhea and strong vomiting in the first hours after taking a pill can certainly lower the effectiveness.

Mixing these pills with antibiotics can also make them less effective. So try to avoid antibiotics whenever it is possible.

If you have forgotten to take a pill and there are less than 12 hours from the time when you had to take it, the pill should be taken as soon as possible. The next pill should be taken as scheduled before.

If you have missed to take a pill for more than 12 hours, the effects of the pills will be reduced, but you should however take the pill as soon as possible and continue with the schedule.

Penis And Aging

It is a well known fact that sexual function of men becomes weaker with the process of aging. This comes as a result of the declination of the level of testosterone and it takes much more for a man to get excited. And even when arousal appears, it takes time to get an erection and orgasm. While younger men can easily have erected penis after an orgasm, most of older men can’t achieve erection after orgasm happens. Aging affects the quality of the sperm. Most of the sexual problems like erectile dysfunctions occur after the age of 40.

With the process of aging even the urinary system is not spared. The muscles weaken and prostate is enlarged which makes the urinary system much weaker and problematic overall.

This process affects the penis itself and changes can be spotted in many aspects.

The size of the penis

It is usual for men to gain weight as they grow older. As the size of the stomach grows (thanks to the aggregation of fats), the penis appears smaller. According to some studies this is one of the main reasons why older men decide to lose weight, although it is just a visual difference. Besides this visual shrinking, penis is really decreasing with age, both in length and thickness. Fortunately this is not very visible. At the age of 70 men have 1-2 cm shorter penises compared to the size of the penis they had when they were 30 years old.

There are two main factors for this size reduction – the blood vessels in the penis accumulate more fatty substances and decrease the blood flow; the reduction of flexibility of collagen within the elastic fibrous cover that surrounds the erectile chambers.

Besides the penis, the testicles become smaller too. Starting from the age of 40, the testicles start to shrink. According to some statistic they are 1 centimeter smaller.

The look of the penis

The appearance of the penis becomes different with aging. We can point out two most significant changes in its appearance. Older men have penises with darker color because of the decreasing of blood flow. So the well known pink color is lost. Another interesting thing that comes with aging is the lower number of pubic hair, because aging affects all type of hair on men. This is a direct result of the lower level of testosterone.


During the teen ages and until 40, men have very sensitive penises that react on every stimulation. Over the time the penis becomes less sensitive. This state directly affects the ability to achieve erection and orgasm too.


With aging, occurrence of hardenings in the protective layer of the superficial fascia is not uncommon. This state can damage the tissue of the penis thus make the penis twist. This state is also known as Peyronie’s disease and it can affect the erection and make the sexual intercourse complicated. This disease can be treated with surgeries.

Despite these changes the sexual life of older people doesn’t cease to exist, because they learn how to overcome these difficulties.

Causes And Treatment Of Candidosis

Candidosis is the most common type of fungal infection of the genital organs which is actually caused by the fungus called Candida albicans. These infections appear frequently in women. The reason why this happens is because this fungus is naturally found in the intestines of every person and even on the skin. The problem is when the amount of this fungus increases which is usually a result of misbalance in the immune system and some external factors too.

What makes this infection different from most other infections is that Candidosis is an autoinfection. It is fungal infection caused by abnormal proliferation of fungus. There are many causes for the appearance of this infection and the most common are – use of birth control pills, overuse of alkaline soaps on the genitalia, menstruation and pregnancy, use of antibiotics and few others like diabetes. Inadequate treatment of diabetes can cause Candidosis mostly because the blood and body fluids contain more sugar which makes them perfect for growth of fungal microorganisms.

The symptoms of candidosis are visible and clear. Women can easily spot it if they suddenly start to feel itching in the genital area and burning sensation. Another symptom is increased discharge which is most often whitish. Inflammation is also visible because there are signs of redness on the external part of the genitalia, while inside white fungi are also visible. Unlike women, men can hardly notice any symptoms because they are only carriers. In rare cases, some men experience increased sensitivity and irritation on the penis. These signs are most evident after a sexual intercourse because the itching increases. Some women can hardly feel comfortable while having sex if they are suffering from candidosis.

In order to make sure that someone is suffering from candidosis a detailed microscopic examination is performed. Samples from the affected areas like prepuce, glans penis and vagina are taken. Women are usually examined by a gynecologist while the men can be examined by dermatologist, especially the ones that deal with venereal diseases. In most cases doctor can tell if it is a case of fungal infection even before the results from the microscopic examination are finished.

When it comes to treatment of this infection, antibiotics are a bad choice, because as we have mentioned before they stimulate the growth of fungi in the intestines which eventually leads to infection in the first place. Antimycotic therapy is the best treatment for these types of infections. This therapy includes applying vaginal suppositories in the vagina for women and creams that should be put on the glans and foreskin of men. Pills can also be part of the therapy. The good thing is that patients usually react very quickly on this therapy and the infections are gone quickly.

If Candidosis returns even if the therapy is implemented consistently, checking the blood sugar is the first thing to do. Just in case, the patient should lower the intake of food that contains sugar in excessive amounts.

What Is A Penis Fracture?

Penis fracture is defined as rapture of the membrane of the bulging cavernous structures of the penis. Luckily this injury is not that often but when it happens it should be treated seriously and it is no wonder why doctors consider it as a emergency situation. This injury happens while the penis is erected.

There are many reasons why penis fracture happens. Unexpected blunt trauma or abrupt bending of the penis while it is erected, can lead to rupture of the membrane that surrounds the cavernous bodies of the penis. The injury might be even worse if both cavernous bodies are broken and the urinary tube too. In most cases this injury happens during the sexual intercourse while the female is on top of her partner. Of course there are other reasons for this injury to happen like masturbation, mechanical injuries or any other shock on an erected penis. In extremely rare cases this injury can happen while sleeping, because unconsciously people can have an erected penis and try to turn around in their sleep.

Better Sex Pill

In order to understand the injury better we should look at the structure of the penis. The penis consists of three parts – root, body and head. All these parts are growing when they are aroused due to increased flow of blood. The penis is innervated by left and right dorsal nerves and pudendal nerves. Blood supply comes from the inner pudendal arteries.

When the penis is not erected there are almost no chances for injury of this kind because of its flexibility. When the penis gets hard erection and its elasticity is much lower. For example, during the transition from normal state to erection, the membrane gets a lot tighter (from 2 mm it goes to 0,25 mm) practically loosing almost all of its flexibility. Due to this thinning and inelasticity, blunt trauma or bending of an erected penis can cause penis injury much easier. A sudden increase in pressure in the corpus cavernosum in these cases can quickly destroy the membrane.

Penis fracture can be easily spotted because it has clear symptoms. Like we have said before, in most cases men get injured when they pull the penis out the vagina during the sexual intercourse while the women are in a dominant position. On the way out the penis can hit the tailbone and this is why penis fracture happens. Penis fracture is always painful but depending on the seriousness of the injury the pain can vary from mild to extremely strong. Penis fracture can be noticed by the appearance of the penis which is usually swollen, deformed, unusually bended and discolored.  Many doctors suggest early surgical intervention for treatment of penis fractures. The patient stays at the hospital for at least 10 days and after that can proceed with the treatment from the comfort of his home. Usually antibiotics and analgesics are prescribed.  The penis should be healthy after a while but erectile dysfunction and penis bending are possible.

Sexual enhancement